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Location: Australia
Founded: 2009
Astrill User Reviews

Astrill is a professional fast and secure VPN that protectes your privacy on-line and makes you anonymous all the time while surfing on the net. With Astrill, you can feel safe every time you turn your PC on and you do not have to worry about your personal data being stolen by somebody else. Astrill makes your internet activity completely covered, not even your ISP will know what sites you have visited. Astrill comes out of the box with UK and USA IPs, which in combination with easy few-step installation and 24/7 support makes it one of the best VPN solutions in the market. Get your membership today!


08/09/2011: Astrill launched Astrill 2.5!
06/23/2011: Astrill released an updated Firefox add-on and launches new servers
10/25/2010: New Portugal and Ireland VPN servers
10/22/2010: New France/Clermont OpenVPN server
10/22/2010: New Germany/Frankfurt OpenVPN server

User reviews

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  • Michou

    Je l’utilise depuis 2 mois, c’est un produit, très facile d’utilisation, qui marche sur les appareils portables, et très rapide ici, en Chine. J’ai vu de mauvais commentaires sur Astrill, je ne sais pas comment ces personnes ont eu une mauvaise expérience sur Astrill, peut-être parce qu’il y a quelques jours, Astrill était en béta-test.
    De toute façon, je suis très content avec Astrill, recommandé.

  • Shoupa

    Je suis allé en en vacances à Shanghai cette année. C’était comme une prison : pas de Youtube, pas de Facebook, pas de twitter jusqu’à ce que je découvre Astrill. Simple, facile d’utilisation, et très rapide. J’étais capable de regarder Youtube et rester en contact avec mes amis Français sur Facebook ! Ma meilleure façon de dépenser 11$ (pour un mois d’abonnement). Merci de cet abonnement !

  • Cham

    Great and reliable service. They provide a much faster connection that previous VPN providers I’ve used. I would highly recommend this VPN provider.

  • Jack

    Quite good customer support, quick responses to queries. Fast Servers.

  • Abi

    Great connection, little downtime. Cheap with the 12 month offer. Works really well. Highly Recommended this VPN provider!

  • Eric

    I’m very pleased with the VPN service. While expensive for 1 month, it was definitively not for 12 months, and it has been quite reliable and fast.

  • Luffy

    I have had no problems what so ever. Pleased with the VPN service.

  • Chris

    Reliable and fast connections make this the VPN service to choose! Highly recommend!

  • Kev

    To date the service has worked perfectly. My connection and transfer speeds are now faster in some countries and websites that were blocked by country filters are now working perfectly.

  • Neil

    VPN is great, I have only had one instance where I found down time, and that was only for a short while. Data speeds are great!

  • Joey

    Fast and reliable connection with a good price. I recommend it to anyone who has difficulties to connect oversea.

  • Jim

    Its an excellent VPN service, speed is great and I am able to access all my sites without any issues.

  • Emma

    This is a great VPN service. I am able to stream American video sites/Pandora. Literally 100% my regular speed.

  • Lucas

    Astrill allows me to keep informed with secure and reliable access to the full breadth of the Internet, without which my world would restricted and infinitely smaller.

  • Ita

    Astrill is great, work perfectly with 100% speed, unblock all the blocked sites in China, incl. facebook, twitter and youtube. And it never make my msn relogin like other vpn services. Astrill is my lifesaver in China!!!

  • sonia

    Astrill is great it has a good VPN service and i like it, i told my friends about it and i recommend them to use Astrill coz it is now available in China.

  • Scarlet Marie

    When I first came to China, I was so sad that the government here blocked my most visited websites which are: Youtube, Tweeter and of course Facebook. I do not see the point of them having it blocked or banned but Im glad that there are available VPNs online.

    I never knew Astrill before until I came across it on Google. I checked the reviews, read the company profile and I am amazed of its accomplishments and achievements! At first, I thought the price was a bit costly so I tried another VPN (VPN China for USD 5.99 a month). This is a little cheaper but when it got installed I got so frustrated of so many things. First, I had to wait 24 hours to get activated. And second, the speed was too slow. It was as if I was using a remote access of someone else’s computer! On top of that, the upload time was extremely and deadly slow! I only used it for 2 hours and I gave up.

    I went and I downloaded the software and I bought a subscription. I said to myself, maybe this one will be a little faster because it’s a little more expensive. I was too amazed as to how fast and easy the installation was! It only took me 20 minutes to install and have everything connected! When I first used it, I immediately tried its upload speed and I must say, IT IS SO FAST! Very reliable indeed! Im so happy that I finally have Facebook and so far, I have never experienced intermittent connection through Astrill. I have a co-worker here in China and I recommended her to get Astrill and now she is also connected! This is the best VPN for me. Very reliable and most of all affordable (quality satisfaction).

