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FBVPN – VPN consumer review – 10555
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In 2010-08-08 02:07:59

So far this has worked perfectly: the loss of speed is unnoticeable compared to connection without VPN, and have had no problem accessing restricted US sites both from my PC at home and from my iPhone (I'm in Colombia at the moment). So far service is what's expected, and works OK. I had a problem when registering because of ilegal characters in my username. I wrote support and they (tony) wrote back just minutes later. We solved the problem. Customer service has been GREAT (direct human answer, no tickets, auto-replies or anything), and in this aspect I can say I'm very impressed, as this has been better taht expected. So far I have recommended this service both to my girlfriend and my broither, who saw me watching hulu and llistening to pandora