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BlackVPN – VPN consumer review – 10381
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In 2010-10-20 17:51:50

I have used Black vpn for a few weeks now. I was referred by a relative, who had positive things to say about the service. Using his referral code I got three months for the price of one - a great deal! Currently, I have the global package with UK, US and EU servers. To be fair, I think each server should be judged individually: UK: reliable and more importanly, fast (speedtest showed 20 Mbit down and 10 up (vs. 30 up and 15 down standard). This is more than enough to watch BBC iPlayer and SkyPlayer live tv. Prior to using BlackVPN I used smallVPN (UK only) and I must say that BlackVPN is better and cheaper. US: have had no need for it thus far, but a speedtest done showed similar results to the UK server. So, speed should not be an issue, but I cannot comment either way on reliability. EU (torrent): this is where BlackVPN slips up a little. Again, a speedtest was performed and the results were disappointing - only 2 Mbit down amd (surprisingly) 5Mbit up. compared to my standard speeds, I cannot justify using this connection for torrent downloading. If slow speeds are the price you are willing to pay for anonymity, then by all means this is the service for you. Until the speeds on the EU server can match those of the UK/US servers I personally will stay away. Security: cannot comment as I haven´t looked into this matter. It isn´t of great concern if just using it for watching UK/US TV. Support: I had some small issues when signing up to BlackVPN, but they were addressed promptly and to my satisfaction. Overall, I would highly recommend BlackVPN as a service for watching UK/US tv and will continue to use the service after my initial three-month period expires. However, I will not use the global package until the EU server speed is improved in line with the UK/US servers.