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Lamnia VPN review – 248
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In 2010-09-02 00:49:51

Well chuffed with lamnia. Had a quick chat with their live support. signed up got my details straight away. less than a minute. But thats what it says on their website. Im not going to gush about their customer support as I only spoke to them for a few seconds as my setup was straight forward. downloaded the dialer and connected. From paying to watching TV in less than 5 minutes. Bloody excellent!! I agree with Dave about Fake reviews they are everywhere but the easiest way to check if what they say is genuine is go to the website and speak to the company. I visited about a dozen VPN websites and all their live supports went straight to email....Lamnia's didn't that's why I bought from them and very happy I did. So my advice if you are buying a VPN speak to the company online, if their support is there buy from them, if it isn't well I am sure you can work out what that means. Oh and Dave publishing IP addresses isnt really going to work is it............What do VPN companies do...........create VPN addresses....!!!