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Location: United-States
Founded: 2010
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We are worldwide citizens who care about our freedoms and right to privacy in the networked world. We all have a solid background of IT experience with some of the biggest companies and ISP’s in the world, which allows us to offer reliable VPN services. We prefer to know as little as possible about our users since we value your right to privacy and anonymity.

We will not sell or give out personal information unless forced to by the appropriate legal authorities, and we do not store or view data which is generated by our users. Protecting our users is very important to us, and our services intended to increase your privacy and security. However we do not tolerate the abuse of others, such as spamming and childporn.

blackVPN provides premium USA,UK and NL VPN (virtual private network) services.

Each blackVPN connection is encrypted and totally anonymous on the internet and it helps to keep your activities anonymous and safe.

Enjoy our VPN service, respect others and do not let them take away your (Internet) privacy.

User reviews

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  • Irving Isler

    As has happened with many VPNs of late, they go down with no notice on the website regarding the server status and it’s been 8 hours without a reply from support.

    Service was reasonably reliable until today.

    Still… a little verbosity regarding service status would go a long way. I’m looking elsewhere.

  • Robert Beekman

    I use BlackVPN with my iPad and it works really great. Streaming Video and Audio works without a hitch!

    I do think that because of all the new BlackVPN accounts the available bandwidth has gone down a bit. I used speedtest on my 50/50Mbit Fiber connection and i only get 2-4Mb/s down and around 4Mb/s upload to the chicago speedtest server.

    Since i only use it for iPad purposes it doesn’t bother me much and with the new dedicated iPad connections it won’t affect my ABC/NetFlix viewing pleasure.

  • Christian

    I tried a couple of different other VPNs before blackVPN finally became the VPN of my choice.

    While most VPN service provider offer pretty much the same features for – sometimes higher – sometime lower prices, blackVPN has the best value for me.

    Speed: First of all, connections are fast! Compared to my regular DSL-line at home, I don’t even notice a difference while browsing.

    Reliability: I’ve been a customer since 3 months and I never had any problems with connectivity. Servers are up and running 24/7.

    Connectivity: with blackVPN I am able to connect to every US websites from Europe. Great!

    Finally the most important feature for me is the support for iPad / iPhone.
    There is an excellent tutorial on their website which gives you every information you need. Setting up my VPN connection was just a matter of minutes.

    I can recommended blackVPN to everyone who is looking for a cheap and reliable VPN service provider. Especially if you have an iPad / iPhone.

  • Kerstin

    VPN is just great, I love to watch allmy favourite American TV shows. Most of the time it works very good, I`d say 85%, but sometimes it is not possible to watch an episode without too much buffering :-( But still, I love it and the price is really worth is!

  • Simon

    I like blackVPN because they offer inexpensive and relatively fast OpenVPN connectivity. The only downside seems to be, that a popular one click hoster blocks premium for blackVPN users (and you have only the one IP).

  • Laurent

    BlackVPN is a great way for freedom on the internet, and for a very good price.

  • Christoph – Italy

    works just great. After spending 2 years in NYC I missed the web-apps available in US only – BalckVPN gave me peace of mind – great service, great price, great speed. Go for it.

  • xmal

    I have the Global package and after shopping around I have found it presently to be best cost/performance solution on the market. Servers in Ireland, Netherlands and US. Only negative is being directed to a competitor’s site to get a version of OpenVPN that supports credential being saved natively, hence 3* for support.

  • Gabriel – Canada

    BlackVPN is quite great and the support is amazingly fast!

    Speed – I don’t max out the connection I have at my job (10 Mbps dl) but I get quite near it and at home I don’t even notice a difference! Also, gaming is still possible with this vpn as I only get a small bump in pings depending of the location.

    Reliability – They’re quite reliable, however I’ve been disconnected somewhat 4-5 times, however I can reconnect quite quickly except one case where it took around 10 minutes.

    Support – Support is great, they usually send me an answer back in the SAME (business) day!!!

    Price – It’s a bit pricey in Canada due to this euro/cad conversion. I’m satisfied but I would like to see cad or us dollars.

  • marius

    I really like blackVPN! It is the first VPN-Provider I use due to some network restrictions at the student hostel.

    The speed is okay as I think, I use the UK-Server. It could be a quick faster. With DSL 6000 I got a download speed of ~ 530kb.

    The support is friendly and fast. I had some connection problems at the beginning and they helped me almost immediately. I really appreciate that.

    The price is cheap and all in all blackVPN has a good price-performance ratio!

  • Perry

    In the couple of weeks I’ve been using blackVPN, it has proven to be a reliable solution to watch US TV Shows through Netflix, Hulu or ABC Player on my iPad. I’m based in Europe and normally I can’t use these apps, but blackVPN gives me access.

    Speed is fine for watching TV Shows. Haven’t tried using it for anything else. Connection is almost always established immediately and I have yet to see a disconnect happen. At first I didn’t receive the automated e-mail with my username and password. After sending a mail to their support, blackVPN answered within two hours with my username and password. As far as I know, blackVPN is the cheapest provider of these kind of services with these quality standards.

  • Des

    J’utilise mon VPN pour regarder BBC iPlayer et le trouve fiable et efficace. Je n’ai jamais eu de problème de connexion.

    C’est une option formidable pour mon iPad.

  • anssi

    Easy to use, cheaper than others and it works, what else do you want?

  • Chris

    blackVPN is the first VPN provider I’ve tried, and so far my experiences are very good. So far it happened twice that I didn’t get a nameserver assigned on US while it worked fine on UK. 15 minutes later after a reconnect everything was back to normal. I don’t encounter any lags or buffering, speed feels just like without VPN, not sluggish at all. And the price feels reasonable.

    Now I am a happy viewer, no more “not available in your country”!

  • Wolfram (wolframcgn)

    I use blackVPN to watch servies like from Europe. What should I say? I never detectes a Problem – the Performance is great! And the Service is very affordable.


    Black VPN est un bon moyen de protéger votre vie privée.
    Il est rapide et sûr.
    La vitesse de téléchargement est bonne, je ne vois aucune différence avec ma connexion internet habituelle
    Je l’utilise sur mon iphone et c’est super de pouvoir faire ça !
    Le prix est cool pour de telles fonctionnalités ! Je l’adore !

  • First


    I registered with BlackVPN a few weeks ago and I find it a fairly decent VPN site.
    The speeds could be better, but they’re OK.
    The Anonymity is great and the support is very quick and spot on! Price is great too.
    I can’t complain and I would purchase BlackVPN again.
    Keep up the good work, guys!


  • Christopher

    BlackVPN works just fine with Hulu although Speed could be better. I’ve measured about 500-700kb/s downstream which doesn’t seem to be enough for some HQ Videos on Hulu. Setting up the OpenVPN Connection with Ubuntu 10.4 and Windows 7 was a breeze, they Provide pretty detailed How-Tos to Help unexperienced Users. The encryption they use seems pretty strong. If they’d increase downstream rates for users, their service would be near perfect.

  • Bobby Lee

    For the price, I could not expect much better. The organization and ease of use of the website is great. The speed couldn’t keep up with my 6mpbs/768kbps connection apparently as my downloads wouldn’t be capped. On pings where I normally got 40-60 I would get 80-120 (US Server), which isn’t too big of an issue for me.

    Overall, for the price, it surpassed expectations.

  • Kieran

    I started looking into the whole area of VPN a few months ago. As a novice it was all a bit of a tech nightmare to me and I had trouble understanding the technologies, jargon and what have you.

    I spent a lot of time researching and asking questions on various forums. A lot of people recommended a lot of VPN providers but one kept being mentioned – Black VPN.

    So I bit the bullet and signed up for a month. I wanted to be able to get access to BBC iPlayer from Ireland and also gibe HuLu a try in the states so I went foe the international package which was only 10 dollars (the norm I found was 20).

    I installed their OpenVPn software and it worked immediately out of the box. No fuss, no hassle and I was able to watch iPLayer with ease and great speed.

    I have also tried file downloads using the service and the speed is great, almost as good as my direct isp. I’ll be back for more. Great VPN

  • Brice

    Je me suis inscrit à BlackVPN il y a quelques semaines comme je ne pouvais pas avoir une connection décente avec StrongVPN.
    Cette fois ci, pas de surprise, tout à bien marché, marglé quelques légers problèmes de vitesse.

    J’ai fait appel à l’équipe d’aide une fois, rapides et efficaces, rien à redire.

    + : prix & support
    - : speed

  • bloke

    so, this is my review:

    first of all: top price, havent seen and found a vpn client that is best value. have set up my xp device to receive bbc iplayer which works great. due to the fact that its working in the background its a good servie. the download speed could be a bit better.

    on live tv i sometimes get drop out and it stops from time to time.

  • ritschy

    best price, best performence and easy to use. This made the choice easy fpr me to choose blackVPN for my out-of-germany business.
    support could be a bit faster, but all my requests were answered nice and correct.
    speed is okay for me, but i only have got a 4 MBit DSL, so i think this is not a bigd deal to handle for blackVPN.

  • GaryN

    Connected to US service to use Hulu and ABC. No problems whatsoever, setup was easy and works flawlessly from iPad, iPhone, Macbook and Windows. Def recommend it if you want to stream from hulu and abc whilst living in europe.

    As I had no issue I cannot rate the support :-)

  • Vil

    J’utilise leur serveur néerlandais depuis presque un mois. La vitesse est très bonne (jusqu’à 5MB/sec), avec une très bonne latence en plus.
    La connexion semble être coupée lorsque inutilisée, mais c’est facilement réglable avec une reconnexion.
    J’ai juste manqué une partie de la rubrique utilisateur sur leur site.

