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Location: Hong-Kong
Founded: 2006
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PURE VPN gave birth to its services in November 2006, considering the need of data security, and the necessity of keeping web-sniffers away. Initially, we targeted places with an intense need of gateways for VoIP to function, and where web-sites remained mostly blocked. We offered our solution, and people loved it tremendously; convincing us to expand our domains to the whole world, in the mid of 2007. We now have 50 VPN servers in 14 major countries!!!


IP Address Features: IP Dedicated (static), IP Shared (static)

Protocols Features: L2TP/IPSec, PPTP

Speed & Transfer Features: Limited Transfer, Unlimited Transfer, Unrestricted Speed

Server Locations Features: Canada, Germany, Ireland, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Netherlands, Panama, Romania, Russia, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland, United-Kingdom, United-States

Platform Supported: Android, iPad, iPhone, Linux, Mac, Web-Based, Windows

Language Supported: English


Support Method: Email, Faq, Forum, Live Chat

Support Language: English

Editions & Pricing

Offer Number: 3 plans

Price (monthly): Starting at $9.95

Free Trial (days): No Free Trial

Moneyback Guarantee (days): 3 days


08/03/11: New VPN Server in Canada and United-States
07/27/11: PureVPN hammers prices and set up in Russia
07/11/11: PureVPN set up a VPN server in Malaysia
07/07/11: PureVPN offers IP addresses coming from Ireland
06/14/11: PureVPN has launched VPN Servers in Sweden and Singapore!

User reviews

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  • RAC

    PureVPN did not work at first for me, because I missed an auto install feature in the email I received after my order was processed. I tried a manual setup, and the options I encountered in XP Pro were different than expected. As a result, the service did not work. I tried some tech support suggestions, but the app never worked. I gave up and forgot about it.

    A couple of weeks later, I decided to email PureVPN to be certain that I would not be re-billed. A guy named Uzair followed up with me and assured me about the billing not being automatic. He asked to see the error messages and see what went wrong on my install. I sent him some text files of the error messages and he said that I had missed the auto-install option. I tried that with a trial username and password that he emailed me, and PureVPN hooked right up and stayed connected.

    Uzair gave me a free month because of the failed installation, [my fault]. I am using PureVPN right now and have been doing so daily for about a week at T-Mobile Hotspots and libraries as well as at home. I have had 2 brief disconnects. The last one was due to the laptop battery dying. The service starts almost instantly, seems to have a minimal impact on system resources, and simply works all the time, every time

    I have used Hotspot Shield [HSS] for 3 years. It has become ad-laden and buggy to start. Many times it will not start and stay started. Many library routers wont allow it through. PureVPN routes well so far, and is very reliable.

    I have also used Relakks for about a year with more recent success than HSS; but it still does not always start and remain connected. PureVPN does.both quite well.

    I can now say that PureVPN is the best of the VPN apps that I have tried to date. They have worked with me when I screwed things up. They charge a reasonable fee. The service I received from Uzair was very gratifying to me as a consumer.

    I highly recommend this product. It does take a day or so to get the executable by email once payment has been made. It is not instant gratification; but the performance and follow up have been all that I could ask for and more.
    Sincerely [and not a PureVPN employee],

  • William

    Malheureusement, j’ai monté un petit business depuis chez moi, et cela implique que mon fournisseur d’accès internet me donne une adresse IP statique. Pas de problème la plupart du temps, mais un petit ‘whois’ sur mon adresse IP, et n’importe qui peut savoir mon nom et mon adresse !
    Ceci dit, ce n’est pas dérangeant la plupart du temps quand je surf sur internet, mais j’aime vérifier l’avancement de mes concurrents au jour le jour, et si ils voient que mon adresse IP réapparait trop souvent lors de mes connexions … vous voyez mon problème.
    PureVPN :

    L’enregistrement était facile, payement par carte, et j’ai reçu mon e-mail de bienvenue avec mon mot de passe utilisateur dans les 15 minutes. J’ai utilisé le Live Chat sur leur site pour quelques questions techniques, et ils ont été très sympathiques et efficaces.
    La connexion au VPN est un peu différente des autres fournisseurs. J’ai eu besoin d’accéder à des paramètres avancés, mais tout était expliqué étape par étape dans un guide.
    J’ai utilisé de nombreux fournisseurs jusqu’à maintenant (les plus connus), et ils marchent bien, mais la vitesse était le problème, spécialement concernant les sites US. PureVPN était impressionnant sur leurs serveurs US et du Royaume Uni.

    Très rapide avec aucune perte par rapport à ma connexion internet, je n’avais jamais eu 10MB avec un VPN avant, alors 17 …
    Au final, je recommande vraiment PureVPN à la fois pour son prix, et sa vitesse.

  • Jonathan

    Bonjour, J’utilise PureVPN depuis presque 6 mois sans aucun problème.
    Juste quelques fois, ils font des maintenances serveur, mais 99% du temps, je l’utilise sans aucun souci.

