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Location: Hong-Kong
Founded: 2009
FBVPN User Reviews

During their stay in China (be it brief or long-term), most foreigners encounter the same difficulties when it comes to accessing the Internet: many websites they frequent back home are either blocked (such as Youtube and Facebook) or drift in and out of accessibility (such as news sites like CNN) depending on the time of day. Due to these forced limitations on their internet use, more and more foreigners have started using VPNs, or ‘Virtual Private Networks‘, to continue access to the websites they love. A VPN works Though there are many VPN options from which one can choose, the best of the bunch is a newcomer, FBVPN.

Another advantage to FBVPN is that it can be installed on any operating system, without any additional software. This keeps your computer from being bogged down by extra programs, and makes it extremely easy to use on multiple devices (you can use FBVPN on multiple computers or phones, but not on more than one machine at once). Also to FBVPN’s benefit is speed; often users of proxy websites or less-than-reputable VPNs find their machines running slower when the VPN is open,due to congestion the server. FBVPN has a number of different servers to prevent this from ever happening, and all connections are strong enough that a user is never dropped or disconnected while using FBVPN.

FBVPN’s set-up also sets it apart from other VPNs in terms of its simplicity; there are step-by-step photos in the tutorial to guide you, and the process takes no more than a minute. FBVPN installs no new programs onto your computer, instead helping users to establish a direct connection to their servers; this guarantees there are no viruses or malicious softwares installed at any point.

User reviews

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  • fjctlzy

    Thanks to the staff ’s help, I can surf Youtube and Hulu now…
    thanks again.

  • nicklemail

    I have been using FBVPN for one day and have been very pleased. I’ve never had connection drops in that time. The speed is really fast, I can watch Hulu, Youtube. One more thing you don’t need to install anything on your computer. Its setup tutorial is really really helpful. It took me only one minute to setup on my Mac-Book. I’d recommend them if you ‘re looking for a good, easy to use, VPN service.

  • ruan

    It’s cheaper than VPNs that I used before, and very fast…

  • nicklemail

    It has been great since I bought this VPN service. I met a little setting problem at the beginning (since I am kind of a computer idiot).
    Thanks a lot for the help from the website, it is running fantastic now. And I am doing my marketing on YouTube everyday. Thanks a lot!!!

  • fred

    - Set up is easy
    - Options for Android and iPhone
    - Speed seems good
    - Pricing is competitive and it’s nice you can buy month at a time
    - You can install on multiple computers (though only use one at a time)

  • wesley

    I tried the VPN for 4 hours last night.
    The installation was really fast and simple, the tutorial the web site provides is really useful and easy to understand.
    The connection is pretty fast I had no problems at all.
    Social networks are really important for our development overseas and with this VPN I can access them with ease.

  • lengyuan

    Easy to set up and the speed is better than other VPN services I used before. Just wonder why there is no option on Window Mobile?

  • ellen

    I set up the VPN and am finding it very good so far. The set up was very simple thanks to the tutorial and very quick to set up. I browsed sevaral blocked sites such as Youtube, Facebook and and have had no problems whatsoever. I agree that it is very fast. I’m going to keep using today because I do a lot of searches on google.
    Compared to the VPN I use at home, this one is much easier to access. It instantly connects when you put in your user name and password whereas the one I use at home sometimes needs about 30 seconds to a minute.
    Also this one doesn’t seem to attract any pop-ups which is good. When I use my VPN at home, a pop-up appears about every 5 minutes which is really annoying.
    $5 a month is quite reasonable if the VPN stays this fast and reliable. I would recommend it to friends.

  • angelatang314

    (1) Easy to set up and it is very fast.
    (2) Can install on multiple computers
    It matches the demand of surfing blocked sites and getting the up to date information. And the price is competitive. I will recommend it to my friends.

  • kukezen

    Finally I can access Facebook and Daum blog, Tistory in China!
    Easy to use and better than other vpn.
    Thank you FBVPN.

  • Hex

    Very fast, reliable, secure VPN service with great technical support.

  • CrossbowFFS

    Doesn’t work for me, IDK why. Oh well, if you guys say it works, g4u.

  • Henrry

    I Invited two friends here, and they all love this service. Dose “FBVPN” mean FaceBookVPN? :) haha just curious.

  • Lozz

    I just joined yesterday tested few hours and found that your FBVPN service speed is fantastic as what I’d compared with other VPN service. I’m fanatics VPN user since few years back (started 2005). Configuration is simple as 1, 2, 3 it’s take me less than 30 second and everything working good and fine.
    Hope the service will maintained as what is now and keep your good jobs contentiously forever, thanks. Will invite more friends to join FBVPN service (Faster and Better VPN).

  • emailme

    em…VPN is good, but where’s the link of trial account apply?

  • judas

    So far this has worked perfectly: the loss of speed is unnoticeable compared to connection without VPN, and have had no problem accessing restricted US sites both from my PC at home and from my iPhone (I’m in Colombia at the moment). So far service is what’s expected, and works OK.
    I had a problem when registering because of ilegal characters in my username. I wrote support and they (tony) wrote back just minutes later. We
    solved the problem. Customer service has been GREAT (direct human answer, no tickets, auto-replies or anything), and in this aspect I can say I’m very impressed, as this has been better taht expected. So far I have recommended this service both to my girlfriend and my broither, who saw me watching hulu and llistening to pandora

  • nshoestrng

    I used this service for a month while living in China. It worked great! Sometimes there was a little lag but I think that was mostly because of the China service. Thanks!! Great service and great price!!