    Je peux pas vraiment juger leur système de vie privée/support, comme je n’ai pas eu de problème jusqu’à maintenant.

  • Ilona

    Was looking for VPN service on the web and saw good reviews of BlackVPN. Subscribed to it about 3 weeks ago, am really happy with the service. No hiccups, easy to install, speed has been smooth and good so far. Great thing is I can use it on both my computer and iPod, therefore one subscription for both. Good deal. Had recommended other friends to use it too and will definitely continue to subscribe for it.

  • Till

    I’m using BlackVPN since few weeks and i’m very happy with the speed and reliability of this service. I’ve tested a lot of VPN provider before but BlackVPN is quite the best so far so it’ll become my choice for the future!

  • Ulrik

    I live in Denmark and cant use services as pandora and ABC. BlackVPN did it for me and it just works on my iPad. ;-)

  • Cruncher

    Super service. Good connection from switzerland. It could be cheeper but all other VPN`s are more expensive so its ok.

    I never had problem with the connection with my Macbook Pro mid 10, iPhone 4 and iPad 3G!

    I never used the support so I would say the support ist abolutely genius! ;D

  • Robert

    Easy setup using OpenVPN software. Cheap. Pretty fast in comparison to some other providers I’ve tried.

    Care is needed if you are hoping for anonymity. If you look at the page you will see that BlackVPN say: “Although we do not monitor the traffic …. we may assign users to a unique IP address and log which user was assigned which IP address at a given time.” What this means of course is that your traffic can always be traced back to you. This isn’t important if you just want to access news and tv channels, bu it might be an important consideration in some environments and situations.

  • Tom

    I use it to Watch bbc iplayer in Germany. Works as it should – only Slow sometimes.

  • Achim

    I’m using “BlackVPN” for a few weeks ago and I find it works fine.
    The speed and anonymity is very good.
    The price is nice for such services, i enjoy it ! :-)

  • chua

    Hassle free switching between countries. UK, US. Very user friendly user manual.

  • Mario

    I used blackVPN for some time now and I am really impressed with their download speed for streaming audio and video. I previously tried many free VPN providers and I never could stream video without stuttering. BlackVPN does all this perfectly – even with my iPad – and for a very reasonable price. Thumbs up for blackVPN!

  • Derek

    I signed up a few months ago for a UK and US vpn. It has been a great service. I use it with Netflix, Pandora, ABC in the US and for BBC catch up and . Works a treat. From Ireland.

  • Tim

    I have had no issues with Black VPN, the setup and use is very easy through PP2P! I find the speed is pretty slow in Australia for watching iPlayer or 4oD. The video buffers often.

    Otherwise it’s great!

  • Nacho

    I used for my Spanish iPad in order to have access to ABC content, which is no available in Spain.

    The signin process was pretty strait forward.

    I had some issues related to the VPN configuration. I tried the support e-mail and was replied right away, pretty amazing considering it was during the week-end, if I remember well.

    Finally I manage to make it work, but videos from the ABC app took too much time to open and stopped every 10 seconds.

    I never new if it was a problem related to the ABC servers or to BlackVPN, but I closed the app and since then did not try again.

  • Mohamad Fadli

    I tried other VPN services before trying BlackVPN. I can say that BlackVPN is one of the better VPN provider because they provide both PPTP and OpenVPN at a fair amount of price.

    The main reason for me to use a VPN is because I watch a lot of restricted video sites like Hulu. Most of the time, the video streaming goes well, but at a certain time, I need to pause the video (480p) and let it buffer. So far, I got no speed problems using BlackVPN to surf.

    As for security and privacy, I’m not really sure how to test it but for what I know, my real IP address doesn’t show up at every IP address checker sites that I’ve visited. Instead, they’ll show the VPN server’s IP address.

    Another plus point of BlackVPN is that they offer you one month of free VPN service if someone sign up under your referral. Not only that, but the person who has just sign up will get two months of free VPN service.

    Overall, I love BlackVPN (no reason to hate them) and will continue using their service.

    My referral code: JQSFERK

  • Frank

    Great service! Easy to set up and reasonably priced.

  • Frank

    Great service! Easy to set up and reasonably priced.

  • Tobias

    As I live in Europe, there’s no other way to watch videos on “” than by using an American VPN connection. I tried quite a few providers over the last few months – and blackVPN is one of my favorites. The connection is okay most of the time: sometimes it’s faster, sometimes it’s rather slow. I never experienced server issues or downtime so far. The only thing that bugs from time to time is a rather slow connection. Apart from that issue, I am very satisfied with the service of blackVPN:
    - I am feeling secure
    - the support is quite fast and good
    - the price-performance ratio couldn’t be any better

  • Cv

    I use Blackvpn to access certain website, but lately I’m having slow connection to the US side, still try to figure out what cause the lag.

  • Tom

    Living in the Middle East, a VPN service is a must if you want any kind of service such as tv and streaming music. It also helps view the occasional site that “does not conform to local laws”. ;-) Having read a number of recommendations on an Apple discussion forum, of all places, BlackVPN appeared to be the one for me – a US, UK and European IP address for 10 Euro for 3 months. I was paying 14 Euro for just a UK IP, and that was each month.

    The service itself is flawless, I have not had any trouble streaming TV/music from either the UK or the US. It was a breeze to set up, with clear and detailed instructions on the BlackVPN website.

    I would not hesitate in recommending it.

  • Michael

    I’m totally excited about BlackVPN and recommend it to everyone who’s looking for a fast and secure anonymity service that works with Mac OS X.

  • Gary

    Been using the UK proxy from the US for 2 months now. No problems with BBC, ITV and Sky. Could not get TvCatchup to work with blackvpn.

    Easy to setup overall. Highly recommended.

  • Seamus

    I have been using them exclusively for BBC iPlayer on the iPad. Generally solid and reliable SD streaming over my 10mb connection. Good setup instructions for all major platforms for beginners

  • blackvpn user

    Well, ive used this provider for 1 year now, and it’s been working perfectly,

    Speed: Well, my max is 1.7MB/s and i get 1.3 MB/s so i guess it’s the encryption what slows the speed down.. (2048-bit encryption is VERY strong) so im not suprised about the speed loss. (2048-bit encryption should only lower about 100 KB/s, so i give it 4/5)

    Security: Well, you get some kind of dedicated ip, however i dont think it matters as long the the blackvpn keeps ur info inside thier machine. (they claims that they wont log anything, but i dont think so, since there has be some logs for some time. eg: disk cache and connections. and ur login details since they are available to retrive your lost account. my rate: 5/5 100% trustworthy people for now.

    Support: 3 Out of 4 tickets, ive got an answer inside 6-24 hours. However the answer is not very long, but it should do the job to make things clear for you. 4/5

    Price: The price is only 3 months for 5 euros (if you have the special code when u oder. the code can be used for unlimited times and u find tons of them on the net.) but, without the code (if ure too lazy to google it) it’s 15 euros per 3 months. or 5 euros per month.. (this price Applies only on NL/EU Server.)

    (USA and UK server’s has their own prices and YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO USE BITTORRENT ON THEM! IF YOU STILL USE IT ON UK OR USA SERVER, THEY WILL FOWARD THE LAWSUIT NOTICE TO YOU AND GIVE UR DETAILS FOWARD! So if you have to, only use illegal downloads and other illegal things on EU/NL server since it’s the only one that allows Piracy downloads without lawsuit fowarding. So basically they wont foward any recieved lawsuit if you use NL/EU server.) Yeah, and sorry for this overkill explanation, there are just alot of dumb people. I hope this leaves no quesiton about the lawsuits and other crap.

    (NL/EU Server is a Bittorrent server and server for net surfing and for other common usage) And yes, NL/EU server has openvpn and PPTP and the price is very litle compared to other Openvpn providers.

    However i would always use OpenVPN before PPTP since it wont disconnect. ive used it for 1 year, and ive once lost connection to the server for 5 mins but NEVER DISCONNECTED. so basically when u lose connection with openvpn client, u wont disconnect and ur real ip wont leak, instead of disconnect and ip leak, the client shuts down ur all internet connections untill the secure connection to the NL/EU or UK or USA server is available once again, so its SAFE AS HELL!

  • Davide

    I’ve been using BlackVPN since the beginning of this month. My main purpose was to give Boxee a try without country limitations for movies and tv series. The setup on Linux was very easy in my opinion, it basically worked out of the box and the speed was enough to allow me to play streaming videos without buffering problems. I did not have the need to contact the support, so I cannot provide a review on that… but I guess that not having the need to contact the support is a positive feedback on its own :-)

  • Mick Mint

    Great service. Speed is very decent, great privacy protection. Very good and fast customer service. Easy to set up and cheap! Highly recommended.

  • Steve B

    I have been using BlackVPN for over a month now and I have really enjoyed it. When I first got a subscription there was an issue with my password and I couldn’t logon to their server. They refunded me money after some trouble shooting yielded no results. I really wanted to get BlackVPN working so I bought another passcode and had it working first go. ( They said they had had a problem with password generating server over the weekend ). Since being online with BlackVPN I have been super happy, no drop-outs and the speeds been really good.
    Give them a go, its a great service.

  • Daniel

    As a European customer I use Black VPN to see all the great shows from America it really works well. I also combine it with Netflix and I have no problems streaming videos at all. Thumbs up!

