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BlackVPN review – 378
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Mohamad Fadli
In 2010-09-22 07:02:26

I tried other VPN services before trying BlackVPN. I can say that BlackVPN is one of the better VPN provider because they provide both PPTP and OpenVPN at a fair amount of price. The main reason for me to use a VPN is because I watch a lot of restricted video sites like Hulu. Most of the time, the video streaming goes well, but at a certain time, I need to pause the video (480p) and let it buffer. So far, I got no speed problems using BlackVPN to surf. As for security and privacy, I'm not really sure how to test it but for what I know, my real IP address doesn't show up at every IP address checker sites that I've visited. Instead, they'll show the VPN server's IP address. Another plus point of BlackVPN is that they offer you one month of free VPN service if someone sign up under your referral. Not only that, but the person who has just sign up will get two months of free VPN service. Overall, I love BlackVPN (no reason to hate them) and will continue using their service. My referral code: JQSFERK