  • gmocktwo

    FBVPN is the one !! I spent 2 full days researching available VPN offerings through reviews and company web sites. Almost landed on StrongVPN which seemed like a solid company … but then it got complicated. Packages, site selections, limited changes and I wasn’t getting answers.

    Today I decided to install FBVPN. Hey, pay the $5 for one month and see how it works. Simple sign-up. Simple setup. NO ADD-ON PROGRAMS. Connection was simple with the account/password … but Facebook and Youtube still didn’t work. I could tell the VPN was operational from Google and others.

    A quick look at the FAQ and I sent the requested information to Within the hour I had a responce. Seems the Shanghai DNS from my ISP wasn’t even resolving the Facebook IP properly. We changed my DNS settings to the Google DNS and voila!!! just like home it was all working.

    I was actually quite surprised by the speed. I use with a non-VPN speed of about 1.5MB down and .5MB up. With FBVPN running I was still getting 1.3MB down and .4 MB up which actualy had no perceivable degradation in actual use.

    Lastly is the big one. I think FBVPN will keep my marriage healthy. Yes my wife is fanatic about Facebook to stay connected with all her friends and familiy. The internet censorship in China was a big issue for me to take this 2 year assignment. BUT now with FBVPN, my wife is happy again.
    As my friends say … Happy Wife, Happy life.

  • Cyril L.

    Formidable, 2 ans de blocage sauté par une si simple configuration de 2 secondes! Je peux maintenant visiter Facebook, wikipedia et Youtube sans problème. Le VPN peut même marcher sur mon iPad et iPhone travaillant avec le 3G de China Unicom! Mais attention, tu peux installer le même VPN sur deux machines mais ne les fais pas connecter sur l’internet en même temps, sinon tu dois avoir besoin de deux comptes séparés. Suggestion: FBVPN should consider a family account.

    Thank you very much!

  • bmunnzy

    I am new to the VPN world and did a fair amount of research before signing up with FBVPN. Their service has been truly superb. Not only did the set up take absolutely no time, the customer support is beyond compare. I received an email from FBVPN support shortly after purchasing a monthly service just to ask if everything was working okay!!! Every email I send to them has been promptly replied and helpful.

    Don’t waste your time with any other VPN!

  • nabhani

    I had a small problem and it was my in SIP software i am using on my iphone and not is FBVPN service.I must admit, customer service support is great. Extremely fast response and follow up. I definitely recommend this great service. I am now able to call family through VOIP, fantastic connection and sound is excellent clear. browsing is also great.

  • Cyril L.

    Formidable, 2 ans de blocage sauté par une si simple configuration de 2 secondes! Je peux maintenant visiter Facebook, wikipedia et Yputube sans problème. Le VPN peut même marcher sur mon iPad et iPhone travaillant avec le 3G de China Unicom! Mais attention, tu peux installer le même VPN sur deux machines mais ne les fais pas connecter sur l’internet en même temps, sinon tu dois avoir besoin de deux comptes séparés. Suggestion: FBVPN should consider a family account.

    Thank you very much!

  • Min

    fairly price. nice VPN service. really helpful to me when i’m in China.

  • Lucy

    Travelling in China now, and here is my speed before and after I login FBVPN, really great…I think

    Before connecting FBVPN :
    After connecting FBVPN:

    That’s strange, after log in VPN, the speed is faster…is there anyone else experience this

  • Piet

    Speed is slow, only VPN server in the U.S. Vpntraffic is better to use and cheaper!

  • Andy

    Had some issues getting the VPN working on OSX, but got great tech support from Tony that had me up and running within the day.
    The VPN itself is rock solid and *very* fast – no issues whatsoever watching Hulu shows all the way from Australia. Can heartily recommend FBVPN.

  • Haiven

    It’s really a great VPN service.
    first I had my problem with Macbook(OK on windows 7), but Tony from FBVPN soon give me a reply, and after changing the MTU to 1460 makes everything works great. The speed impressed me so much, and I will suscribe 1 year next month…Don’t waste your time in any other VPN, it’s the one.

  • Brand Fury

    FbVPN rocks! My other VPN account expired recently and I was doing research all day for an alternative.

    Discovered FbVPN today and signed up as they were having a special promotion. Had some issues connecting initially and e-mailed tech support. Unbelievable as I received a lightning speed response and viola! Everything is super smooth like butter!

    Awesome customer service and this VPN comes highly recommended!

    Super, super happy!!! =)


    I am a engineer working abroad, needed VPN access to content sites in America. I have tried several VPN services but fbvpn was the most economical and fastest for me.

  • pier

    just bought one month, seems great…especially the support from them, Tony is friendly.

  • David GEAY

    rapide et efficace contre hadopi tout simplement GeNiAL !


    the best vpn service I have ever seen.

  • Makeandroidinchina

    I and my team are developing android software in China, and as you know, android market and a lot of resources are inaccessible here, we couldn’t even publish our software. But with the FBVPN Business solution, my problem is solved. They made a dedicated server for my team(with 5 people), with the custom domain name(which is very simple to remember), and won’t be blocked anymore as only my team know what the address is, it’s a great thing.

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