  • Anika

    I use BlackVPN with my iPad and it works really good. Now I can hear Pandora radio ;-)

  • hydropruben

    J’utilise blackvpn depuis un mois , vitesse de téléchargment en http et bitorrent 990 k/sec sans vpn 1200 k/sec

  • Nico

    I am using the US VPN that offers great speed even for watching videos on several platforms.

  • eva mohn

    After living in the UK for more than 10 years, I really missed the access to British television when I moved back to Norway. A friend tipped me off about the BLACKvpn, and to me it’s the greatest thing since sliced bread! Now I can follow all my favourite UK television programs via Iplayers. I love it!
    Another thing:
    I had some samll problems getting started, sent an e-mail to BlackVNP and asked for help. It was answered very quickly and to the point, and my problems were sorted.

  • George S.

    I’m using blackVPN on my PC and my iPod Touch to listen to Pandora Radio or watch Hulu. Their servers are very fast, so you don’t have to wait a long time when you want to listen to Music or things like this. Although the speed is OK at the moment, I would be glad if blackVPN could still improve their server’s capacity, so that more people could use this great service. The packages start at a very good price compared with other VPN Services. I would be pleased when this service would exist for a long time.

  • Enrique Ortiz

    I’m using the VPN service from Mexico City, so far almost everything is working. Some sites don’t allow me to access like and all domains attached to it. Another issue is that I cannot configure my ipod touch I assume because of security issues but the tech support department do not publish any troubleshooting to fix it.

  • Daniel Öbrink

    I use Black VPN for Netflix, Hulu and Pandora and it works very good.

    I have had no problems with the speed of there VPN servers.

  • Paul Schwarz

    I’ve been using BlackVPN for a month or so on my iPhone and Mac and so far I’m very happy with the VPN service. After testing other similar services, BlackVPN is by far the fastest and more usable tunneling service for watching films on hulu or listening to pandora from outside USA.

    I really hope the quality of the VPN connections and the speed stays the same as they become popular.

    Please please don’t change profits over quality. Stay cool.

  • thomas

    I frequently travel to the US and there I discovered several services like hulu or pandora which I am not able to use in my home country. While searching on the net how to overcome this situation I found black VPN.
    For almost a month now I am using black VPN on my iPhone and Mac without any problem. Even watching movies or TV shows on hulu work great most of the time. Sometimes the movies are not very smooth, but that could be due to the internet connection as well.

  • Antonio Savoca

    after many years living in New York I simply missed not having the possibilities to use internet services such as
    Netflix, Hulu and Pandora. With BLACK VPN I have the best VPN solution having again same possibilities out of Switzerland as before. It works perfect. Great VPN service and best tool for use of IPAD

  • jaraiza

    In México don’t run full speed in conection 10mb
    n have problems to configure in linux mint

  • Martin P.

    Very reliable VPN service for all the data intense media services offered with an US IP only! Have tried sevreal other ‘free’ VPN services but they could not match in any catgory (speed, availability,…)

    fine VPN product!

  • Michael Schlegel

    Really nice VPN service. It works as it should. Flawless!
    The speed of the VPN is more than adequate for watching netlflix and listening to pandora.

  • RedFin

    Significant speed decrease which makes watching american tv shows less watchable due to quality loss.

  • Jean-Pierre Simon

    J’utilise BlackVPN depuis presque 1 mois. Ce fournisseur VPN fonctionne parfaitement sans ralentissement notoire en download.Espérons que cette barrière soit efficace contre “Big Brother”!?

  • Guido

    I love BlackVPN the reason is that I can use the account on the iPad, iPhone and my Computer. So i have a easy way to watch my movies on Netflix and hear the sound from Pandora.

    The support page is also good. Easy to setup for all devices and with movies to help you.


  • Lea

    Slowed down my downloads considerably, some days I had trouble streaming Hulu, which of course defeats the purpose. But I like that I could you use my VPN account on my iPhone.

  • Martin Parry

    Since joining BlackVPN_uk I have been able to talk to my family all around the world using Skype which other countries tend to block the use of. Download speeds could be better and if you’re not a techo setting up can also be a little tricky otherwise an excellent facility.

  • Marius D.

    This VPN provider isn’t bad at all. I’m from germany and have the USA package.
    First the negative aspects :
    - Sometimes it’s really slow .. with really slow I mean a bad ping and slow download/upload speed (20-60 kbyte/s)
    - Sometimes it’s disconnecting you for no reason.

    Yea … that’s almost all.

    Positiv aspects :
    - Normaly good speed, sometimes really fast for a usa vpn! (500+ kb/s)
    - Very good price-performance ratio
    - Payable via PayPal!
    - Very fast login.
    - A very big ip range.

    As you can read, the negatives always start with sometimes.
    To say it short -> this service is good, sometimes a bit slow, but overall simly good.

    P.s. : Never needed the support.

  • Eoinsku

    I have used Black vpn for a few weeks now. I was referred by a relative, who had positive things to say about the service. Using his referral code I got three months for the price of one – a great deal! Currently, I have the global package with UK, US and EU servers. To be fair, I think each server should be judged individually:

    UK: reliable and more importanly, fast (speedtest showed 20 Mbit down and 10 up (vs. 30 up and 15 down standard). This is more than enough to watch BBC iPlayer and SkyPlayer live tv. Prior to using BlackVPN I used smallVPN (UK only) and I must say that BlackVPN is better and cheaper.

    US: have had no need for it thus far, but a speedtest done showed similar results to the UK server. So, speed should not be an issue, but I cannot comment either way on reliability.

    EU (torrent): this is where BlackVPN slips up a little. Again, a speedtest was performed and the results were disappointing – only 2 Mbit down amd (surprisingly) 5Mbit up. compared to my standard speeds, I cannot justify using this connection for torrent downloading. If slow speeds are the price you are willing to pay for anonymity, then by all means this is the service for you. Until the speeds on the EU server can match those of the UK/US servers I personally will stay away.

    Security: cannot comment as I haven´t looked into this matter. It isn´t of great concern if just using it for watching UK/US TV.

    Support: I had some small issues when signing up to BlackVPN, but they were addressed promptly and to my satisfaction.

    Overall, I would highly recommend BlackVPN as a service for watching UK/US tv and will continue to use the service after my initial three-month period expires. However, I will not use the global package until the EU server speed is improved in line with the UK/US servers.

  • howardf

    Poor VPN service. After I made the payment, I went to start using the product. It didn’t work. I made out a ticket. On the site they said they would reply within 24 hrs. I am still waiting for a reply so that I can start using the product.if I don’t hear from themwithin the next 48 hours I will be obliged to cancel payments and request a refund.

  • Jose Borbon

    In Mexico, speed can be a bit low at high rate hours (past 5pm to 10pm).
    It also may take a while to connect due to same reasons, running under Windows XP or Win7.
    But once you’re connected, it’s a great service. Extremely simple to use and it has simply the BEST price around.
    I highly recommend it.
    Thank you.

  • Joelmo

    easy to get started, nice offer three months of VPN for 5 dollar. Dl speed should be improved

  • Victor Gutierrez

    I think, in general is a great service, It is my first month with it, and I am very happy, because I can use US services from here. The only think that some times is not good, is the speed, some times is to low, but what I any body can do, and works for me, at least for Netfxx, is to connect the vpn, go to the NF, start the movie that you want to see, and disconnect the VPN, as I said, works for me, and I´ve been watching movies like this and the only speed and server that I need during all the movie is the one of my Internet provider. I recomend black VPN, good service, great support(quick response) and of course great price.

  • Bruno


    sono in cina per lavoro, e necessito di utilizzare alcuni siti che normalmente qui in cina sono bloccati. Utilizzo per navigare con il mio Iphone una scheda prepagata ChinaMobile con 500Mb di traffico che pago 50RMB al mese, con BlackVPN riesco a vedere FaceBook ed a pubblicare foto pur se ChinaMobile usa GPRS che è lento. è semplice da installare e funziona bene; lo consiglio a tutti, ho provato servizi gratuiti ma non funzionano bene. Per i filmati YouTube non è velocissima ma si può accettare.

    Hi, i stay in china for work, i need to connect to some web site normaly not work in china, i buy Black VPN and i normal use un my Iphone with China Mobile Gprs and i can use. It’s slow but not because VPN, it’s slow because is GPRS , when i use by Iphone at home via T1 it’s very fast.

    Ciao Bruno

  • Pierre

    J’utilise blackvpn depuis un peu plus d’un mois. J’apprécie tout particulièrement la rapidité et la pertinence du support technique. J’ai par exemple été dépanné un samedi soir après 20 heures.

  • Andrew Wilkinson

    Black VPN is the first VPN service I have used so I don’t have anything to compare it to, but for me they have worked out great. I spent a lot of time sorting through the various providers before settling for Black VPN. I choose them for a number of reasons, aside from the fact their price is one of the cheapest around, they also seem to have great attitude towards the service they are providing, taking a look around their website I got the impression that the guys behind VPN certainly don’t seem like the type who are going to screw you over. The payment is also really easy, you can pay for one month at time, which means you not tied into a longer term plan, like some other bigger providers.

    Speed/Reliability: I only subscribe to the UK service so I can’t vouch for any of the others they provide, but haven’t had any problems with it. We only get 1.6 Mbps download rate but this is all we get anyway, as we share with our internet with our neighbours and the service is pretty crap at the best of times anyway. I live in Germany and use it to watch iPlayer and 4OD, and absolutely no problems with this. I connect through tunnelblick on mac osx and have never had any problems connecting, the service has always been reliable.