  • fan2harry

    Let’s just say that Astrill save my social life everyday. God Bless Astrill !

  • Shirley

    I used to use a very popular VPN in China and switched to Astrill at the suggestion of a friend. I’m very glad I did. There’s a lot to like about Astrill:

    - easy sign up, download, and use
    - option to pay monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, or annually (gets more economical when you sign up for the longer terms)
    - you can download the program to multiple computers, although only sign in on one at a time (makes sense)
    - fast connection
    - easy to toggle on and off
    - no connection drops, no hiccups

    Overall a very reliable VPN. I’ve not had to contact support as there haven’t been any problems whatsoever.

  • Andy Wu

    Very fast!

  • Moos

    So, there I landed in Dalian China on April 11 for a 1 month stay. Things turned out differently and now I’ve been here for 7 months and I will stay for another 8. Yes, it was irritating that facebook, twitter and youtube are blocked here. But… even regular surfing is most of the time a drama. So I tried some VPN services and many just “gave up” after a while and let me feel like I was using a 512kb modem as I did 15 years ago. I was lucky enough to find Astrill and that made working online just like home. Oh well, almost like home. And yes, sometimes the service in China went bad anyway… but then there always was either someone online for immediate support or I got a response to my email from the other side of the world unexpectedly fast. As long as I am in China, Astrill is with me 24/7. Always have it on, even if I don’t have to be on blocked websites. It just feels safer to see that ’shining star in a circle’ on my task bar. Other good stuff… great pricing! If you are in China just go for Astrill… it’s almost like normal.

  • Ian Sutton

    Started out with Astrill 12 months ago when it was a beta release and was immediately impressed by its simplicity and ease of use. The fact it has no effect whatsoever on the speed and responsiveness of my browsing/downloading was the main reason i signed up to a greatly discounted 12-month offer (less than $30 at the time). What has impressed me since is how the service has just kept getting better and better with new and improved features being added on a regular basis without losing its inherent simplicity and ease of use. I will definitely be renewing my contract when it expires early 2011. Highly recommended!

  • Terry

    I’m a relatively new user to Astrill, but am already realizing what a great service this is. I had an installation problem at the beginning and upon emailing the support desk, I received a reply very quickly. The online support staff was able to help me solve my installation problems promptly.

    This is a great service and I would definitely recommend it to a friend!

  • Patrick Tung

    Astrill is a really good vpn. I didnt think that i would use it so often but it helped me a lot. I really like the simple interface and it got me on facebook eventhough China blocked it.

  • Ski

    One word: GREAT!…So simple to use, doesn’t require a lot of effort. I usually don’t write reviews, but astrill has helped A LOT! Too bad my account expires soon! LOL!

  • Anthony

    A lot of friends use Astrill in Ningbo China.I find it really reliable and the subscription fees are really interesting.I never had conexion problems , its fast , i know have access to Facebook , youtube and a lot more web sites that are blocked in China. It really helped my in my work because i really need to access social networks… Astrill VPN is just great !

  • Alex

    It is cool, awesome and fast!!! It is faster than any other VPN I used. I am very satisfied with this VPN service. Very reliable and steady!

  • MARILYN Deniega


  • Axel

    J’utilise Astrill depuis bientôt un an. Il s’agit du meilleur VPN que je n’ai jamais utilisé tant pour sa simplicité de connexion, d’exécution que pour sa vitesse.
    Il me permet de lire des vidéos en provenance de d’autres pays, de Grande-Bretagne, de France,de Hollande… Hier, je suis allé sur un site télé Australien visionner un documentaire qui m’intéressait. C’est cette fonctionnalité multiplateforme qui fait d’Astrill un VPN très complet. Changer de destination d’un seul clic. Une ouverture réelle sur le monde. Je vous le recommande sans aucune hésitation.

  • Carlo Bevilacqua

    Astrill ha risolto una piccola-grande crisi!
    MIa figlia è venuta con me in Cina per più di un mese…………….dopo una decina di giorni ha avuto una crisi acuta di Facebookite ,Le mancava troppo come tutti gli altri siti a cui era abituata e a cui non poteva accedere dalla Cina (inclusi Megavideo,Youtube e tutto il resto).
    Avevo sentito parlare da qualche amico di Astrill e siccome ho QQ (il più famoso messenger in Cina) nelle news ho trovato Astril e detto fatto l’ho subito acquistato,tutto è tornato a posto e la piccola-grande crisi è svanita in un momento.
    Grazie Astrill !

