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Hide My Ass! – VPN consumer review – 13697
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In 2011-09-18 13:52:00

I tried 2 other VPN providers before HMA!. One, a local provider, simply did not work. The other had an unacceptable overhead and was unusable. Both providers used Open VPN.  I decided to try HMA! as it had a servers in many countries and few restrictions. Also it was possible to work form month to month. The installation of the VPN software with a really good graphic interface was simple even though my other Open VPN software was still installed. The overhead for HMA! in my home country, is low enough so that I can do most things with the VPN connected.  As Microsoft says, they know where you are by following the page adverts. My adverts are all in the language of the country hosting my chosen HMA! VPNs so I know HMA is working.  In fact I have swapped servers to other countries just to see how their adverts are localised!  One of the servers I was using had a brief downtime but an alternative was available instantly. The load balancing seems  to work Ok as a message flips up and work continues without a problem. I have already recommended HMA! to my group as all of us will potentially be  affected by the proposed introduction of new regulations. So.. easy to use, does what it does well. I just have to remember to have a routine for connected and disconnected so that my real IP does not appear to anyone but HMA! Can I recommend HMA! - Yes I certainly can.