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Location: United-States
Founded: 2009
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ClearVPN provides a UK, USA and Canadian VPN service. Try it today with our 7 day free trial, then continue on with the service for only $9.95 a month for an unlimited account on any one of our servers. On top of our trial we offer a further 7 day no questions asked money back guarantee and up to a 20% discount if you sign up for a 6 month or 1 year contract.

VPN services have a full range of benefits that suit everyone’s needs. One of these benefits is that it provides your computer with a virtual encrypted connection to another country or computer, this effectively hides your current location and makes the internet believe that you are located somewhere else with the added benefit of hiding your internet traffic from your ISP or country.

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IP Address Features: IP Shared (static)

Protocols Features: OPENVPN

Speed & Transfer Features: Unlimited Transfer, Unrestricted Speed

Server Locations Features: Canada, United-Kingdom, United-States

Platform Supported: Linux, Mac, Web-Based, Windows

Language Supported: English


Support Method: Email, Faq

Support Language: English

User reviews

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  • Terry

    Great service, So far I have had no issues, technical or otherwise. When I want to access BBC iPlayer the service works 100 percent everytime, no matter what show I want to watch and that is all i care about. Exactly the way internet stuff should be.

  • Petra

    Very simple to install – even I couldn’t get it wrong and then it does exactly what it was supposed to do – allowing me to view TV programmes and access websites as if I was a user in the UK, rather than where I actually am.

  • Jennifer

    I used another VPN service a few months ago that caused havoc with my computer. Once I was back up and running again, I looked for alternative services that offered what I wanted. ClearVPN seemed ideal, and I liked that they offered a week long trial, so I went with it. The trial went well. They provided detailed installation instructions and answered a question I had about security software compatibility. I had no problems at all with lost connections so I went with a year’s contract.

    Since then I’ve had (again) no problems at all. I’ve been able to view any UK based online video sites I’ve wanted, and any sites that offer UK alternatives have sent me straight to those pages. There was one text based site early on that didn’t seem to be fooled, but I was in a rush time wise at the time and never went back to check on it. I will at some point just out of curiosity. But one out of many is great. And the fact that there have been no connection problems is great. The service I was on for a short time that caused me problems used to cut out every so often, so this is a huge improvement.

    I’m enjoying this service and hope that my good experiences with it continue. I’d recommend it happily.

  • Nick Hill

    I keep coming back to these guys time and time again – very good for me and for some reason my net connection is faster when I use the VPN than not ! All in all brilliant and good customer service.

  • Alice

    Just renewed my account for another year. Reliable, always works. Easy to use and install. Personal email support makes all the difference.

  • Sheryll Mairza

    Reliable, sound, & safe! What more do we need?

  • Allan

    Working just fine and reliable! Use it all the time!

  • Masha

    My husband is glad to use it!

  • BandJ

    was working brilliantly until I changed to Direct Line wifi and had a Frtz Box installed, now cannot use it, help

  • Eric (ClearVPN)

    We are working on a solution for you and you should have an email from us with instructions on what to do next.

  • Anna

    This is a great service, I have been using their US and UK service for the past year
    and it has been fast and reliable. It has allowed me to watch the BBC, Hulu and
    Netflix, when I travel overseas, and it gives me that added layer of security in airport lounges. Their customer service is always fast and helpful and
    the service has not let me down yet.

  • Misty

    Great service!! They even include an account for my ipad and
    iphone at no extra charge. 

  • Robert

    Have just renewed my subscription. great service, love it and works like a charm

  • Kayla Catege

    Very happy with my service, fast with great service. These guys know what there going.

  • T.O.

    As an expat I use ClearVPN everyday. Great reliability, speed and personal customer service. They always are making improvements and upgrades. A priced a little more than the big guys but I prefer the personal service I receive.

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