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Location: Hong-Kong
Founded: 2009
Freedur User Reviews

Freedur is the first plug-n-play VPN service of its kind. We were established in 2009 and we are based in Hong-Kong. Our advantages are:

1. Five star customer service

Our support staff is trained to be friendly and efficient problem solvers. Typical turn around time during business hours is minutes and for tier two issues we offer live support via instant messaging and telephone, as well as remote desktop connection for issues that require hands-on troubleshooting.

2. “it just works”

We designed our product to be extremely intuitive and user-friendly. Freedur is made to be easy to use even for those who aren’t computer savvy.

3. Privacy & data protection

When using Freedur, data sent through our network is encrypted to prevent malicious snoopers and data thieves from accessing your private information.

4. Solid network infrastructure

Our datacenter has the fastest connection between North America and China. Users will be able to surf the internet at the fastest speed their connection allows.

5. Trusted & internationally recognized

Top tier news agencies have interviewed Freedur, including The New York Times, CNN, The Wall Street Journal, TechCrunch and Thompson Reuters…


06.14.11 – Freedur has been acquired by Moca VPN!

User reviews

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  • Mortis

    Voici mon expérience de Freedur après 1 mois :
    La vitesse est bonne, je n’ai pas noté de baisse de vitesse de ma connexion internet, et les sites vidéos téléchargent normalement. Je suis impressionné du support technique, et des offres Freedur. J’avais une question à propos de regarder Hulu et leur support technique a été très accueillant. J’ai recommandé Freedur à ma collègue, et jusqu’à maintenant, elle est très satisfaite aussi.

  • Noah

    I came to China last year and I’ve been using VPNs ever since the first day I got here. I’ve tried a lot of VPNs, free or paid ones and so far I’d say Freedur works the best.

    I am not techy, I hate it when I have to manually change the settings on my computer first in order to use the VPN, which is really frustrated. Freedur is really easy to use, the only thing you need to do is to get on the app and turn it on. And their speed is pretty good too. They have a live support session, which is really helpful. I’m very happy with them so far. Hope they can keep it up.

  • Johnny Quach

    I recently moved to China to start my own business. I was pretty bummed when I found out I couldn’t watch shows on a lot of my favorite american websites (such as Hulu and NBC). Thank god I found Freedur. It’s so seamless and easy. You just turn it on and it works great!

    I was also on vacation in Japan when I couldn’t see Hulu. I contacted Freedur was given immediate response and all around great customer service. I couldn’t imagine going back to the old VPN I used where I had to copy and paste each url i wanted to see. Freedur saved my sanity!

  • Taylor

    i’ve been using Freedur since the second week when Facebook got blocked in China! it’s been working soo well for me, i just leave it on no matter what, it won’t slow down my downloading speed and it works very well with any browser. definitely the best VPN i’ve sued so far! Highly recommended if you are living in China and miss all the goodies!

  • Ilia Markev

    I’m not really one to write reviews about services I buy on the Internet, but Freedur went way beyond what I would ever expect from a company providing VPN services online, or anything on the Internet for that matter…

    I travel quite a bit for conferences and have to use VPN services frequently. A few months ago, I switched from StrongVPN to Freedur on a whim after stumbling across it. It looked easy, was easy, everything was basically instant, and the speed is great.

    But that’s not what drove me to write a review about Freedur.

    Their service is _shockingly_ good. A few hours after my order, I received a phone call from someone at Freedur asking me if everything was working for me or if I needed “anything.” Everything was working fine for me, so I said something along the lines of, “I don’t need anything besides millions of dollars and a yacht”, to which they agreed, so it was a fairly quick conversation. Then, a couple weeks later, I got a hand-written postcard from the person that called me. With a hand-drawn picture of money and a yacht, with the most awesome note ever.

    First time I’ve ever had any company do anything like that. It impresses me enough to bother to write about it.

  • Timothy Hodge

    I saw people in my company browsing Facebook so I asked them how they get on and found out they’re using Freedur. I signed up for 1 month to try it and surprisingly not only Facebook works but all sites work now. I will renew for 1 year when my 1 month package expires.