  • Joop

    Astrill are :
    - User friendly
    - Fast
    - Safe
    - Cheap
    - I LOVE IT

  • http://facebook,youtube Vivian Jw Lee

    Its awsome~ cool.. fast speed.. and u can surf the internet which blocked in China with no problem.. really amazing… strong recommend to everyone.. try it u wl know…

  • Richard Irons

    I’ve been using the Astrill VPN for nearly a year now and have never had one problem with it. I have also recommended Astrill to 2 friends who are both more than happy with it. It’s a fantastically fast VPN and totally reliable. I can get instant access to all my favourite sites and will definitely be renewing my contract when it expires. Thank you to Astrill for an excellent service.

  • Lauren Meyer

    When I first downloaded Astrill, I thought it was amazing and the internet connection speed I had was so fast and efficient. As time went on, and updates happened, the internet connection slowly began to fail and become more unpredictable and unreliable. Although I am in China, and the advertisement says, “No buffering time, even in China”… this is not true. Now, sometimes it takes forever merely to log on to Astrill. Once I log on, I may have to switch many multiple times to different ip addresses from different countries to see which ones will actually work at all. Some do not work in the slightest. At first I was excited and highly surprised and satisfied. Now I am only disappointed and dissatisfied, and I continue to be so until they upgrade the quality of their speed and connection for users within China.
    A Hopeful Astrill User

  • Wiiing

    i am a Chinese,i live in a country where the youtube,twitter,facebook,even blogspot,myspace,BBC,ABC are blocked. Any message on internet that criticizes the goverment will be deleted by the goverment department.So you know the truth that in China there’s no Freedom of speech. The Chinese human rights are not protected.
    Thanks to Astrill,it help me to climb over the GFW(the Great FireWall),it help me to go into the real world, it help me to say hello to the world.Maybe the most important thing is that i can watch my favorite band and learn my guitar on youtube.
    Astrill is so important for me now, i can’t imagine the life surfing internet without it.In another word, Astrill help me the know the truth.

  • Ashley Clark

    I think that Astrill serves its purpose well. In the beginning I had a few problems purchasing the program and having my telephone number verified since I was in a different country. However, the online representative helped me to solve the problem and I was able to use the full version within a day or two. The only other difficulty I have had with the program is getting it to keep from having a time out. If I am not using a website that is constantly using its connection, the VPN will stop working unless the webpage is refreshed. This has been difficult to get around since I use this VPN to make phone calls to the US and refreshing the webpage would end the phone call. Other than this, using Astrill to access facebook, twitter, and youtube works well without any problems.

  • David

    I was using Myexpatnetwork to access UK websites @ £5 = $8 a month. Unfortunately it slowed my connection speed down BY 75% and more often than not it was recognised by the sites I want to get into and when I could get in the it was far too slow to stream video and downloading would have taken more than a day! I subscribed to StrongVPN at $15 a month, it was a nightmare to set up, I ended up needing support, which did eventually solve the problem but cost me 4 hours of my life, even then I had similar problems to Myexpatnetwork and would have had to buy more switches to try and find a fast UK server that was not recognised. Needless to say I cancelled the same day and got my money back.
    I am so grateful I came across Astril, it has done consistently “what it says on the tin” and more. It has exceeded my best expectations. The connection is always faster to UK web sites than connecting with it and only very rarely is the connection not fast enough to stream video and if not then I can download a 1 hour video in around 1 1/2 hours. I cannot comment on support because I have not even come close to needing any. Getting set ujp was as simple as ABC and I have not had the slightest incling of any problems whatsoever. AND I am saving money! Happy days, I am recommending it to all my expat friends and even some who are not who I know could could use the extra security. I have no hesitation in recommending it to you.

  • Erna

    I am foreigner stationed in China. Since Jul 2009, when the local government blocked Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, I was fully reliable on VPN. Tried a few VPN before I found Astrill. Although sometimes slow and not stable, I guess it should be caused by the new upgraded software, but Astrill will continue to upgrade its software. So far Astrill is one of the best and in term of price, I am satisfied with overall performance

  • Ben

    Astrill – Never miss your favourite show again. :D

  • Weekender

    I have tested 2 VPN services in the past: VyprVPN and AceVPN.
    Needless to say I wasn’t satisfied with both of them. Either one lacked speed (download/upload) or didn’t have lots of servers across the world. I mainly needed a French server which is part of the most expensive package most of the time in most VPN providers (StrongVPN for example).
    Astrill takes all the pros of those other providers and provides it at a cheaper price than all of them.
    Astrill supports the full speed of my internet connection without an itch (50Mb so yes I’m basically downloading at 4.5MB/s), has many servers across the world (including France and on both OpenVPN/OpenWEB) at a mere $5/month.
    I even bought a 2nd account for my other computer as it’s so cheap.
    Service has been reliable and support is fast. They provide a lot of updates through their website and Twitter so you’re never left in the dark.

