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Website: (.com)
Location: Sweden
Founded: 2009
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Ipredator is a virtual private networking service offered by The Pirate Bay with the stated goal of providing internet privacy.

Ipredator gives you an encrypted tunnel and changes your public IP-number to an anonymous.

User reviews

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  • Menias > Sweden

    I have to say, it works beautifully. It’s a dead simple setup (PPTP), which makes securing your connection a breeze. But the biggest thing is really the speed of the service – it’s top notch for any VPN service out there. Of course since the server is in Malmö in Sweden and I live a mere 40km away from that server, this could influence my experience compared to the other VPN solutions I have tried. At any rate, it’s as fast a my regular connection (10Mbit download), so there’s not performance loss. Another great thing is that all ports seem to be forwarded, so direct connections when downloading torrents works blazingly fast. Hope this holds true even after they start en open beta or release the final service.

    Really, for me, the only real downside of the service is that the IP is Swedish and therefore I cannot access all the American or UK only services I use/want to use. I’m thinking video, video, radio, iBBC Player video, radio and all the TV network sites.

    But I highly recommend it.

  • W4rp3d

    A while ago I stumbled across IPREDator the new VPN service from the guys at, I had no real use for a VPN back then but it looked pretty cool and therefore bookmarked it “just in case”. Well fast forward 4 months to the present day and Ive finally got myself a laptop. Being able to use it in labs and lectures (epically to play peggle) is great although when ever using the university network their user policy, is always at the back of my mind.

    “The University’s electronic communications systems (including the voice and
    data networks, email, web servers and Internet connections) automatically and
    routinely log their usage. The University reserves the right to intercept, monitor
    and record electronic communications for lawful purposes as specified in the Act
    and Regulations.”

    As well as this, its an open network. If i have sat at the back of a lecture watching traffic flow through the air, I can guarantee that at least one other person has. This lead me into thinking about using a VPN and IPREDator immediately jumped to mind.

    IPEDator provides a secure connection to their servers with 128-bit encryption, and at only €15 for 3 months, I thought why the hell not and signed up. The setup is incredibly easy, utilising the pre-built VPN connection utility with in windows, it was completed in a few minutes. They also promise not to store any data, on me or the traffic that I put through there service, which is a major bonus.

    As for the drop in speed, that the overhead of using a VPN always entails, i was pleasantly surprised. I ran a few test to put some numbers to it. After running the standard speed test at 3 times I took the average.

    I was amazed at these results, both the down and up speed weren’t affected as much as i thought and as for the ping well that’s understandable, after all my traffic is going all the way to Sweden and back . As for real world stats I downloaded a 143Mb creative commons CD from a torrent.

    All I can say to the above numbers is wow, I always suspected my ISP throttled torrents but i don’t often download them and wasn’t 100% sure. I can now conclusively say that Tiscali do indeed throttle torrent data, and as IPREDators VPN encrypts traffic the ISP have no idea that it in fact a torrent and therefore can not throttle it.

    The only real problem with IPREDator isnt really the developers fault, that is their servers are located in Sweden not the US which means you cant watch Hulu or listen to Pandora which is possible with many US VPN services.

    In conclusion if your privacy aware or a heavy torrenter with an ISP that throttles your torrent data, IPREDator is perfect for you. At only €15 for 3 months you cant really go wrong.

  • Jimmy – UK

    I used ipredator the first time I started VPN. but now, I can tell that ipredator is not that good. The VPN service is slow and pretty expensive for only a pptp server and 1 server localisation in Sweden!!! I’m sorry but ipredator is s….

  • Nate

    Ipredator is a good vpn, i like in the US so naturally my ping sucked pretty bad, so its only for browsing the web and doing high volume traffic (torrents). using bit torrent my speed basically maxed out. and you can also use it to circumvent firewalls, in place by your school or government or what ever.

    currently it is 149,00 SEK for 3 months that’s 20 USD. so about 6-7 usd per month, that’s pretty cheap.

    1 thing, if you want true anonymity, you HAVE to do this one thing with disabling ipv6 support or something, because your true IP can be “leaked” out.

  • bRd – FR

    Très bons. L’enregistrement a été rapide, juste un login, mot de passe, et une adresse email valide, et l’accès à mon VPN a été instantanée.
    Dommage que l’OpenVPN soit en beta-test. Donc, pour l’instant, juste le PPTP est disponible.
    Comme décrit dans Ipredator, n’oubliez pas de désactiver IPV6 pour garantir votre sécurité.

  • originalcrisis

    Service VPN Ultra simple à mettre en service, sur Mac, prix ultra compétitif, très bonnes performances et surtout extrêmement stable.

  • Mpires55

    DON’T USE IPREDATOR. I got it one month ago and it worked fine. It was decently fast, almost as fast as my 10 MB DSL connection and I had few disconnections.

    But little by little, the speeds got lower and lower, and it has become to a a stable 0.30/0.70 MB Download speed and 0.05/0.09 Upload speed.

    It is ridiculous. All the sites you visit get damned slow. You can’t watch YouTube videos without it stopping for loading. You can’t download movies or anything a bit big.

    And they won’t reply your emails at all and have no forums. So you lose your money. Inother words, they steal your money since they promise your speeds will be high and have no restrictions.

    I will be trying some other company and will lose the money for this IPREDator pirates thing. But I can’t go on these ridiculous speeds.

    By the way, I am in the capital of a western European developed country, not in the middle of the desert or jungle of a third world country.

  • Diggs

    I continually struggle to stay connected to Ipredator and just when you walk away from your computer it disconnects again leaving your real IP exposed to all.  Very unreliable.

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