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ClearVPN – VPN consumer review – 10582
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In 2010-03-18 21:56:30

I used another VPN service a few months ago that caused havoc with my computer. Once I was back up and running again, I looked for alternative services that offered what I wanted. ClearVPN seemed ideal, and I liked that they offered a week long trial, so I went with it. The trial went well. They provided detailed installation instructions and answered a question I had about security software compatibility. I had no problems at all with lost connections so I went with a year’s contract. Since then I’ve had (again) no problems at all. I’ve been able to view any UK based online video sites I’ve wanted, and any sites that offer UK alternatives have sent me straight to those pages. There was one text based site early on that didn’t seem to be fooled, but I was in a rush time wise at the time and never went back to check on it. I will at some point just out of curiosity. But one out of many is great. And the fact that there have been no connection problems is great. The service I was on for a short time that caused me problems used to cut out every so often, so this is a huge improvement. I’m enjoying this service and hope that my good experiences with it continue. I’d recommend it happily.