    I feel blessed that my friend told me about Astrill :)

  • Vladimir Dimitrov

    I have been using Astrill since the beginning and I am very grateful to its creators for providing this useful service. I currently use one of the older versions and it works fine most of the time. I intend to extend my account soon. Keep up the good work.

  • Billy

    I’ve been using astrill nearly a year, my friend was invited me to use VPN Astrill on beta version at that time. I work as regional commuter on Middle east, many sites blocked by the IT, since I use a free trial Astrill, really amazing, I can browse any where, the IT from my company can’t trace me any more. Then I purchase for a year subscription was greatly discounted for a year offer less than $30 at the time. From time to time astrill have been improved and VPN server/IP location have been added, now 9 countries with unlimited and free switch or location. Astrill is a professional VPN, fast and secure VPN that protect our privacy online.
    Astrill makes my internet activity completely covered & safe
    Thanks Astrill, keep it up, and keep the price as low as you can :)

  • Norman

    Been using Astrill VPN since its beta release(free)which worked very well,since it became public an excellent service at the right price.

  • Sydney

    As an early user of Astrill I was greatly impressed. Being an average PC user I found the program to be easy to install and run. The developers are dedicated in constantly improving the program. Way to Go Astrill crew …. keep up the great work, you have a fan up in the Great White North!

  • Sasha Gracanin

    I am from Serbia (you do not have my country in your menu, shame on you!) and I use Astrill since they started with the beta previews. I find the service very affordable for the service they offer and am very happy with the functionality. I always wanted to check out the hula streaming service, watch the BBC player and even on YouTube there is prime content not available for mere peasants that apparently I was supposed to be. Furthermore, the privacy offered by the service is more than great for someone who likes to stray to less public domains of the internet. I would recommend this service to anyone who is interested in his or her own freedom on the net. No limitations, no spies lurking over your shoulder watching your every move. I am a subscriber, I will stay a subscriber.

  • Shanewaz Ahmed

    People often throw around the term’ amazing’ but this truly is. Being abroad has many limitations as well as the many benefits. I initially, upon recommendation purchased Witopia but soon found that it didn’t work for me. It was slow, I constantly found it didn’t work and most importantly for me, I couldn’t stream the UK TV I wanted. I happened to find a trial for Astrill and I can honestly say it is the best VPN programme available. It’s secure, fast, and most importantly since moving to China, RELIABLE.

    In short, amazing.

  • Rhys Hocking

    I’ve been using Astrill since beta release I’m completely satisfied with the quality service has been provided. I signed up immediately after the beta finished as no other VPN provider that I’ve tried has matched the speeds, the reliability and the support that comes from the Astrill team.
    I live in Australia and the implementation of net filtering is constantly discussed in the media, a system somewhat similar to the great firewall of China. I do not agree with this policing of what people think I should and should not be able to view; Astrill will be the service that saves me from this “nannying”.
    The Astrill team also continues to add new features and functionality to their product. The recent addition of OpenVPN support means that even torrents can be downloaded through VPN. Coupled with the ability to block ads and also accelerate videos on YouTube, this is product cannot be overlooked.

  • Max

    I have been using Astril for 9 months.

    Astril works 100% great, 100% of the time.

    Something to remember is that when things go this perfectly, we tend to take them for granted…So thank you Astril for raising the bar and making internet browsing stress free, and something we don’t have to worry about!

  • Deborah

    It’s a great service and great support group behind, any problems, you can send a mail, and guaranteed, they are back to you in at least 24 hours.
    I use it a lot, as I’m English and live in France, so it gives me a chance to catch on my English soaps.

  • Anakorn Kyavatanakij

    great vpn i’ve used so far i’m studying in shanghai,china right now and it works great for me. The connection speed is also very fast supporting many good features for instance ‘block only the site that is block in your country’ feature is awesome for being leaving in china.

    Support is very good i’ve some difficulties at first setting it up on my ipad and the live support within minutes help me.

    the price is also reasonable for the features they have.

    keep the good job up

    astrill vpn is the best and most secure in the world :)

  • ng

    what ever i would like to say has already been highlighted above by other user,just want to thanks the stuff of astrill for keeping the whole vpn system going smoothly.hope they will continue to keep up with this positive services

  • jaleo

    It’s a great tool. I am very happy with their service.

