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Astrill – VPN consumer review – 13055
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In 2011-03-15 12:05:00

Complete and utter rouge outfit who bait people into trying their service and do not deliver on promises, don't trust them. I signed up to Astrill for a trial via another website which gave me a 40% discount from any of the packages available. When I logged into the member section after deciding to go with them I discovered the bill was for the whole amount with out any discount. I contacted them via live chat and was told that the discount only applies when signing up, not once you are a member. I can only assume they did not quite mean how that was worded. I explained that I had sen the 40% discount on their pricing page and it was only after looking later at the final bill that I realised it was not there and that if I go to the pricing page now it still shows as offering 40% off. They were not interested, basically telling me in so many words tough!!! They offered me 20% and tried to make me feel like I should be thankful, yeah right. Dangle a big juicy carrot in my face then when I go to eat it, pull the thing away, snap a little piece off and then try and make me feel like it is I who is wrong. Then to add insult to injury they decided rather than continue discussing the matter they would block my email from their live chat so I could not contact them, I tried a few times and could not get logged on chat. Then I made up a name and email and hey presto it logged straight on. Tried a couple more and it worked, then tried my own name again and nothing. I logged back in as another user and asked what the hell they were playing at and was informed, yes, your email has been blocked Aside from all that the service was poor and only one of the protocols worked at all. When I spoke to tech support about it all they could do was ask me if I had reinstalled the software or reset everything. No real tech support at all, not like others I have spoken to elsewhere. They pretty much said and did anything to avoid the possibility there could be any problems with their servers or connection, it simply MUST be something on my end. Funny how I was connected via another VPN at that time and it worked perfectly. Bottom line, I gave my money to another provider. No 40% discount with this service but I don't care, it is the principle of the thing and the crappy way they dealt with the situation that I am bothered about. That basically told me exactly what kind of people they were and what kind of service I could expect for the duration of a contract with them. Backstreet rouge organisation who deserve to go out of business, don't sign with them.