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Lamnia VPN
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Lamnia VPN
Location: United-Kingdom
Founded: 2007
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We connect you to the internet through our 128 bit Enctypted Channel. By connecting through our VPN servers based in the United Kingdom, USA and Canada your IP address is hidden and replaced with our VPN servers. Giving you complete anonymity while you surf.

Most Internet TV Players or i Players are restricted for viewing either for geographical or bandwidth issues. By placing your connection through our VPN servers you can appear where you want to be and connect and enjoy the internet from that location.

A Visit Lamnia VPN not only offers excellent security for surfing the web. It also allows internet users to have the full freedom and benefits of the internet. Whether that be for Freedom of speech or the freedom to make a speech using Skype!

User reviews

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  • Will – USA

    Very poor. Took many hours to send welcome email despite asking for quick response and gave no response to any follow up email.

    As needed access urgently gave up waiting and went with competitor, they sent login immediately.

    Still no response to any message sent. Asked for a refund as described by their website – no response. Currently disputing in Paypal.

    Can’t comment on the actual service as never used it but for reasons of customer service alone would not bother with this service – there are other providers on this page – try one of those.

  • Pat – USA

    Been using Lamnia for a few months now, initially bought a month to try it out but have since signed up to the subscription package. Couldn’t be happier with it, regularly holds connection for 12+ hours. Speed is great i don’t have the quickest connection (max 7-800kb), but can usually saturate my downstream. Had some difficulty setting up at first (my problem not theirs), tech support were very helpful and resolved the problem within minutes. Would recommend it to my friends.

  • Toby

    I’m leaving this review, so I can enter the Lamnia “post a review and win a years free Lamnia”………..why would I want to do that…….because Lamnia is Brilliant

  • Pete

    Very happy, been on a few days now, great speeds much faster than I have had before from other providers. No buffering with BBc Iplayer.

    Im a very happy bunny

  • Nick

    Very pleased with Lamnia. Their excellent live support is not only friendly but technically very knowledgeable. In the space of a few minutes they established my slow speeds were down to a firewall on my router. I did not even know my router had a firewall!!!! I am now enjoying all my favourite TV and I cannot thank these guys enough

  • Dave Reynolds

    Got to say i am massively impressed. When I setup myself I got it working but far to slow to watch programs they kept stalling. I went onto their website and spoke to live support. They went through my setup step by step and found a firewall on my router slowing down the VPN.
    When I had created the exception my speed went up to my normal ISP levels.
    If Carlsberg ran live support it would be like this, plus I had a good chat about the cricket!!

  • Paul

    Found Lamnia on here, went on the Lamnia live support area, asked the people a few questions all answered to my satisfaction. Purchased a month, up and running inside 5 mins. Couldn’t ask anymore a far better experiance than any previous VPN supplier I have used. i hope it continues like this.

  • Mark Bradford

    I’m a British Expat living in the US. I’ve craved some English sarcasm so decided to investigate the idea of obtain UK TV. I researched all the avenues but nothing really suited until i came across the customer support at Lamnia. They were knowledgeable and patient and offered me the package that suited my requirements rather than the more expensive option.

    I’ve subsequently needed to use their Technical Support (on a Sunday) and this reinforced my initial findings. Very thorough and went above and beyond to ensure i was left with all my questions answered. Thank you.

  • Steve

    Having tried quite a few methods for watching BBC iPlayer whilst living in Thailand I eventually settled with Lamnia and have never looked back.

    The service just works and as a Mac user I was afraid that I would definitely encounter problems somewhere along the line but with some support from the guys at Lamnia I was watching my tv in no time. Not a moment too soon either as Thai TV is rubbish!

  • Teddy

    Well chuffed with lamnia. Had a quick chat with their live support. signed up got my details straight away. less than a minute. But thats what it says on their website.
    Im not going to gush about their customer support as I only spoke to them for a few seconds as my setup was straight forward. downloaded the dialer and connected. From paying to watching TV in less than 5 minutes. Bloody excellent!!