  • Sara

    Well, I’m Chinese, and I live in China, so obviously, I need VPN. Tried a few free or paid ones, but the stabilities and the speed are just terrible. And then Astrill comes! I was a beta user, and one of the first paid users, so I got the luck to get the $24.99 deal. And then, I finally began to be able to get back my dropbox, my facebook, youtube, twitter. Basically, I stayed outside the GFW all day, so when someone told me another site was blocked, It didn’t matter to me anymore! The support is also good, I asked a couple of questions, and got the answer that I needed within like 48 hours tops. And further more, the download speed of iTunes music and apps increased dramatically! This was definitely a pleasant surprise! One thing though, I guess I should’ve purchased multiyear deal when it first come out. Because the price right now is kind of over my income level now, and all the inflation and stuff… And Chinese people is definitely not as rich as you think. The country maybe rich, but the average Johns and Janes are still trying very hard to make ends meet!

    But all and all, astrill is absolutely THE best VPN provider that I tried. And I will keep using it in the foreseeable future.

  • Athen

    I used Astrill when it was running the beta version and became the first group of paid users.

    Now I’ve been using it for almost a year and use it daily to gain access to Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and other websites and resources even they are blocked by the damn GFW.

    The speed was unbelievable fast, I can download files from rapidshare just like I was abroad.

    I used to contact Astill twice, the first was a short while after I became a paid user, and got no response, and the second time was when I tried to set VPN on my Blackberry and got response in time. From this point, I can see the improvement of Astrill.

    I also become friend of Astrill on Twitter and Facebook in order to get the latest info from them.

    I can still remember how excited I was when I use Astrill to gain access to youtube and watch the videos with high speed, at that time Astrill only offers several IPs in the US and later they have UK. And now they have also AU,DE,FR,IR,CA etc. That is really awesome.

    Regarding the price, I personally think it reasonable in comparison with StrongVPN. But here I suggest Astrill provide users some more packages, like single IP, Single Country with cheaper prices. Seldom of users use so many IPs in different countries although the price is really competitive.

  • Timothy

    I turn my Astrill on almost 24 hours a day!! Astrill provides a great service, not much downtime (I would say 99% of times are up and running), have a lot of location you can use, so you can watch country only TV (i.e. Canada Discovery or USA Fox, these can only be watched within the country). The only thing that I can really think of is the speed, I dont know if its my network or limited by Astrill, sometimes its rather slow (10% of the time), so it could get quite depress when you are trying to play online game…

  • Sharon-Ann Gladden

    I love Astrill. I’ve been living in China for the past 3 years and for the first two, I was using Witopia. It was alright, but nothing compared to Astrill when I got a free trial from a friend. The best thing about it is the interface; a simple one-click to switch on or off. I don’t have to wait minutes for it to find a server and so on and so forth. Sites like Facebook load very fast, and my connection isn’t interrupted at all which is also a plus. Youtube videos do happen to load somewhat slow, but they get there eventually. For those going to a place with restricted internet, especially China, I wouldn’t use any other VPN. Period.

  • look


  • Max


  • Bush

    Astrill is just the best VPN I’ve ever tried .. I’m an Astrill User since its on beta stage…
    I really love using it. It makes me feel safe whenever I use it :) . My ISP blocks so many sites so its very useful because I can access those sites now . I invited my friend and they too were amazed with it. I love the speed, being user friendly and the availability of many servers. Their server are all fast -not just fast but blazing fast. And when sometimes I have a question about their services , their support team are always there. Well , Astrill is really the best for me. Cheers! :D

  • youngkim

    this is the best VPN ever! it saves my social life!
    i have been china since 2007!
    and.. screwed! one day boom cannot use any fb and tw..
    what the…
    and now i got astrill!!! awesome!
    and sharing with all of friends as much i can!!
    pls keep do the business! =)

  • jupiter wong

    yeah!!!the best VPN provider i try

  • Edwin

    Astrill brings many benefits to life in China. As a skeptic of proxies/VPNs for their speed, trying Astrill has been a great experiment that proves the capabilities of exceeding companies. Fast to download, easy to use, very low likelihood of freezing/crashing, Astrill is by far one of the best VPN I’ve ever used. It is really hard to believe that Astrill was coded by the same developers who made Skydur, as the progression between both VPNs are ineligible.

  • Eldof

    I live in China. I love to learn about the globle issue, so I have to face with GFW. Obviously, I need VPN,however, I have tried lots of products whose stability headached me to some extend. Once I used the ASTRILL I knew it’s the one I need which featured by its simplicity, hi-speed and safety.

  • katie

    in china, i was not happy because i can’t see youtube at all, but now i am very satisfied because VPN is awesome! it is really smooth!

  • Caspar

    This VPN amazing, I have been in china for over 14 years now and only recently did I start using astrill but its just so good, I used to use hotspot shield because it was free but then that was unreliable and many things just wouldnt load, and using proxies gave me popups, but this is just so much better!!!!

