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Ipredator – VPN consumer review – 13083
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In 2011-03-19 20:56:00

DON'T USE IPREDATOR. I got it one month ago and it worked fine. It was decently fast, almost as fast as my 10 MB DSL connection and I had few disconnections. But little by little, the speeds got lower and lower, and it has become to a a stable 0.30/0.70 MB Download speed and 0.05/0.09 Upload speed. It is ridiculous. All the sites you visit get damned slow. You can't watch YouTube videos without it stopping for loading. You can't download movies or anything a bit big. And they won't reply your emails at all and have no forums. So you lose your money. Inother words, they steal your money since they promise your speeds will be high and have no restrictions. I will be trying some other company and will lose the money for this IPREDator pirates thing. But I can't go on these ridiculous speeds. By the way, I am in the capital of a western European developed country, not in the middle of the desert or jungle of a third world country.