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Ipredator review – 10006
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Menias > Sweden
In 2010-03-30 14:18:47

I have to say, it works beautifully. It’s a dead simple setup (PPTP), which makes securing your connection a breeze. But the biggest thing is really the speed of the service – it’s top notch for any VPN service out there. Of course since the server is in Malmö in Sweden and I live a mere 40km away from that server, this could influence my experience compared to the other VPN solutions I have tried. At any rate, it’s as fast a my regular connection (10Mbit download), so there’s not performance loss. Another great thing is that all ports seem to be forwarded, so direct connections when downloading torrents works blazingly fast. Hope this holds true even after they start en open beta or release the final service. Really, for me, the only real downside of the service is that the IP is Swedish and therefore I cannot access all the American or UK only services I use/want to use. I’m thinking video, video, radio, iBBC Player video, radio and all the TV network sites. But I highly recommend it.