    Support: For me it has always been good, quick answers to all of my tickets. I have noticed a few people giving it a low rating although noticed these were a few months ago, so maybe they have pulled their socks up a bit! Another possibility is they are night owls like me.

    I can’t say that they will be great for everyone, as I haven’t tested their service to the limits, but if you find yourself in a similar set of circumstances to mine, I would definitely recommend Black VPN.

  • michel tor

    très bon vpn un des meilleur sur le marché , ne pas hésiter , pas de perte de débit, connexion open vpn ssl , très bon support (en anglais )tout cela pour 5 euros par mois on ne se ruine.

  • http://I´musingBlackVPNforafew Hans-Joachim

    I´m using “BlackVPN” for a 11 weeks and i find it works soooo fine.
    The speed and anonymity is very good.
    The price is nice for such servies,I enjoy it! :-)
    Support I dont need.BlackVPN is very easy to use.

  • William Thirteen

    being an expat American in Germany I was often running into trouble when trying to access sites in the US which were geographically restricted. For a long time I just accepted this inconvenience, but after hearing about BlackVPN from one coworker and then a second I began thinking about checking it out. Finally I was asked by my boss to configure our firewall at work in order that he could use his BlackVPN account while in the office & this provided the impetus I needed to set it up for myself. I was impressed by the ease of setup (I am on a Mac running Snow Leopard) and have been quite satisfied with the performance of the servers in the US. My decision to purchase an account was also eased by the opportunity to pay with Paypal and the ability to set up a short term account, which meant I needn’t commit to a lengthy contract without knowing how the service would perform.

    I give them high marks for speed, reliability & price – but as i never have had need of their support team I am just leaving that field blank. I’ve already recommended BlackVPN to a number of friends and would encourage anyone looking for this type of VPN solution to test it out. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised – I know I was!

  • Bruno

    I Use BlackVPN in China, with my MacBook by TopWay China T1 Internet connection and work very good.
    With Iphone i use China Mobile GPRS and BlackVPN to connect to FaceBook and YouTube and work.
    Thanks Bruno (italy) now in China Shenzhen

  • http://néerlandais lefever

    Bravo que du plus marche super bien a essailler de tout urgence parfait dans tous les sense du terme

  • Zoilo Castro

    Honestly, your VPN works !!! It’s rightfully reliable. The speed could be slightly slow in american busy time. Great works !!

  • roger martin

    This is the first VPN service I’ve tried.

    I’m in Spain.

    From home, ADSL (Jazztel) that normally gives me 20Mb download speed, when connected to blackVpn I get between 40 and 200 kb. For what I want, streaming, it’s poor.

    From android froyo phone, with 3G (Simyo). It connects thru PPTP, however I don’t get any data transfer. 0. Frustrating.

    I contacted support and got a quick answer, they told me to try the new server for mobile devices. Doesn’t work either….

    I think I’ll ask for the refund.

  • Simon

    blackVPN provides a pretty good speed (around 1-2Mbit/s) compared to other VPN providers, that I tested before. However it can take up to 10 tries to connect to the service in the evening hours around 9pm-10pm (European Time).
    Connecting via Mac OS X worked fine, unfortunately it didn’t work for me on Android.

  • Kwame D.

    Using a Mac, don’t use these guys. In China, ditto. In fact, unless they sent a balding fat man nicknamed Wizard to your home riding a scooter to ensure there is service, don’t give em a dime, and better yet, if you do, and its not working, walk away with peace of mind.
    If it weren’t for their occasional response to my emails about how bad their service was, you would be forgiven for thinking BlackVPN was a con!
    I joined for the service because of the 3 months for 1 deal, which has turned out to be basically money blown and hours wasted of my life that I won’t be getting back. I downloaded Tunnelblick–which should be called, Tunnelblows. After finally getting the software to work the way it should (obviously not built by mac minded people) i couldn’t log in to the BlackVPN server. Their response, seriously was, “no way, it has to work, i just don’t know.” That’s TECH SUPPORT!!!! I’m not even angry, but they emailed all to leave a review, so i was motivated to be honest.

  • MyLinuxMint

    A friend of mine has been using BlackVPN for a few days now. The price he got for a 3-month access was a steal. So far VPN seems to connect fine, but he has had some disconnects with OpenVPN.The exact cause is still unknown. PPTP seems to be bit more reliable, but OpenVPN is preferrable.

    I might post another review in a couple of month, when having more hands-on experience with BlackVPN. Because of this please view my stars given as preliminary.You’re welcome to share your experience with BlackVPN on my blog (just google for mylinuxmint9).

  • andrew

    got blackvpn for iplayer and other uk services. didn’t know much about vpn’s before signing up but was very straight forward to setup on XP, Vista, Windows 7 and iPhone and service so far has been great. good response to support emails too. i’d recommend this to others

  • Edgar E. Reyes T.

    Me he conectado desde varias partes del mundo. Viajo entre Europa y América frecuentemente y el servicio es excelente. En ocasiones es un poco lento, pero es casi inperceptible y otras veces me ha tomado 3 intentos para hacer la conexión, pero todo esto lo explican ellos por los cambios en infraestructura para crecer, y debo decir que es cierto: cada mejora que hacen es muy buena. Los felicito y de verdad es muy muy económico el precio y e servicio muy bueno.

  • Michael

    I’ve been using BlackVPN for about 2 Weeks now. Since then I have discovered, that the Login worked flawlessly for the entire time. The download speeds vary, sometimes they tend to be very slow, other times its pretty good for a vpn service. I use the usa login. Services like Pandora, Hulu, Netflix work suprisingly good, so overall, i can’t complain, especially for the very low price of 5€/ Month, which can be paid easily via PayPal.
    I use the BlackVPN service on 2 Macs, an iPhone and an iPad and it worked extremely well on all devices so far.
    I didn’t had to contact the support until now, so I can’t say anything about that.

  • http://VPNUK Liam

    Love this! Living in Ireland I can now see sports highlights on
    Excellent facility. Highly recommended.

  • M

    I was looking for a VPN Provider for quite some time before i finally ended up with Black VPN.
    I was merely looking for a way to use from outside the US. That is the only thing i am using Black VPN for.

    90% of the time i experience no speed problems while using Fast enough for streaming in highest setting but sometimes i cant use even the lowest setting without seeing lags or complete pauses in the video playback.

    But as said most of the time it works like a charm and since the price is awesome there is nothing to complain about.

    Regarding the support i am 100% pleased. I had several questions which have been answered within 12 hours. Super!

    For what it´s worth: It is a fine VPN provider which i can recommend without hesitation

  • Jean-Pierre

    Globally I’m satisfied of blackVPN. I use it with a Mac, using Tunnelblick. The download speed is fast, but irregular. It can be a problem with chat softwares as Skype, because they need a regular debit, but except that it works very fine, you connect easily and it is not expensive.

  • This is me

    Also tried a proxy service before but must say Black VPN is a lot more reliable and easy to configure as well. Really like this service.

  • Moo

    BlackVPN has worked a treat every time since I’ve set it up using the simple setup instructions. I have it working flawlessly on two laptops and also on my iPhone. I signed up for the Global package and access to Hulu and BBC iPlayer has been great.

    I have got speeds of approx 1Mb from both connections which is a bit slower than I’m used to but more than good enough for my uses.

  • Dennis

    I’m using the service for one month now and I’m completely satisfied. Download speed is overall good, during peak times, especially in the evening around 8 pm, it might take a few connect attempts until it works. But usually the connection will establish very fast. I am very impressed by their support, last week I sent an e-mail and received an answer in less then 5 minutes. The installation of vpn worked very good thanks to the detailled tutorial on their website.
    Would recommend it!

  • Jose

    I have been using blackvpn for almost 3 months and I absolutely recommend the service. The speed is not bad when using PPTP but I usually get low bitrates with OpenVPN.

    Both security and privacy are great and they claim that they will always be.

    I have never used the user support so I can’t say.

    The price is great in my opinion.

    To sum up: I’m very happy with the service. The speed could be improved sometimes (specially when using OpenVPN) but I recommend it.

  • Rasmus

    I have been using BlavkVPN for a month now and is in general pleased with the connection, especially due to the low price. PPTP works great but I am having a bit troubles with the OpenVPN connection which doesn’t seem to run quite a smooth.

    PS: I mainly use the VPN for BBC iplayer and the PPTP connection is fast enough for that.

  • Tobias

    I tried several services already. Most of them did not offer the required bandwidth for Hulu & Co. Then someone in our forum suggested BlackVPN. I gave it a try and was really impressed by the speed offered for this price.
    Installation and connection via OpenVPN was very easy and straightforward. Almost all services were working with BlackVPN. Only Amazon “Video on Demand” does not allow to buy because of IP geographical restrictions.
    Sometimes the bandwidth was not enough so stuttering of movies occured sometime. My guess is that this depends on how many users are using the service the same time.
    But all in all I’m really happy with BlackVPN. And I will be keep using this service for sure.

  • Fermin Juarez

    I purchased “blackVPN Global Package BVPN-GP-1 month” in order to test it, as I wanted to watch Hulu and british TV shows, but I am afraid the download speed is very poor -at the best of times I get half my usual speed and most of the time less than one third-.
    Instead of streaming I just get “dripping”
    They should have a Premium option for a faster speed -even if they charged extra-, otherwise it is useless. Perhaps an excess of success is not so good (for the users, I mean)
    The price would be good if only it worked

  • Michele D’Apice

    Era da tempo che cercavo un software che mi consentisse di seguire in streaming i miei telefilm preferiti direttamente dagli USA, con Black VPN ho risolto i miei problemi e adesso posso godermi le mie series in lingua originale.
    Lo consiglio a tutti.

