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PureVPN – VPN consumer review – 10474
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In 2010-10-28 09:22:00

This is the best service I have ever used, I have tried so many vpns and nothing works better than PureVpn. The dedicated speed regardless of regular or dedicated line the speeds are always same, and talk about the server locality. Since I travel alot and use cafe internet this totally hides my IP and gives the speed and security that I require. All the servers are placed in good locations and they all perform perfectly. I have seen the prices of other vpns and they only offer you one server but Purevpn is different we get 12-15 servers to choose from depending on your choice, whats more can you ask for? The customer service team is the by far the best I've experienced in all my VPN buying area. Yes so what it takes 2-4 hours to activate your new plan or something, its best advisable to pay for the new subscription a day or two earlier and then you are all set. Honestly, I never had a problem with any of the billing or service issue, ever. It's just that if you follow the support reps' advise you can't run into problems. The service, the by-far superior speed and dedicated customer service team and best best price you can find on the net is all here at PureVpn. Wishing you all a happy Independence day, have fun and a Thank you from a sold out customer that totally loves your service which is by far the best ever. You guys rock, thank you....!!!!!