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BlackVPN – VPN consumer review – 13403
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In 2011-04-29 21:19:00

I'm using BlackVPN since about 3 weeks now. I can use one Server in the US, one in UK and one in the netherlands. This service costs me 10$ a month. I can use Hulu and BBC iPlayer. The connection is fast, but it differs depending on the Server location. The NL-Server is the fastest (about 40-50MBit/sec.). The UK-Server is also very fast (about 20-30MBit/sec.) which enables me to watch the iPlayer-Content in HD. The US-Server is the slowest and sometimes it may happens that Hulu has to stop a Clip to refill the Buffer. It wont take long then to start the Clip again, so it doesn't matter a lot. Also this doesn't happen too often. If the Server isn't well loaded you can expect about 30MBit/sec. If there is a lot of traffic it is about 4-10MBit/sec. So BlackVPN offers a affordable VPN Service which is fast and reliable. I recommend this service. Thanks a lot!