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Founded: 2005
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Our premium VPN solution is based on the next generation of VPN technology which will restore your privacy and anonymity in full with a few steps. Your real IP and information remains at all times invisible while using our VPN services. The VPN software used, known as OpenVPN, is opensource which garantees you use software with no backdoors and can be reviewed at any time you wish. We do not use the weak PPTP protocol or protocols which cannot handle hostile environments.

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  • Trex

    I guess i have the honors to be the first to leave a review for trilightzone :) I’m probably one the oldest clients since they started so i have been using a few services including the vpn. In all this time i was not disappointed in any way for using trilightzone. They provide very good support, straight to the point and troubleshoot actively without unneeded delays. This summer i was on vacation and my company required for me to be at least reachable by email. Nothing too secret or so, but despite booking a hotel with internet access (asia) i could not reach important websites. At the time i had a pptp vpn account of the company so i thought that would get things working. I was wrong, it didn’t even connect ! I switched to the trilightzone openvpn service and i was in a blink of an eye connected. No issues with the websites i needed to reach and got my work done. So this is my review and experience with them, i hope others find it useful.

  • Sally

    I totally agree with the opinion of the first review.
    trilightzone is one of the best providers , with very good & fast support.
    I am a long term openVPN user and had NO troubles with this great VPN service at any time.
    Reliable , with security in mind and fast support.
    If you look for such services – it is my recommendation to check it out.
    Kind Regards

  • Tex

    Provide high quality service.
    Dedicated IP is possible (very usefull if you’re using services like rapidshare in order to avoid download conflict)

  • Vielser

    Good supportive vpn service and got the feeling they are professionals. The payment methods they offer also nice, especially if you want to pay without using a creditcard. as mentioned somewhere else it is possible to get a good deal if you combine your vpn with one of their other services.

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