  • Thomas

    Have tryed a few VPN service,s Both paid & FREE TRIAL, PUREVPN Beat them all for service & value , I have used PUREVPN now for a while the connection manager works straight from desktop & stays online/connected which is great if watching BBC ITV ETC on IPLAYER, I have not lost any broadband Speed even when used with local wifi spots or mobile , I have used from a few EU countries all without any problems, Short delay when first signed up for payment checks was a little set back but better safe than sorry for all users,I was keeped informed through support Emails, Renewals was no trouble ,service was continual with no need to change passwords or settings,keep up great service & thanks for update emails adding extra servers . many thanks THOMAS

  • Shibin

    This is the best service I have ever used, I have tried so many vpns and nothing works better than PureVpn. The dedicated speed regardless of regular or dedicated line the speeds are always same, and talk about the server locality. Since I travel alot and use cafe internet this totally hides my IP and gives the speed and security that I require. All the servers are placed in good locations and they all perform perfectly. I have seen the prices of other vpns and they only offer you one server but Purevpn is different we get 12-15 servers to choose from depending on your choice, whats more can you ask for? The customer service team is the by far the best I’ve experienced in all my VPN buying area. Yes so what it takes 2-4 hours to activate your new plan or something, its best advisable to pay for the new subscription a day or two earlier and then you are all set. Honestly, I never had a problem with any of the billing or service issue, ever. It’s just that if you follow the support reps’ advise you can’t run into problems. The service, the by-far superior speed and dedicated customer service team and best best price you can find on the net is all here at PureVpn. Wishing you all a happy Independence day, have fun and a Thank you from a sold out customer that totally loves your service which is by far the best ever. You guys rock, thank you….!!!!!

  • Rob Williams

    Thank you PureVPN, you are the best, I’m from one of the high censorship countries in middle-east and regime blocked lots of news websites. I’m so happy to use your service in order to access to the blocked websites. It’s important for us that you support L2TP as ISPs have already blocked PPTP so other providers offering PPTP are no use to me.

    PureVPN means no censorship & limit while having speed & security, all in one affordable package which leads to real internet experience!

    I also VOIP from here in Middle east where Skype, Vonage, Oovuu are blocked – PureVPN unblocks VOIP for me too!

    So… Good all-in-one package..!

  • NK

    I’m using PureVPN services for 4 months already. I’ve had none problems with their services. Everything is smooth and works quickly. I’ve the opportunity to unlock websites that are unavailbale in my region.
    I can recommend PureVPN to everyone who needs a good VPN provider with very affordable prices.

    My mark is 10 of 10.

  • Daniel

    Using pureVPN for almost a year now and love it. I am able to enjoy a wide variety of shows usually only available from within the US. Service is great and support also answered a question in short time. So if you are looking for a way to enjoy all your favorite shows from the US, Great Britain or just look for a secure VPN connection. You definitely want to consider one of the offers from them.

  • Magnus Skarvoy

    PureVPN has for me been a great experience. Especially the support, which is fast, helpful and intuitive. Absolutely recommended!

  • Sbbudd

    I’ve tried a few VPN/Proxy providers over the years including XRoxy, UK Proxyserver etc and really have been surprised at how much better service and value I have received at PureVpn. The servers in different countries is a great bonus to me as i can stream US, UK, Canadian etc content and multiple servers seems to make the service as fast as my home internet. The live help is a good feature in that people actually respond which is a problem that i’ve had at other sites so for me at least PureVpn has been a positive experience.

  • Behnam

    Pure VPN is the only best VPN service provider that I have ever seen. Their supporting service is the best. Their customer care service is the best. Their quality is the best too. I am using PURE VPN services for more than 7 month and I have no headache with using their services. I would like to say my thanks to Pure VPN team for providing us such excellent services.

  • Onno

    PureVPN offers PPTP, SSTP and L2TP. Unfortunately, neither option was possible for me. But PureVPN paid me back the rated amount for a dedicated IP account ex gratia, and this indeed is noteworthy in todays world! From that alone I can say that they are serious about customer satisfaction, and I would recommend them as long as their connection options work for you.

  • Xiamen

    For study i had to go to China for 6 months. Because of their internet policy certain websites are blocked. So i bought a VPN to overcome this. I chose PureVPN and i have no regrets. In 6 months time i had no problems whatsoever. I can suggest PureVPN to anyone that needs a VPN service.

  • KhalidR

    Loved the service. Their support is so dedicated sometimes I feel like I am there only customer :P

    2 thumbs up PureVPN!!

  • Natali-099


  • Gerrybro

    complicated obscure nd does notwork- arrogant UK assistants- stear clear it is crap.

  • Guest

    Very bad company, they talk about the users privacy and the didn’t respect it. they checked my FB account and searched for my name and my family members before even I get the account!