  • Enis Sylejmani

    I lover it, always wanted to watch al the american programs here in the Netherlands. One thing though that could be better..

    My Connection speed drops from 110Mb/sec to 10Mb/sec when i turn on Black VPN.

  • Bruno

    Muy bueno, estoy usando VPN hace mas de un mes con un resultado muy bueno.

  • Josef

    I’m using BlackVPN for about one month now. Mainly I use the VPN connection
    to watch free US-Shows via hulu, cbs or other sites.

    Since now, it was a great deal. I got three months for the price of one, due
    to entering a referal code. Just wanted to try how it works and i thought,
    for this price i got nothing to loose :)

    So, i never had problems connecting to the BlackVPN Servers. They were always reachable.
    The speed is quite good. During the “online-watching-primetime” from 8pm to 12pm, sometimes
    the shows need to be buffered or watched in lower quality. But this is really unusual. More
    commonly is, that the advertisings that break the shows frequently almost always needs to be
    buffered. This extends the 30-sec breaks sometimes into 1-min breaks. But hey, you got the
    access to the latest us-shows and its legal! :)

    I couldn’t get the mac built in vpn software to connect to the BlackVPN Servers. But with the
    tutorial of the BlackVPN Sites it was no problem to configure the third-party software
    “tunnelblick” to connect to the servers.

    As i payed via PayPal i could connect and watch some shows in a few minutes after purchasing
    my account.

    It’s a good thing, BlackVPN sends me mails, where i get informations on getting more free
    Months – like writing this review, no matter if it’s positive or negative.

  • pixman

    Excellent value for money. Yes, as others have said, the speed could be better at times. I’m not sure, however, how much of a problem this would present to most users for streaming as it’s generally fast enough via the US server. Not had to use the support so far (over 6 months).

  • swisscheese

    Hello everybody!
    I´m a subscriber for more than a month. I use the US node. I like to watch US television when traveling.

    OpenVPN seems to disconnect. So-called pptp standard works better. Sometimes at certain hours difficult to connect right away (but maybe my provider). Other than that I am happy, especially I paid only e Euros for 3 month. At this price I will continue my subscription!

    PS: When watching hulu etc. please think about available bandwidth, as this is/was sometimes a problem ;-)

    Speed – 4 Stars for bandwidth used
    Reliability – 3 Stars for OpenVPN disconnects, pptp ok
    Support – 3 Stars for barely used, cannot judge objectively
    Price – 5 Stars for perfect price

  • karciu

    I use BlackVPN with my Squeezebox server and Ipad, just for listening to Pandora radio. There is no any troubles on my ipad, but on SB server there is some times information about restriction (EU country). SB runs on windows7 and I connect with OpenVPN. I don;t check any speed, when it is working there is no lag.

  • Yarontron

    Very nice but Slow in Germany

  • Vilkku

    Nice and reliable, but a bit slow. I use it to watch the BBC iPlayer, and some times even the low quality version will be choppy and buffering, even if I got a sufficient connection myself. That said, I have been a customer for almost a year and it’s an excellent and affordable service!

  • Todysch

    i think black vpn is a nice choice :)
    it is cheap and fast, but i think they could get some server in some other countrys ^^

  • Oreillyden

    Witk Blackvpn I can watch back programmes from the BBC here in Ireland – at a relatively cheap rate and it connects and holds that connection 9/10 times I use it.

  • Peter

    BlackVPN works reasonably well. I can watch videos on official sites like or stopped working a few weeks ago and it hasn’t been fixed yet. The connection speed is alright during the day (i.e. european day) but tends to get a low slow in the evening which makes the quality drop considerably. All in all I am satisfied with the product and the customer is also very fast at answering questions.

  • Mh_star82

    Black VPN has excellent service. Thanks to their VPN i am able to communicate with my Family over seas. I would not be able to do this without their help. It makes my life and communication so much easier.

  • Ste

    BlackVPN offre un ottimo servizio, io uso solo il server UK per il download di programmi della BBC da guardare offline ed è perfetto. La velocità è sempre di 180/200kbps. A volte lo uso per guardare programmi in diretta e funziona sempre bene, solo a volte guardando la BBC si l’immagine si blocca per un secondo una volta ogni tanto, ma i programmi sono tuttavia assolutamente apprezzabili. Lo uso soprattutto durante il giorno quindi non posso commentare sulla qualità del servizio nelle ore di punta. Sono molto soddisfatto del servizio.

    BlackVPN is a great service, I just use the UK server to download from BBC and watch contents offline and it works perfect. I get a download speed of 180/200kbps every time. I sometimes use it to watch live streaming and it’s ok too, not choppy at all, just sometimes watching BBC it freezes for a sec every once in a while, but programs are definitely enjoyable. I mainly use it during the day so I can’t tell about the quality of service during peak hours. I’m very satisfied with the service.

  • Anonymous

    In Swedish:

    Jag har haft att göra med många olika VPN-leverantörer och detta är utan tvekan en av de bästa. Bra och enkel information. Bra hastighet och bra stabilitet på tjänsten. Finner faktiskt inget negativt alls om BlackVPN. Mycket nöjd!

  • Abelardo Villasana

    Black VPN funciona bien, despues de comprarlo es facil y rapido de instalar, en instantes te envian por correo electronico las instruciones y claves de instalacion, en general estoy conforme con el servicio lo recomendaria a otros para usarlo. Tal vez seria bueno que tuvieran una opcion de prueba gratis por 1 mes o menos para que la gente pruebe los beneficios de usarlo antes de comprarlo.

  • Matreze

    I use BlackVPN to connect to the states from here in Ireland. I get around 2MB speed on my 5MB connection, which is plently for standard definition HULU and Netflix. The service has been flawless, my only slight criticism is that you can only connect one PC at a time, but this is a limitation of VPN’s not just Black VPN.

    Then there is also the price… it is very affordable for the service you get. Well recommended.

  • Julie

    Very dedicated team and awesome service. The price is very low and the servers are reliable. I really recommend it !

  • Blindekuh

    Ich nutze blackvpn seit ungefähr einem Monat und bin sehr zufrieden. Die Verbindung arbeitet absolut einwandfrei, ich stelle keine Beeinträchtigungen der Geschwindigkeit fest und alles funktioniert so, wie es soll. Bislang habe ich also keinen Grund zur Beanstandung und kann den Service rundherum empfehlen. Freunde, an die ich blackvpn empfohlen habe sind – soweit ich dies mitbekommen habe – ebenfalls zufrieden. Also: weiter so!

  • Russell Clark

    I use Blackvpn from Sweden to access BBC programs – it’s an excellent service. It was easy to install, easy to switch on and off, and I’ve not required any technical support whatsoever.

    Blackvpn is excellent, and I’d highly recommend it.

  • Vincent Healy

    Signed up for the global package at the end of December and am very happy with it. I use it to watch BBC iPlayer, 4 on Demand and ITV Player from Ireland.

    I have also watch Hulu from the US and have watched some American football (College) games which are stream free on the US networks.

    The download speed from Black VPN is slower than my regular internet speed but this has not affected my viewing of online TV.

  • Manly

    Download speed is a little slower than normal but is more than sufficent to watch to watch tv from any part of the world. Great service,easy to install & use.

  • johann399


    I have found blackvpn to be a reliable service.

    In the past the speeds were slower than you would expect, but recent upgrades have improved the speeds.

    Overall, I would say that I am pleased by the service and will be a return customer.

  • Nick

    I use Black VPN to watch programmes on the BBC iPlayer (I live outside the UK). I’ve been using the service for over a year so I guess that speaks for itself. I’ve never had any trouble with the service and have recommended it to others as well.

  • Kal Pekoff

    I’ve been Black VPN subscriber for almost a month and I have to say It’s a great service and recommend it strongly. Haven’t had issues with downtime yet nor slow connection. The speed is really good.

  • Davidymildred

    Black Vpn es una excelente herramienta para navegar de forma segura la Web. Es facil de configurar y te day la oportunidad de disfrutar servicios quien no estan disponibles fuera de US.

  • Sesh

    I’ve been using blackVPN since they first went beta 2 years ago mainly to watch British TV via BBC iPlayer and it hasn’t let me down yet. Speeds are fine except when trying to stream BBC HD content.
    All in all for as little as €5 a month you get great value for money.

  • Dennis

    Ich benutze blackVPN nun seit ca. 6 Wochen und bin sehr zufrieden. Der Verbindungsaufbau klappt schnell und unproblematisch. Das einzige, was besser sein könnte, ist die Geschwindigkeit. Im Durchschnitt habe ich eine Geschwindigkeit von DSL1000, das ist verbesserungswürdig. Aber ich werde es definitiv weiter nutzen.

  • Jürgen

    Ich benutz blackVPN seit einem Monat, bin ganz zufrieden. Leider ist bei mir die geschwindigkeit bei ner 16k leitung sehr gering, aber vieleicht kennt ja jemand noch ein paar einstellungen um die geschwindigkeit zu erhöhen.

  • jp

    blackVPN it’s one of the best things ever! now my american wife can finally watch her favourite shows online from spain (where we live). Thanks blackVPN!

  • Cisc800

    I use Black.Vpn and I think it’s amazing and I feel safe when I use, I live in Colombia and I can use netflix to see my favorite movies. only I dont understand why when use it the internet connection is lower than I expect. Let me know how to improve!!!

