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In 2010-09-27 16:00:19

Well, ive used this provider for 1 year now, and it's been working perfectly, Speed: Well, my max is 1.7MB/s and i get 1.3 MB/s so i guess it's the encryption what slows the speed down.. (2048-bit encryption is VERY strong) so im not suprised about the speed loss. (2048-bit encryption should only lower about 100 KB/s, so i give it 4/5) Security: Well, you get some kind of dedicated ip, however i dont think it matters as long the the blackvpn keeps ur info inside thier machine. (they claims that they wont log anything, but i dont think so, since there has be some logs for some time. eg: disk cache and connections. and ur login details since they are available to retrive your lost account. my rate: 5/5 100% trustworthy people for now. Support: 3 Out of 4 tickets, ive got an answer inside 6-24 hours. However the answer is not very long, but it should do the job to make things clear for you. 4/5 Price: The price is only 3 months for 5 euros (if you have the special code when u oder. the code can be used for unlimited times and u find tons of them on the net.) but, without the code (if ure too lazy to google it) it's 15 euros per 3 months. or 5 euros per month.. (this price Applies only on NL/EU Server.) (USA and UK server's has their own prices and YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO USE BITTORRENT ON THEM! IF YOU STILL USE IT ON UK OR USA SERVER, THEY WILL FOWARD THE LAWSUIT NOTICE TO YOU AND GIVE UR DETAILS FOWARD! So if you have to, only use illegal downloads and other illegal things on EU/NL server since it's the only one that allows Piracy downloads without lawsuit fowarding. So basically they wont foward any recieved lawsuit if you use NL/EU server.) Yeah, and sorry for this overkill explanation, there are just alot of dumb people. I hope this leaves no quesiton about the lawsuits and other crap. (NL/EU Server is a Bittorrent server and server for net surfing and for other common usage) And yes, NL/EU server has openvpn and PPTP and the price is very litle compared to other Openvpn providers. However i would always use OpenVPN before PPTP since it wont disconnect. ive used it for 1 year, and ive once lost connection to the server for 5 mins but NEVER DISCONNECTED. so basically when u lose connection with openvpn client, u wont disconnect and ur real ip wont leak, instead of disconnect and ip leak, the client shuts down ur all internet connections untill the secure connection to the NL/EU or UK or USA server is available once again, so its SAFE AS HELL!