  • Eric Yendall

    I am very impressed and satisfied with the service and support offered by Astrill. I was not very knowledgeable about this sort of software and spent some time trying different services. One company only allowed two server location changes in one month without incurring extra charges, effectively hiding this information on its sign-up page (I immediately cancelled and got a refund!). With Astrill I can switch from server to server with ease for the same price. I signed-up for one month to test it out. Astrill came up top of my list for ease of installation and use, reliability, and price. I needed special help from Support for installing Astrill in Tunnelblick on my Apple TV. Robert provided this quickly and patiently over several chats and emails. Thank you Astrill.

  • V

    Started use Astrill 4 months ago, at the beginning was thinking of try it only coz it’s one of VPN that work on Mac system, but the fast speed surprised me! this is one of the reason I continue use it, even through it was not so stable at the started but after report the problems, they fixed the bugs and updated the software often, now its working prefect on my MacBook. Also you can see they’re improving all the time, that’s why I keep using it. Before use Astrill I used to use Vadalia but very soon it’s been blocked by the local gov. here, haven’t get this problem with Astrill so far, hope it will keep work on.

  • Ryo

    Astrill provide fast and reliable internet surfing quality, I like it very much.
    Recommend for every one who need privacy and good internet connect quality.

  • Kenfuss

    After a 7 days trial of Astrill VPN solutions I was totally convinced and amazed by the potentiality of it. If you’re looking to access blocked sites or surf anonymously for a very affordable price this VPN is made for you.
    The research team is always improving services and add cool new features regularly so you’re never out of breath. More servers, more bandwidth, more privacy; it’s simply the best existing VPN ever! Thank you Astrill!

  • Thomas

    Awsome VPN, faster than any other VPN I’ve tried. Even if i only have the lite version, I think it’s a great VPN that is reliable and easy to use. Moreover, Astrill lite helped me access facebook and youtube easier.

  • Matt

    This VPN is much better than any other VPN’s I’ve used. It’s faster, more secure and has good online support. I would recommend this to anyone who lives in china or elsewhere.

  • NPJ

    Had it for a month and it’s very good, always a server available. No proxy needed.

  • Martin

    I love this VPN

    Never had problem till now

  • FRoger

    Great service, Fast connection, and Reliable. I Recommend it to anyone looking for a Secure VPN service.

  • Kate

    maybe you could try FBVPN, just $5/m, and it’s also very fast.

  • potentialcustomer

    I”ve just had a chart with Astrill customer support. It is very bad. I’ve spoken to a rep, called Kelly, not only she was unable to respond to my question, but she managed to insulted me without any grounds for that whatsoever!!! This support person was not behaving/responding in a professional manner. I strongly recommend the management to look into that issue. After talking to Kelly, I’ve lost any interest in trying Astrill service..

  • Leonard

    This is the best VPN I ever used. So simple to use and fast. I used before Overplay to watch abroad TV but Astrill VPN is just better and cheaper. Don’t trust to my words – ask them for a free trial.


    Das ist der Beste VPN Service der hier zur verfügung steht. läuft seit beginn meiner anmeldung mit Highspeed, was ich von anderen anbietern nicht sagen kann.

    und ich hab schon fast alles ausprobiert.
    Einen besseren anbieter gibts einfach nicht.

  • Steph Geney

    I’ve tried several VPN Providers, and this one is the best in terms of number of countries and speed. Easy to install and to use. Good price too.

  • james

    the best vpn

  • Dillan

    Great VPN service, very easy to use VPN client, your grandma can use it too ! Excellent speeds. Cheap. Servers in 33 countries around the world. This is a VPN from my dreams ! I tried many and they are not even close to Astrill.

  • Paulclayton7

    I have to say I am extremely disappointed by this VPN. I had a trial, the first day it was working ok then the performance went right down and I was unable to stream. Their tech support is annoying as there is a significant time lag between sending messages back and fourth and the people on the tech chat, in general not all of them, I found to be tetchy and unhelpful.

    The most advice they could give me was ‘have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling’ or ‘try resetting the software and see if that helps’. Personally that is the generic rubbish someone churns out when unable to offer anything practical and lacks the technical know how.

    One guy became very defensive and almost accused me of making it all up as he could not see how there could be anything wrong with ‘his’ VPN…. Even though I pointed out that whilst running a trial with them I was running trials elsewhere and those services worked perfectly, he would not even entertain the notion that there could be anything wrong elsewhere.

    After eventually dealing with their level 2 tech on a remote desktop help. I saw the guy flick a few settings on and off in Astrill which I had already tried. After failing to get live TV streaming he proceeded to a video instead, played it and then said ‘there ya go, its working!’. I pointed out that he had not fixed the issue I had raised the ticket for, mentioned the fact I had stated youtube was working ok but it was live streams that were an issue and that I was able to run the live streams with other VPN’s. His response….. ‘Nothing I can do about that’ ‘use the other VPN you have then, anything else or is that it’. Yeah ok, great way to give me an incentive to buy your service mate!!!