  • Kenouchky

    Bonjour, je vis en France et j’utilise Blackvpn depuis bientôt un mois et je suis très satisfaite. J’ai essayé d’autres vpn et rapport qualité-prix Blackvpn est mon préféré. Les vitesses de downloads et d’uploads sont bonnes et ma connection internet est sécurisée. Merci

  • Rainer

    Ich benutze BlackVPN (NL-VPN) nun seit ungefähr 3 Wochen und bin sehr zufrieden mit dem Service. Der Server ist nur minimal langsamer als die vergleichbare, unverschlüsselte Netz-Verbindung und erlaubt mir sicheren Zugang zu meinen Email und Social Network Anwendungen wie GMX, Skype oder Twitter und macht auch mein Homebanking abhörsicher. Ich benutze BlackVPN hauptsächlich auf meinen Reisen bei der Nutzung öffentlicher WLAN-Hotspots. Thank you for feeling better and more secure away from Home!

  • zedmac

    Seit 3 Monaten nutze ich BlackVPN und bin sehr zufrieden. Die Geschwindigkeit und das Preis/Leistungs-Verhältnis passen. Ich kann es nur empfehlen

  • Ekimzed

    I´m very happy with BlacKVPN 100% recomedable, it´s fast and safe!! I´m from Spain and i don´t have any problem!!! Nice service!! Thanks!!!

  • Tom

    ich nutze BlackVPN UK-VPN mit nur einer unwesentlich langsameren Geschwindigkeit.
    Kann zb.YouTube ohne Landes restriktionen benutzen UK Tv anschauen usw.
    Für diesen Preis und der Leistung wirklich großartig!

    Leider bekomme ich es mit Android(custom rom) nicht zum laufen?!mit dem iPhone war es kein Problem.

  • Robert Strom

    Jag använder BlackVPN för att kunna streama engelska serier. Fungerar utmärkt!

  • Oliver

    Syntes at BlackVPN fungerer fint, men kan sommetider have problemer med at finde serveren. Thumps up her fra.

  • Franck 44

    blackvpn est vraiment très, connexion stable débit très bien sur vpn nl et pas trop cher pour le service rendu. Je le recommande

  • Niklas

    Ich nutze BlackVPN seit drei Monaten und bin sehr zufrieden. Ich kann keine Beeinträchtigung in der Geschwindigkeit feststellen und finde den Preis ausgesprochen fair. Ich kann den Service jedem empfehlen, der seine Vorteile zu schätzen weiß.

  • Gusse

    Ich benutze BlackVPN jetzt seit knapp einem Monat und muss sagen, dass ich ziemlich zufrieden bin. Die Verbindungsgeschwindigkeit reicht meist aus, um in mittlerer-guter Qualität Video zu streamen. Surfen und Musikstreaming funktioniert tadellos. Fällt die Verbindungsgeschwindigkeit lässt sich das oft durch einen Re-connect korrigieren.

  • Stev0

    Using it for a month now and have nothing to complain. The tool works trouble-free and is so easy to handle. Support is superfast and effective as well. Keep at it!

  • Emmeg

    Great service. Simple to use. No problems. Woul 100% recommend.

  • Melquiades

    I have bought blackvpn to use netflix in my ipad or iphone (in Spain) but it doesnt work. I can connect to vpn but netflix says that i am outside of the USA.

  • Stevomcsweeney

    Instant set up, very cheap. works 24/7. What more could you want?

  • Darrdon

    Have the US VPN, works without any problems. Great value too!

  • Pampayolo

    J’utilise BlackVPN NL. Bon, les debits sont corrects sans plus (merci orange) le paramétrage est simple et aucune deco à signaler. Dans l’ensemble, satisfait.

  • Talshiar23

    BlackVPN is my first attempt at using VPN services for BitTorrent. I would recommend them to friends and family for the good service they provide. The registration, account information and initial setup was painless and took less than 15mins to complete. The network speed could certainly be improved (tends to run slow during peak hours), but is sufficient to download BitTorrents. The cost is more than reasonable compared to competitors. Overall, I am pleased with the service! Nice work!

  • Happy with BlackVPN

    I like BlackVPN and have had very positive experiences with their service and support.

  • Am

    I’ve been using the blackVPN NL service and am extremely happy with results! My ISP is no longer able to automatically throttle my speed based on what sites or programs I’m using. The price is very reasonable too!

  • Deruki Sanders

    Hi all, I use blackVPN for the US Netflix service from Europe and it works quite good. In particular, the last couple of days bandwidth has increased to get the streaming content. I often use this vpn service at internet cafes to have a secure connection. Only at one place it did not work. However, I’m fine with it generally.

  • Laurent Vpn

    Tres satisfait même si je n’ai pas continué avec eux.
    J’ai été très satisfait du débit, puis en explorant les possibilités j’ai du arrêter l’abonnement car ils ne fournissent pas de port entrant (Remote Port Forwarding).
    J’aivais réglé par paypal et des que j’ai demandé le remboursement je l’ai eu !!
    Ils sont top la dessus.
    Thank you Mr Blue.

  • Chris

    Ich nutze BlackVPN jetzt seit knapp 1Monat und bin ziemlich zufrieden. Die Geschwindigkeit meiner 25M Leitung reduziert sich zwar schon merklich, aber alles im Rahmen.
    Einen Kritikpunkt habe ich aber: Ich hatte Probleme bei der Einrichtung und habe eine Ausführliche Mail an den Support geschickt, jedoch nie eine Antwort erhalten. Zum Glück konnte ich das Problem selbst lösen!
    Ingesamt aber ein guter Anbieter!

  • Jub

    for BlackVPN: 2 months FREE using this code: DUHZXGG


  • Anonymous


    j’ai eu quelques problèmes au début pour télécharger blackvpn mais j’ai été aussitôt aidé par le support d’aide de blackvpn. Une fois connecté et utilisant le vpn pendant quelques jours, j’ai eu la surprise de voir ma connection s’interrompre. Là encore le problème provoqué par PAYPAL a été solutionné en partie grâce au support de blackvpn. Chaque réponse généré par un ticket est quasi immédiate et
    aappropriée. Bien évidemment il faut écrire en Anglais.

  • Rodrigo_hurtado

    This VPN really works, they help me out all the wat from the begining, after I had some technicals problems, they helped me out by solving them. I recommend this VPN Service

  • Roberto

    This VPN works fine, It has a very competitive price and its quality is not bad (1Mbit connection bandwidth). You can see Hulu shows at 480p. Only I saw any problems on spots/advertisements because they aren’t buffered, but shows are seen correctly.

  • Marina

    Realmente una gran servicio. Barato, fácil de configurar, y funciona de maravilla. Tiene algunos días malos, en los que va más lento, pero merece muchísimo la pena.

  • Luis

    Yo (españa) compre el servicio por 3 meses porque despues de leer los comentarios pense que iba a funcionar al 100. Lo compre para usar Netflix y Pandora, pero nimguno de lis dos me funcionan. El VPN con la configuracion, se conecta pero Pandora y Netflix no me dejan conectar porque reconocen que en mi
    Pais no pueden dar servicio. Por lo tanto he pagado para nada. He escrito varios emails a blackvpn y solo se limitan a decirme que compruebe mi configuracion. lo siento, pero esta es mi experiencia con el Blackvpn. Ah, tampoco funciona con Movistar bajo 3G. Gracias y que os sirva a los que dudeis.

  • Andrés

    A mí me ha funcionado siempre bien. Lo pillé por tres meses para utilizar con netflix y con Hulux y la verdad es que si lo configuras mediante protocolo PPTP, funciona sin problemas de velocidad.
    No he tenido ninguna queja. Una vez la tuve al principio porque no me funcionaba con suficiente velocidad mediante protocolo openVPN y me dijeron de devolverme el dinero…

    Muy bien desde mi experiencia

  • Albert Amg

    The speed is widely variable and sometimes I can not establish the connection at all.

  • Luis Gonzalez

    Yo compre este servicio por 3 meses porque no dudaba de su funcionamiento. Lo queria para usar en España con el iphone e ipad y poder conectarme a una cuenta de Netflix y de pandora. Al final puedo decir que tanto netflix como pandora reconocen que no estoy en USA, por lo tanto no me sirve. Pero tampoco me sirve con el 3G de Movistr porque al parecer tampoco es compatible. Total, he pagado 3 meses para nada. Saludos

  • b7064202

    Ich benütze Blackvpn seit ca 1 Monat mit meiner Boxee Box. Es kommt das pptp Protokoll zum Einsatz. Für Netflix funktioniert es wirklich gut mit meiner 25 Mbit Leitung. Aber VUDU mit einer 1080p Qualität ist nicht möglich zu streamen. Vor ein paar Tagen war der US Server down und ich schrieb dem Support von blackvpn. Diese antworteten innerhalb 24 Stunden und erklärten mir dass der Server bald wieder up and running ist. ca 2 Stunden nach Erhalt des Mails ging alles wieder so wie ich es gerne habe. Blackvpn ist günstig und sicher. 2 Daumen hoch für diesen vpn-Dienst.

  • Ode

    I am a worldwide citizen who care about my freedom. And blackvpn is exactly what I want ! Sans rire (parce que je suis française, quand même) : non seulement c’est un vpn qui marche très bien et que j’ai testé plusieurs fois, mais en plus il y a, comment dire, une petite philosophie derrière qui me plaît. C’est clair, net et sans bavure.

