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BlackVPN review – 127
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In 2010-07-30 16:41:58

I tried a couple of different other VPNs before blackVPN finally became the VPN of my choice. While most VPN service provider offer pretty much the same features for - sometimes higher - sometime lower prices, blackVPN has the best value for me. Speed: First of all, connections are fast! Compared to my regular DSL-line at home, I don't even notice a difference while browsing. Reliability: I've been a customer since 3 months and I never had any problems with connectivity. Servers are up and running 24/7. Connectivity: with blackVPN I am able to connect to every US websites from Europe. Great! Finally the most important feature for me is the support for iPad / iPhone. There is an excellent tutorial on their website which gives you every information you need. Setting up my VPN connection was just a matter of minutes. I can recommended blackVPN to everyone who is looking for a cheap and reliable VPN service provider. Especially if you have an iPad / iPhone.