  • Faraz halipour

    Alright just got a subs with Pure. Was sent 24 servers from 10 countries around the world. Details were clear and I can connect anytime anywhere. Speeds are OK with USA, UK however I had an issue connecting to Singapore may be because I am far away. Overall good experience, can recommend!

  • Mike

    I love PureVPN’s service. I am currently studying in China and the service provided by PureVPN allows me access to ever site denied by the Chinese internet monitors. The support is equally phenomenal. I would recommend this service to anyone.

  • John

    Solid company, IP is good and great customer service.

  • purevpnnew13

     I joined right now. and I should say Nice support they have! :D

  • C Peronneaud

    Great support with quick answers !
    Was troubled by China blocking all their servers and they quickly gave me one that were working. Solved in less than 1 day.

    Thanks again !

  • Mattbanker

    Really great support. Their team spent a lot time working with me to get the VPN to work on my system. 

  • JacksonMIX

    Hi everyone,

    I am happy with PureVPN. I switched from Hotspot Shield to them when I started to get more and more problems to obtain a stable connection. I like the tutorial with the simple steps to configure my Mac. Thanks guys.

    Best greetings

  • CingcoFF

    Actually I had used PureVPN’ for 3 years. The first time I ordered one month then every time 6 months, till now. Every time when I had any problem or question I can go to their site’s live chat, or I just chat with them in Gmail chat. Always quick, fast have the answer, never wait many hours or days. I don’t know how about the other customers, for me always happy with them.

    Ok, for the vpn itself. Fast speed, easy to use. I had used many other vpn services, even today I had ordered a new one. There are multiple servers or IPs within a phonebook, you can switch IPs easily, this is my favorite, not all vpn company use this method, no need any complicate CONFIG.

    Love the product itself and love the team.

  • Anonymous

    Purevpn is the best service I found at the web, I’m in China, and Purevpn its give me full access to web sites
    Thanks for MR Nauman who gave me great support.

  • Lucienne Brown

    I’ve been nothing short of floored by how amazing PureVPN’s service is. I’m situated well behind the Great Firewall of China, and every time something goes wrong these guys are on call 24/7. I’m starting to feel like Mr. Nauman is my internet fairy godmother because he takes my troubles away like magic! If you’re looking for a reliable, friendly VPN provider in China, then your search is over.

  • Johartshanghai

    Excellent provider, first class and friendly customer service as soon as it’s needed. AMOIZ remotely fixed a server issue within two minutes of my contacting him…I would recommend PURE to everyone.

  • Guest

    Hi everybody, I’m glad to use PureVPN and the service here is great! Especially I wanna thank Nauman, for his kindness help!

  • Cheyelle

    Really, really, really good customer service at PureVPN. Esp. Tariq.

  • Foad

    Absolutely responsible and caring costumer services. I just had to purchase a personal plan with PureVPN and they treated me as if I am their biggest costumer. I chatted with a gentleman called Nauman and he was really helpful and kind. I will definitely suggest this place to all my friends in need of VPN services.

  • Greg

    Excellent service, will continue to use. May even go for the yearly pre-paid option soon!Great speeds, customer service was great, will recommend to friends. Nauman (CS rep) was particularly helpful

  • Paul

    Just registered for the 3 day free trial which was a seamless process, just awaiting my username which can take a few hours due to verification which is ok.   Prior to and during my registration I used the sites LIVE CHAT function to answer my queries, all answered promptly and to satisfaction.  I have to stress, if you have any questions or worries, you should use this function.  Real time answers rather than using forums and search engines saves a lot of time, this live chat experience was faultless for me, Tariq being the person who assisted me.

    This is just a site support compliment I’m giving at the moment as I haven’t trialed the product yet.

    10/10 so far.

  • mat

    great VPN provider, very helpful service from the customer support team – especially Nauman :)

  • Guest

    Very Good VPN service. It sometimes has connection problems but overall it is very good. You have to fiddle around and try all the other connections until you find one that works.
    The after sales service is also great which is a big added PLUS
    And they offer a wide range of payment methods

  • Fab

    August 21st 2011. Works great and fast from China. They have a great assistance service and are fast to take care of any problem. Thanks Tariq !

  • Saeed K Q

    Really good customer VPN service at PureVPN. Esp. Tariq, very helpful

  • Christiane

    Great customer service from Nauman – couldn’t connect the VPN to German server on Mac – super friendly and efficient help :-) all working now, many thanks!!

  • Fab

    Signed up from Iran, I had a couple difficulties to process the order
    because of my location, but I had great customer support from Naumann
    and Amoiz. The service is easy to set-up and works great : i have access to all blocked websites and VOIP

  • VPN-user

    great vpn service, especially online help :)

  • TH

    i’m in china. although occasional blockage is inevitable since the GFW is so powerful, they provide friendly and awesome instant online help that always solved my problem right away. 5 stars!

  • Chris Brown

    I can watch Hulu and Vevo now..Yahooooooo..Thank you Purevpn..Your speed is good and the support staff is really effecient..I hope you