  • Bast

    I’m really satisfied by the services provided by Black VPN, I live in France and i use the Netherland Server, the connexion is very fast (1 MB/s all the time :-) and there is no deconnection. Moreover, the price is very good ! :-) I recommend Black VPN to all people who need a good and not expensive VPN service.

  • Netticam

    This is a great service that allows me to use Spotify when I’m not in the UK or Netflix and Hulu when I’m not in the US. I wish there was a Swedish option.

    I have not experienced any disconnections or disruption in service. Speed is only very slightly affected.

    I have experienced a minor bug. When the computer sleeps (Mac OS) and the VPN is connected, it seems to mess with my Airport’s ability to figure out whether it is connected or not to the wireless upon waking. The easy solution is to remember to disconnect the VPN when not in use.

    I find this is a GREAT service for the price and recommend it for anyone who is not familiar with the use of VPN services, because of the fairly straightforward way it installs and operates.

  • Breeven

    De voornaamste reden dat ik BlackVPN gebruik is wanneer ik reis en in hotels publieke hotspots moet gebruiken. Ik had mijn eigen modem ingesteld om een vpn verbinding te accepteren, maar sinds ik BlackVPN heb, heb ik dat weer snel gedeactiveerd. BlackVPN doet het altijd (maar niet feilloos omdat je gemiddeld eens per 2 uur moet her-verbinden) en is meer dan snel genoeg voor surfen en mailen met een iPad.

    Mijn zwager heeft ook BlackVPN genomen en die kijkt vanuit Europa naar Amerikaanse tv-shows dus daarvoor zal het ook wel snel genoeg zijn. Ik heb daar zelf geen ervaringen mee.

  • cglaeser

    Regrettably, i am not as lucky as others seem to be. PPTP is awfully slow. Netflix does not work from abroad and my request to customer service has not been answered by a Computer or at least nobody cared about reading.

  • Eoin

    I am using BlackVPN to overcome the Great Firewall of China. So far, all is working well. Connection is simple and quick, no problems to report. General browsing is reasonably fast. From most locations (including my home connection) I can use PPTP but on some wireless networks away from home this does not work and I need to use OpenVPN.

    I am using the UK service in order to watch TV from home. My only gripe is that this can sometimes be slow to load, and at peak internet usage times here in China, it can be unwatchable. I’m assuming, however, that this has more to do with my internet connection here than it does with the VPN service.

    On a couple of occasions (and I mean literally twice in two weeks) I have been unable to connect to the service, but this problem has lasted no more than 5 minutes, after which all was well again.

    The point most strongly in BlackVPN’s favour is the extremely good value it offers. If you have a code from a friend who’s already subscribed to the service, it’s possible to get three months’ usage for €5 (1 month subscription + 2 months free). Furthermore, if someone uses your code, you get a fourth month free. This is a very generous offer, and there are no catches or small print about availing of two offers at once.

  • Taylor Zhao

    It’s pretty cool. Sometimes the server cannot be accessed. But it works well most of the itme.

  • Anonymous

    Ich nutzte black VPN für meine heißgeliebten englischen Serien. Bei der Installation hat mir ein Kollege geholfen und seitdem funktioniert es problemlos. In drei Monaten habe ich nur einmal eine Fehlermeldung bekommen, dass der service nicht verfügbar ist.

  • Anonymous

    Ein Kollege hat mir bei der Installation geholfen, damit ich meine geliebten Englischen Serien gucken kann. In den drei Monaten hatte ich nur einmal eine Fehlermeldung, dass ein Verbinden nicht möglich war. Fazit: sehr empfehlenswert

  • Anonymous

    I use it for a month now and i really like it. Most of the time the speed is good, sometimes a little but slow. But enough to do everything i need. It’s some of the best vpn solutions i use for this price.

  • Anonymous

    BlackVPN is one of the very few providers which offer OpenVPN support. This is much better than the PPTP protocol, as my VPN client will automatically reconnect if my connection drops for any reason. Speeds are variable, but the service is very reliable. I recommend BlackVPN to anyone needing a VPN service.

  • Postmymailno

    I use BlackVPN USA account from Europe and have mixed experience – it works good to listen to radio on Last.FM, but is sometimes laggy on Hulu. Also, their support team is quite nice – initially i accidentally got NL account instead of US and asked them to switch to US account, they did the switch seamlessly for me. So, overally, speed could be a bit better but the price/service is good.

  • Vonmetzen

    Well done blackvpn,

    Everything is pretty quick and the setup is very simple.

    Thanks for his great service and price.

  • Goa_matrix

    I really like blackvp. I usually run linux and went with them for the openvpn option using NL server. The connection was very reliable. Easy connect and stable. My only gripe was that on my xp machine the openvpn gui provided didn’t allow for saving username and passwd. After having to enter the user and pw several times I found a gui that was compiled allowing pw save, so connecting became as easy as it was on my linux machine. I am very pleased with the service.

  • Anonymous

    I have signed for a VPN account with BlackVPN. The process was fast and easy and I was able to log on their server instantly.
    When I has a technical question I got an instant response form customer service within 24h.
    Based on the price value it is the best choices I have tested.

  • Olivier P

    I’m using BlackVpn since one month now and I must that I’m fully satisfied. Great service, easy to install (i’m using it in open Vpn). I recommand Black Vpn to all peaple that are looking for a fast and easy Vpn. May it continue !

  • Schorsch

    vey much to recommend, although the service does not always seems to be available, but this could also be cause by my I pad. In essence great tool and descent transmitting rate at a very good price

  • Consti

    Ich kaufte mir den Service für einen Monat zum testen (Und bekam dank Code 3 Monate) und bin damit zufrieden. Immer wenn ich den Service brauchte funktionierte er wunderbar und auch schnell. Ich kann nichts zur allgemeinen Verfügbarkeit sagen, da ich ihn nicht sehr Oft nutze, jedoch hatte ich keine Probleme. (Nutze BlackVPN meist nur wenn ich unterwegs war und in offenen WLANs surfte, um meine Daten nicht im Klartext durch offene WLANs zu schicken.) Vorallem unterwegs ist es gut, dass man den Service auch auf dem iPhone einrichten kann.

    Ich nutze den EU-Server und bemerkte, dass einige in Deutschland gesperrte Youtubevideos mit dem VPN liefen.
    Auch mit der Geschwindigkeit hatte ich keine Problem.

    Für den Preis von 5€ im Monat, kann man den Service einfach mal für einen Monat testen!

  • Cathal_cole

    Have been using Black VPN for the past 3 months and find it great. Would highly recommend it! Very happy with the service and prices are great.

  • Toofingas

    I have been using Black VPN for 6+ months and find the price to service ratio to be second to none.
    You can find faster services but will pay far more and as far as service reliablility BlackVPN has always worked when I needed it. I would highly recommend this service to anyone.

  • Chemicalistic

    I’ve been using BlackVPN for more than a year now, and the experience has been very good. It’s easy to use, simple and good value. Whenever I had issues, they were very timely and honest in their support and I really appreciate that.
    I would recommend it to many people (and already have) and will definitely be renewing again and again.

  • Andrés Pinilla

    Funciona perfecto con mi MacBook Pro, iPhone 4 y iPad. Recomendado 100%. Lo único malo es que la velocidad cuando se está conectado a VPN baja un poco…

  • Adam Mercer

    I started using BlackVPN on the recommendation of a friend, I do a lot of international travel and as such get hit by a lot of problems due to geo-location. The last case was me not being able to modify a scheduled PayPal payment as I wasn’t visiting the site from a US IP address, BlackVPN now solves this problem for me. Not to mention some of the wireless networks in hotels and airports can be a little shady, BlackVPN again solves this problem. Granted I have had problems with not being able to connect to certain sites, connections dropping out etc… but after reporting these issues they have been fixed in a matter of hours. Overall I’m very impressed with the service they provide.

  • Panagiotis978

    i m using BlackVpn almost a year now and i m very happy with it. when i first start using blackvpn i have some internet speed problems using PPTP connection . After that im using OPENVPN and my speed problems are fixed. I m using a UK server to watch on BBC FORMULA 1 whitch i love and in my country shows only the race. I choose blackvpn because the cost is very small and it offers you that and all other.

  • Panagiotis978

    i m using BlackVpn almost a year now and i m very happy with it. when i first start using blackvpn i have some internet speed problems using PPTP connection . After that im using OPENVPN and my speed problems are fixed. I m using a UK server to watch on BBC FORMULA 1 whitch i love and in my country shows only the race. I choose blackvpn because the cost is very small and it offers you that and all other.

  • Edgar Gomez

    I started using BlackVPN a month ago. I got the service specially for Paypal, getting some TV from USA, and some purchases.

    I had to get a new firmware for my Wireless Router, and I was able of getting wireless connection with BlackVPN in all devices at home. The speed of connection is lesser than using the normal wireless router. I´d like the speed keep going the same than normal router.

    Anyway, BlackVPN has solved my problem.

  • rubgape

    I started using BlackVPN 3 weeks ago. I liked it very much, but i have a couple of comments to tell:

    – First, the PPTP usually doesn’t work, the servers go down too much often.
    – The OpenVPN connection could be faster.

  • SS

    My experience of BlackVPN is from some time ago but it seemed like a solid option for secure VPN connections. My connection speeds wasn’t that great compared to Relakks but the service seemed to work reliably which is a good thing.

