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PureVPN – VPN consumer review – 13871
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In 2012-01-07 20:56:00

We are eager to get you started with our system, however, our anti-fraud system rated your transaction as 'Request additional verification' which calls for a simple verification. In order to serve our legitimate customers, like yourself, with a VPN network that is free from troubles/downtime we humbly request you to kindly verify your transaction. The mere purpose of  Verification Method - Send us Blacked-out Copy of your Credit Card: Kindly send us a scanned copy or photograph of your credit card's front end (Please leave first 4 digits visible, black out the rest). There is absolutely no security risk as you would black out most of the digits on your credit card. Why we need this? Well, again, we need to see that name you used in transaction + the first 4 di I tried to buy 3 days trial accunt 2.5 USD. They wanted me this. This behavior is like cheater. I'll open a case in paypal. Guys don't trust this kind of sellers.