  • Roger

    Je suis venu en Chine l’année dernière, et j’utilise un VPN depuis le premier jour de mon arrivée. J’ai essayé beaucoup de VPN gratuits ou payants, et je dirais que Freedur est celui qui marche le mieux.
    Je suis pas trop technique, je déteste devoir changer manuellement la configuration de mon ordinateur avant de pouvoir utiliser mon VPN, ce qui est vraiment frustrant. Freedur est vraiment facile d’utilisation, la seule chose que vous avez à faire est de télécharger l’application, et de l’activer. Et leur vitesse est assez bonne aussi. Ils ont un support technique en direct, ce qui est vraiment pratique. Je suis très content avec eux. J’espère qu’ils vont le rester.

  • Little S

    We love Freedur here in our office! We have an open environment where we can use SNS sites and video sites so Freedur comes in quite handy!

  • Mortgage New Refinance York

    Before I made my decision on the VPN I investigated the top 5 VPN companies recommended in China. I contacted each of them with my questions and tried to get a feel what the service is like. Two of them gave me standard short answers that almost seems template and incomplete, one of them exchanged 1 email with me with mediocre answer and stopped replying. Only Freedur, went back and forth with me several times and they’d reply within 10 minutes almost every time. The support staff was really thorough in answering me and was genuinely interested in helping me with MY problem. After signing up, setup was easy and I was up and running in minutes just like I was told. AND THEN, A FEW DAYS LATER I GOT A THANK YOU CARD FROM THEM! HAND WRITTEN! How many companies hand write thank you cards to their customers these days?? I was deeply touched by that and I want to let everyone know how amazing the people behind Freedur are. If you are looking for a VPN, try Freedur and you won’t be disappointed, guaranteed.

  • Dan O’Neil

    I’m in China and have been using Freedur for 6 months now and the product is excellent. I’ve been in China for 6 years and don’t know how I was able to operate for the 5-1/2 years I was without it. It’s incredibly easy to use, it’s fast and it’s always reliable. If you are an expat in China, this is an essential product for you. All sites are accessible with the product and it makes you feel like your back home. Special Note: the customer service is outstanding and second to none in any industry. They are intelligent, patient and they always go way beyond the call of duty.

  • Charlie

    I’ve been using Freedur for about six months and haven’t ever had a major problem with it. Occasionally there are hiccups, but I’ve found this with every VPN that I’ve tried and Freedur has come a long way since I first started using it. They update their software regularly adding new servers and features and are really on top of repairing problems as soon as they appear. It’s nice to know that they’re native English speakers and technically competent, which is more than I can say for almost every other VPN I’ve tried.

  • Silvia Anh

    Came to this site when I was looking for a review on Freedur before I became their customer so I figure I’d be the first, here’s my experience with Freedur after 1 month:

    Speed is good, I don’t notice a decrease in my internet speed and video sites load as normal. What I am impressed by is the customer service Freedur offers. I had a question about watching Hulu and their live support was very friendly. I’ve recommended Freedur to my co-worker and so far she’s very happy with the service as well. Kudos Freedur folks!

  • Michael

    I was using an OpenVPN solution provider before, but unfortunately I could not use that on my iPhone so I ended up trying Freedur as my friend was
    using it and recommended it to me.

    I’ve used a lot of VPN services in China, and so far Freedur has been by far the fastest and most reliable for me. And the simple UI to toggle it on or off saves me the trouble of having to set up and configure everything by myself.

  • Ahmed Jira

    Very fast and very easy just as raved on chengduliving, very happy with this company and would recommend it to others to try.

  • Tracy Lynn

    Freedur rocks! I am using Freedur from Shanghai for Hulu and it is how I get my Glee on! I’m very happy to find Freedur and have recommended to my friends. This service is top notch any expat living in China should give it a try.

  • Roger

    I got a trial account from SOSExpat last month and I have just paid for a 1 year service for renewal of my account. Freedur has allowed me to keep in touch with my friends in France and it sucks we need to use a VPN in China. Anyway, Freedur is great and it does the job very well. Keep up the good work guys.

  • Zero

    I have never used a VPN so stable and so easy to go. For my female friends its really the easiest VPN to introduce. And it has so simple, beautiful and friendly interface. Anyway it’s the best choice and a cool thing to use.

  • Adam J. Schokora

    Freedur has been great for me…a simple solution to an annoying problem (GFW) that a few other services weren’t able to properly solve for me.

    Service is great. Whenever I had any issues, they were sorted asap.

    Highly recommend.