    So all I can say is I would not recommend this service to anyone. Their so called openWEB appears to be nothing more than a simple proxy to me, at least thats all I can work out it is and the software itself limits your ability to make quite a few modifications you could make in something such as viscosity. Its more like VPN for the non tech savvy.

    It is filled with, at least in my opinion, pointless little addons to sugarcoat the fact that the overall performance of the service sucks like the media recorder, something which, again in my opinion, would only be of any use if you could record streaming live TV. All it is capable of is recording videos from the likes of places like YouTube, which seems pretty pointless seeing as you can play those as and when you like, what is the point in taking up hard drive space with an flv file you can play on demand in your browser….

    I won’t be signing up to use this service and as I just said, would not recommend it in any way.

    For shame Astrill, for shame….

  • Robbie

    Complete and utter rouge outfit who bait people into trying their service and do not deliver on promises, don’t trust them.

    I signed up to Astrill for a trial via another website which gave me a 40% discount from any of the packages available. When I logged into the member section after deciding to go with them I discovered the bill was for the whole amount with out any discount.

    I contacted them via live chat and was told that the discount only applies when signing up, not once you are a member. I can only assume they did not quite mean how that was worded.

    I explained that I had sen the 40% discount on their pricing page and it was only after looking later at the final bill that I realised it was not there and that if I go to the pricing page now it still shows as offering 40% off. They were not interested, basically telling me in so many words tough!!! They offered me 20% and tried to make me feel like I should be thankful, yeah right.

    Dangle a big juicy carrot in my face then when I go to eat it, pull the thing away, snap a little piece off and then try and make me feel like it is I who is wrong.

    Then to add insult to injury they decided rather than continue discussing the matter they would block my email from their live chat so I could not contact them, I tried a few times and could not get logged on chat. Then I made up a name and email and hey presto it logged straight on. Tried a couple more and it worked, then tried my own name again and nothing.

    I logged back in as another user and asked what the hell they were playing at and was informed, yes, your email has been blocked

    Aside from all that the service was poor and only one of the protocols worked at all. When I spoke to tech support about it all they could do was ask me if I had reinstalled the software or reset everything. No real tech support at all, not like others I have spoken to elsewhere. They pretty much said and did anything to avoid the possibility there could be any problems with their servers or connection, it simply MUST be something on my end. Funny how I was connected via another VPN at that time and it worked perfectly.

    Bottom line, I gave my money to another provider. No 40% discount with this service but I don’t care, it is the principle of the thing and the crappy way they dealt with the situation that I am bothered about. That basically told me exactly what kind of people they were and what kind of service I could expect for the duration of a contract with them.

    Backstreet rouge organisation who deserve to go out of business, don’t sign with them.

  • Daniel

    It’s very slow, basicly I have a speed of 14-18 Kb/s. It is however, very easy to use and seem to connect fast to the servers. but I will not renew the service as it is way too slow for using other than as a last resort.

  • Crystal

    Astrill baffles me completely. I am not going to start saying that the performance of the VPN is poor as I had the service for approximately three or four hours, and in that time it seemed to be working altough that is not exactly much time to give an opinion with any accuracy.

    What did happen however was that I logged back on and found the VPN was disabled. A message popped up stating something about fraudulent activity so I contacted live support.

    They said it was something to do with the address used on the account, which I assumed was due to the fact that when I signed up I entered my current campus address in China, then after realising my Paypal account was registered under my UK address, changed it.

    I contacted them via Paypal to which they did not respond as well as sending them an email via the registered email address with paypal, which was also the email used to sign up and they did not respond their either. The money was refunded and service terminated.

    I have thus far sent a number of emails to them at their billing email address, none of which have been responded to. I have basically sai that whatever they require me to do in terms of procing the acount was not used fraudulently I can do but still nothing, live chat just say they cant help at all.

    Paypal say there is nothing that would suggest a fraudulent transaction unless I had logged into Paypal, seen a transaction I did not recognise and raised a dispute over it. That is not what was done so have basically been left completely confused as to their action, especially when they flat refuse to even discuss the matter, I find that very very weird indeed.

    Teach support did say that billing were going to get in touch with me so I basically ended up wasting even more time than I already had by not looking into services from another provider. So far they have still not bothered to even acknowledge any emails sent, never mind discuss the matter so as far as I am concerned they have given my wife and I the complete run around, purposely jerking us around. The reasons are obviously only known to them of course but it must be nice to be able to put yourself on such a high pedestal that they think their service is “soooo great’ that they can pick and choose exactly which business they want.