  • Homerrocks

    I’ve been using BlackVPN for a few weeks now and it works as advertised so far. I mainly use it with Hulu, since I live outside the US. The connection is pretty fast most of the time – so I can watch my shows in HD. Before that I was using free HotspotShield which worked ok, but the ads bugged me and Speed was not always that great. So thanks BlackVPN for providing a fast yet inexpensive service.

  • Andes Simbolon

    Saya tinggal di Eropa dan menggunakan jasa BlackVPN sejak bulan lalu untuk mengakses situs di Amerika. Walaupun tinggal di Eropa, ternyata akses internetnya tidak sama dengan Amerika punya. Saya rekomendasikan BlackVpn dengan pelayanan yang cepat via email dan nyaris instant akses.

  • oscrp

    Soy usuario de BlackVPN desde hace aproximadamente un mes. Mi experiencia con este proveedor no es ni buena ni mala: me explico. Por una parte, la velocidad es terriblemente baja, rara vez llegue a mas de 5 megas en los servidores de UK pero por otra parte, pagas 5€ cada 3 meses yo creo que no te puedes quejar sobre eso. Los servidores funcionan y tal, y lo que es mas importante, para lo que lo uso (iplayer) va de perlas (no HD obviamente) por lo que no puedo estar mas contento. En resumen: Calidad / Precio, sin duda lo mejor.

    Un saludo!

  • Norbert

    I love Black VPN. I used to live in the US and was watching Hulu and Netflix. Since I am not living in the US anymore I was looking for a service with which I can still watch it. For a long time I was using Hotspotshield since it is free, but every now and then the IP address did not work and the adds got really annoying especially since I am mainly using a netbook with a small screen. With Black VPN I have never had a problem and the speed is great for using these services.


  • Norozcocastro

    He usado BlackVPN por alrededor de un mes, aunque lo he usado poco. Para las cosas que lo uso me ha resultado bueno (Netflix, HULU, Pandora en Iphone). En algunas ocasiones el tráfico es un poco lento y se corta la comunicación.

  • Frederikwest

    BlackVPN er glimrende. Har haft det i tre måneder nu, og det har levet helt op til mine forventninger. Kan klart anbefales.

  • Otilia om3japan

    I have been using Black VPN for one month and until now I had no problem. I started using it because after living in New York, I wanted to keep on using Netflix and Pandora when back to Europe, so I have been using it since March and the connection works quite good, it is fast. One of the best things, honestly, about this is that it is quite easy to install, even if you have no idea of how does it works!! The only problem to comment is that sometimes the speed in my computer is slow while using VPN and Pandora while I am working. But I would recommend it (I already did it).
    He usado Black VPN desde hace un mes y hasta ahora no he tenido problemas. Comencé a usarlo después de volver de Nueva York porque quería seguir usando Netflix y Pandora a mi regreso a Europa, así que lo he usado desde finales de marzo y la conexión funciona bastante bien, es rápida. Una de las mejores cosas, sinceramente, es que es muy fácil de instalar, incluso si no tienes ni idea de cómo funciona. El único problema que veo es que a veces la velocidad baja si uso VPN-Pandora mientras trabajo. Pero yo recomendaría Black VPN (de hecho, ya lo hice).

  • StarSheriffs

    I have been using Black VPN for a few weeks now, mainly to access the BBC iPlayer from outside the UK.
    It works well. The VPN connection is fast enough to stream recorded and live content with good quality.

  • Dave Horton

    blackVPN provides a trouble free VPN experience. I use TunnelBlick on my iMac to connect to their NL servers. This gives me the capability to switch to a VPN connection quickly when I need it. The connection is fast enough for most of the time. On occasions I have to drop and reconnect to get maximum speed but these are few and far between.

  • justme

    i have used blackvpn us from germany with mac, ipad and iphone with no problems and enough speed to stream video. highly recomendet.

  • Anonymous

    Ich nutze BlackVPN jetzt seit ca. 3 Wochen. Ich habe das “Große” Paket mit 3 Server (1xUSA, 1xUK, 1xNL). Die Erreichbarkeit ist sehr gut. Die Geschwindigkeit ist mind. gut. Wenn man Hulu schaut kann es schonmal zu sehr kurzen Aussetzern kommen, die UK-Server sind ausreichend schnell um BBC iPlayer in HD zu sehen. Der Server in den Niederlanden ist tendenziell der Schnellste der Server mit ca. 40 MBit/sec. Ich kann den Dienst nur empfehlen.

    I highly recommend this service, it is fast, cheap and reliable.

  • Anonymous

    I’m using BlackVPN since about 3 weeks now. I can use one Server in the US, one in UK and one in the netherlands. This service costs me 10$ a month. I can use Hulu and BBC iPlayer. The connection is fast, but it differs depending on the Server location. The NL-Server is the fastest (about 40-50MBit/sec.). The UK-Server is also very fast (about 20-30MBit/sec.) which enables me to watch the iPlayer-Content in HD. The US-Server is the slowest and sometimes it may happens that Hulu has to stop a Clip to refill the Buffer. It wont take long then to start the Clip again, so it doesn’t matter a lot. Also this doesn’t happen too often. If the Server isn’t well loaded you can expect about 30MBit/sec. If there is a lot of traffic it is about 4-10MBit/sec.

    So BlackVPN offers a affordable VPN Service which is fast and reliable. I recommend this service.
    Thanks a lot!

  • ZVa jP9k j 9G

    Har brugt BlackVPN i omkring en måned nu, og jeg er ovenud tilfreds. Kan klart anbefales.

  • Hans V. Dampf

    I’m using BlackVPN since a few weeks. It works flawlessly. Installation was very easy.
    I’ve had slow connections to Netflix – however, I’m not sure where the bottleneck was – BlackVPN or Netflix.
    But overall, Netflix movie watching works quite well!

  • Mary Parnham

    After trying other providers or TV programmes Black VPN for over 6 months now and not living in the UK find it the best and most reliable way of viewing my UK TV programmes without buffering or advert interuptions. Advice and back up servie very good for a non computer literate woman. Monthly subscription very well spent.

  • Manuel

    Good service, worked most of the time.

    Had some problems with my ipad last time i tried but that was before they had special ipad servers..

  • Kieran Durcan

    I signed up for BlackVPN because of a great deal I saw on (and a need to watch Doctor Who). No word of a lie, the UK server they provide is absolutely superb, I’ve never stalled while watching iPlayer or never had to buffer while using the US server to watch Hulu. The only minor complaint I have is the lack of changing your password on the VPN, making it harder to remember the password assigned to you. Otherwise a great service!

  • ingo

    bought this service as a global package …. got to admit im very disapointed .. i love to watch uk tv and all ive got so far is insufficient bandwith on more or less everything i try to see (got to say ive got a download normally of 30Mbit) the global pack also gives u the chance to download p2p … given up on this cause for some reason it blocks the website i use to find what i want and utorrent doesnt work when connected … all in all they really have gone down to the way it was when i had it the last time … 1 out of 10 from me and i dont even want the free month from them for writting this comment !!!!

  • manolito90

    I think it is really great!! I’m in spain and it works perfect!! I can see movies form Netflix with it!! cool

  • Gritzens

    I have used Black VPN for several months (us service) and it was very reliable und easy to use from my mac, ipad and iphone. Bandeith was definetly good enough for streaming video. i thonk it is a great and very reasonably priced service, i recommend it.

  • chickkedy

    Have tried a couple of other services and BlackVPN is the one I stayed with – I am a customer for over a year now. The choice of servers is great (7 different countries and counting), bandwidth has been good for me (although I only have a 2Mb line). All in all, barring anything else popping up, it is the service that gives me everything I need in a VPN, and is therefore the one I will continue with.

  • neilrfcno1

    An excellent service, hassle free set-up following the user guides provided make it simple to use whether on my laptop or Ipad.  Not experienced any problems whatsoever when watching streaming video via the BlackVPN servers.  For the price, you really can’t have any complaints!

  • Oreillyden

    I’ve been a user of BLACKVPN for over 2 years. I’m based in Ireland and use the UK package – allowing me to watch all BBC TV programmes – a great addition to my tv viewing – especially when I miss an episode of something. 

  • imc23

    Have been using their service for over a month now and I am delighted to be able to watch BBC content as well as have the freedom to tap into the US market. It has definitely improved my viewing experience. Greatly enjoy what subscribing to BlackVPN allows me to do, easily and at a reasonable cost.

  • ag0os

    Hello there,
    I live in Argentina and been using BlackVPN US and UK package for almost a month now and i have to say that it works pretty well. I’m using it speacially to watch hetflix movies that do not appear on the local website, so I’m happy. I will certainly renew my membership.

  • Nick M

    I’m a long time user of BlackVPN and am happy with the service. I live abroad and use the UK package so I can watch content on the BBC’s iPlayer. I’ve found it to be reliable and good value. 

  • FedeM

    I am new to this VPN service, but from What I’ve experimented so far (just close to one month to use it) I really recommend this service.  I beleive that it has to be plain simple and with soon response to requirements.  I will renew my contract for one year, and feel confident that I can trust them.  I have configured all my home network to use this system and it works perfectly.

  • Mong

    Excellent service, cannot fault it…
    Does what it says on the tin…10/10

  • Rdyvgkla

    Customer service is fast and nice, and connection to the server is pretty fast. Ping is also low. BlackVPN is much cheaper with voucher code than other VPNs out there.

  • Sam

    BlackVPN provides fast and stable connections. Even fast enough for streaming services like Netflix. I’m happy with it :-)

  • Sid

    It has been great , but tonight it has been off all night ….not good if you need it.

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