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FBVPN – VPN consumer review – 10557
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In 2010-09-01 15:50:08

FBVPN is the one !! I spent 2 full days researching available VPN offerings through reviews and company web sites. Almost landed on StrongVPN which seemed like a solid company ... but then it got complicated. Packages, site selections, limited changes and I wasn't getting answers. Today I decided to install FBVPN. Hey, pay the $5 for one month and see how it works. Simple sign-up. Simple setup. NO ADD-ON PROGRAMS. Connection was simple with the account/password ... but Facebook and Youtube still didn't work. I could tell the VPN was operational from Google and others. A quick look at the FAQ and I sent the requested information to Within the hour I had a responce. Seems the Shanghai DNS from my ISP wasn't even resolving the Facebook IP properly. We changed my DNS settings to the Google DNS and voila!!! just like home it was all working. I was actually quite surprised by the speed. I use with a non-VPN speed of about 1.5MB down and .5MB up. With FBVPN running I was still getting 1.3MB down and .4 MB up which actualy had no perceivable degradation in actual use. Lastly is the big one. I think FBVPN will keep my marriage healthy. Yes my wife is fanatic about Facebook to stay connected with all her friends and familiy. The internet censorship in China was a big issue for me to take this 2 year assignment. BUT now with FBVPN, my wife is happy again. As my friends say ... Happy Wife, Happy life.