    /// AjS

  • Sara Chen

    Freedur was advised to me by my friend and colleague and just as they say this little software is quite magical. I am not good with computers so I was afraid what I might possibly be getting myself into but to my pleasant surprise I was able to setup Freedur all by myself! Maybe I am getting better at this Also I want to add the Freedur support was very professional and polite when I spoke to them, which was another plus.

  • Paul

    I have lived in China for 5 years. Have been living without VPN the whole time. Watching crap on youku, missing communicating with my friends. Baby births on Facebook. Wasn’t able to update our company Facebook page. Totally sucks. I share an office with the roommate of Freedur founder and he told me about it. As I never used one before I was a bit slow to reach for the wallet but I can tell you this. Freedur is worth 20X what you pay. Super fast. Skype calls are much clearer too. After you start using it, you will be embarrassed you waited to long. Every business person should be using this.

  • Ethan

    I really like Freedur coz it’s the 1st app I meet that is so simple to use, though I’m an IT expert. All you have to do is just simply launch the application; you don’t need to know about VPN, setting, etc. And the Whitelist function is very useful! I think if it can sync with the web that will be better.
    Any way, if any friend of mine asks me for solution of VPN to get through the GFW, I’ll always suggest them use Freedur. It’s cool and simple, worth every penny XD

  • Yan Pan

    I have been using Freedur for 6 months. I am really happy about the overall Freedur service. Super fast, and very stable. Now I am able to search the entire internet with the support of Freedur. I am glad that the money i spent on Freedur worth every single penny, because now I can surf the REAL internet. Also, the Freedur service support is very professional and fast, which is another plus. Good stuff.

  • Dirk Zelf

    There’s a couple of websites I can’t live without, and some of them are impossible to reach from my adopted hometown in China. I’ve used other VPNs for several years and felt pretty clever for still being able to ‘jump the Great Fire Wall’ even thought the service got slower and slower. I blamed a slow connection in my apartment building and an increasing number of expats getting on the VPN bandwagon.

    A few weeks ago a friend convinced me to give Freedur a try. I set it up – very easy – and couldn’t believe my eyes: for the first time in two years Facebook worked as if I was using it in my home country and I could *stream* YouTube right here on my couch! I have no idea how I lasted so long without Freedur. This is the best VPN service I know of for users in China: by far.

    I have only experienced a technical problem once when I suddenly couldn’t get online through Freedur anymore after a power outage. I used the instant-messenger service through the VPN website to talk to one of the technical support technicians. Without having to wait she very quickly helped me find the problem – which turned out to be with my router, not with Freedur. Problem solved within five minutes of chat. Excellent.

  • Sam Takahashi

    Freedur is the easiest VPN to use by all definitions. If you want peace of mind, try Freedur and you will be very glad of your decision. I salute the Freedur team, especially the customer support who’re always extremely patient and helpful.

  • Shieh

    I have been in China for over 2yrs now. I was using a free VPN, but often find after several month it gets blocked. Finally, a friend recommend me to check out Freedur. Even it is a paid VPN but so far I have to said it was great that my friend recommend me to use it. have allow me to keep in touch with my friends around the globe from China. Freedur is user friendly, I don’t have to worry about set up any settings to use it. The price is reasonable, its not like they try to rip you off knowing you need it. I definitely would reocmmend anyone in China or other countries that require VPN to access certain website.

  • Glen Kim

    The software works flawlessly. I love being able to catch my favorite shows on Hulu. They’re always on the ball in staying in touch with their users through their Twitter. Their service is rock solid. Basically, I couldn’t live without Freedur.

  • Jane Suhee

    Freedur continues to be the VPN of choice amongst me and my friends. The product keeps polishing in the past year and it’s really so much easier to use than the old VPNs I’ve used before. The cheery on top is support is always where when you need them and they are very nice and patient. Pleasant doing business with them.

  • Josie

    Super awesome service, the customer service is amazing. I had a credit card problem while ordering and the staff on the phone was extremely helpful and friendly. After I got setup, the speed is amazing as well. Two thumbs up for this great company!

  • Pixer

    Freedur used to be good, but lately it has been almost unusable. Its billing system is also broken. I would always get emails saying I have not paid even though I am on automatic payment.

  • Soufiane

    Type your comment here.
    Super awesome service, the customer service is amazing. I had a
    credit card problem while ordering and the staff on the phone was
    extremely helpful and friendly. After I got setup, the speed is amazing
    as well. Two thumbs up for this great company!

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