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Freedur – VPN consumer review – 10465
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Mortgage New Refinance York
In 2010-10-01 02:36:47

Before I made my decision on the VPN I investigated the top 5 VPN companies recommended in China. I contacted each of them with my questions and tried to get a feel what the service is like. Two of them gave me standard short answers that almost seems template and incomplete, one of them exchanged 1 email with me with mediocre answer and stopped replying. Only Freedur, went back and forth with me several times and they’d reply within 10 minutes almost every time. The support staff was really thorough in answering me and was genuinely interested in helping me with MY problem. After signing up, setup was easy and I was up and running in minutes just like I was told. AND THEN, A FEW DAYS LATER I GOT A THANK YOU CARD FROM THEM! HAND WRITTEN! How many companies hand write thank you cards to their customers these days?? I was deeply touched by that and I want to let everyone know how amazing the people behind Freedur are. If you are looking for a VPN, try Freedur and you won’t be disappointed, guaranteed.