    I agree with Dave about Fake reviews they are everywhere but the easiest way to check if what they say is genuine is go to the website and speak to the company. I visited about a dozen VPN websites and all their live supports went straight to email….Lamnia’s didn’t that’s why I bought from them and very happy I did.
    So my advice if you are buying a VPN speak to the company online, if their support is there buy from them, if it isn’t well I am sure you can work out what that means.

    Oh and Dave publishing IP addresses isnt really going to work is it…………What do VPN companies do………..create VPN addresses….!!!

  • Stuart

    Having moved abroad and requiring a VPN for watching |TV and english downloads etc, I chose lamnia, mainly for price abd unlimited bandwidth. Had a couple of technical issues myself, and they always were online to help immediately. Customer service is second to none. I cannot fault it. Also they do not overload their shared servers, so connection is fairly stable. Great value for money. Keep up the good work Lamnia!

  • Glenn

    Having tried Slingbox from the UK to the USA and having no watchable picture I was sceptical this would work. But, it is fantasic and lightning quick. The online chat is great at getting you set-up in the begining and they are also very funny!
    Couldn’t be more happy with it and them.

  • reep

    I have been using the service for more than 2 years. They have great until recently. The password kept changing and the promised (always online) customer service has become always offline. Have 4 accounts with these people, 2 stopped working & don’t know when the other will stop working. Have recommended to 2 other people, which stopped working as well. There should be some way to get the money back or atleast some sort of legal action. Couldn’t give below than 1 star.

  • Zizou

    Sincerely I will advice you, “do not use Lamnia”. I subscribed for 3 months and I could not use it a single time. They are not answering my emails, and did not answer my request for refund. Trust me guys.. you will loose your money for a VPN provider who provide nothing…… I hope that this message will save your money.

  • Tez

    I Have used Lamnia vpn since 2009, it worked well and had very few problems which were corrected quickly.  I was glad to recommend to friends, however the customer service at present it the worst i have experienced online. They are very rarely online for a chat and do not reply to emails or even when one opens a ticket. so I would have to say do not sign up with LAMNIA VPN

  • Mike

    In a word, don’t. the worst customer service you will ever experience and thats if you ever get a response from them! I constantly have to go back to them because they change passwords without telling me. the longest I’ve gone without a problem is 9 days!!! When it’s on it’s great but the moment you really need it to watch a special event, guaranteed you wont be able to connect due to password issues or some other bs that they will come out with.

  • Chris

    Got an email from Lamnia a few weeks ago offering a buy one get one free to old customers. I thought why not try and see what had changed. It’s faster, live support is truly 24/7, full support knowledge base and ticket system, they even offer a free trial now, my guess is new management . All I can say is I wish I had bought the year bogof. I am glad to recommend them again as I had 2 very happy years with them

  • Stephen_b20012001

    Loving the newsletters from Lamnia. Excellent service , keep it up

  • Chipfork

    Ive used Lamnia VPN for many years with reasonable success. The passwords are constantly changed without notification, but this ongoing nuisance is nothing compared to the misleading rolling contract that I unwittingly signed up for the last time I renewed my yearly subscription.

    Lamnia insist that their process of signing up indefinately is clear, but it cetainly is not the case in my situation. They hold onto the fact that I accpeted thier T&C’s making it clear that Lamnia will continue to debit the PayPal account indefinitely, year on year until you cancel. I disagree with this assertion, its highly misleading.

    They also admitted that ‘3 or 4′ customers have had similar issue and then tried to retract this comment (made in writing).

    Lamnia initially agreed to refund the outstanding balance of the yearly subscription, over a week ago, and since then have ignored all my emails, with no refund forthcoming. Based on some of the comments here, I suppose that I should be grateful that they ever responded at all!

    I have contacted the OFT and Trading Standards to investigate the process of selling and the wording and structure therefof. Ill feed back on this, I suspect that based on OFT guidance OFT 311 on unfair contracts, that Lamnia have a case to answer.

    Overall OK service, but highly suspect selling practices, be careful what you are agreeing to.

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