    Guess what, I got news for you, your service is average. It is not really any better than many other VPN’s around who also offer multiple servers in a range of countries, and at the same prices. They all offer the same protocols for connection and the only real difference I can see is that you may use a piece of software like Tunnelblick or Viscosity to access the service as opposed to the software they provide. The only advantage of their software over other alternatives that can be seen is the media recorder, well software like that is available elsewhere so no big deal there.

    I do not understand Astrill, it makes no sense to me whatsoever but I have sought service elsewhere and am running trials for those as I speak so the only looser in this saga are Astril, one on account of not securing my business which would have probably extended for years to come and two, the fact that I now post this saga on review sites for wouldbe customers to read prior to making a decision to purchase.

    If you want a service that is going to screw you around for no apparent reason and then refuse to even discuss the matter, choose Astril

    If you want a service that are reliable and happy for your business then choose someone else, pretty much everyone is offering the same kind of deals so its six and two threes in some respects as to which provider you go for.

    As for Astrill, you can shove your way to stars along with your high & mighty picky attitude.

  • Sanna

    I am with Astrill only 2 weeks and i can say,is the best vpn service till now i have tried.i do not understand all the post below very use to use speed wise is very good i am in mexico and i can stream European live tv very fast the only problem is the support for iPhone at the moment is just with US and UK servers.THEY TOLD ME BY THE END OF THIS MONTHS other country will be available for iPhone.SO if you are not in hurry to connect your iPhone today believe me is a spot on provider and the costumer service is very help full too

  • Guest

    Right now I’m in China and lately, Astrill has been a complete let down. For a while, it did seem excellent, and just what I needed. Fast connections, smooth service, no problems. But lately, my speed has been consistently less than 20 kb/s, and it will drop the connection without warning. The kicker is that when I go to switch servers, it cannot connect to any other server, often taking 3-4 minutes of waiting before I just give up out of frustration and just get off my computer all together. Right now, it cannot even connect to the host server so allow me to select a server to route through. The software itself is a pain because it constantly gives error pop ups and becomes unresponsive to any input while persistently trying to reach the host server. I wish I had better things to say, as this VPN had promise, but right now that seems more like an illusion than actual follow-through. I wish I had known about this ahead of time because now that I’m actually in China, I feel my security would be compromised to use anything at all of personal interest.

  • Encore

    Have you considered contacting their support? you didnt even mentioned your name. So,that they can look into your issue. are you even there customer?

  • Holson

    Scam! Stay away from this company! I got a great offer, 40% discount, 39$ for a year. I signed up, and then just as I was about to pay… the price changed! It almost doubled! Suddenly I had to pay 59$! What happened to my 40% discount???

    I contacted support and they said they have no discount offers on their site. Then I sent them the link with the ad proving it was on their site, and in addition a screenshot of it. They then claimed I had signed up with another affiliate… which is not the case at all… why would I? Now they deleted the discount page on their site, and won’t give me the discount I have proved that I was offered. It is just a scam!

    Be careful people! These guys refuse to register you unless you give them your mobil phone number. Why? What do they want your mobile phone number for? Why do they refuse to register you any other way? When do you start to receive ads on your mobile? There have also been reports about their program is a trojan. And they give you fake discounts and then try to charge you twice the amount. Stay away! There are a lot of other VPN services that are serious and are not trying to scam you. Go with one of them. Thats what I am going to do. Never Astrill again!

  • Alaettin Orduseven

    I don’t like astril. because usa servers not working.

  • Jotei66

    By far the best VPN service I have used and not expensive when up against the competion. I have tried many and none have offered the best speed and the helpful advice / support very good. I have a 20Mb connection, Virgin UK and while using Astrill I get around 18.5 – compared to many I tried, its amazing. Software bundled to connect etc is easy and non complicated. Would definetly recommend! Happy user for 12 months…

  • HnK

    I can confirm your statement about Astrill. I’ve been using Astrill for over5 months ,and recently ,about one month ago , it got buggy . And had all the problem said above . I dont know what’s wrong , and I don’t have that patience to contact their support and wait for them to reply. So after it expired ,I changed my VPN solution.

    Believe it or not . Not my concern anyway.

  • Frustrated

    I agree with both HnK and Guest above. I also suddenly started having problems in November after using Astrill for several months in China. I talked to their support numerous times, but every time would get different people, most of whom seemed to have limited knowledge of the challenges here in China, and who would all give me similar advice to try the same 3 or 4 things I’d already tried numerous times. I suspect Astrill is going the way of every other VPN in China–the more successful they are, the quicker the guardians of the Great Firewall will figure it out and start shutting down ports, and/or throttle the speed going to certain IP addresses, basically whatever they can do to make using a VPN as inconvenient as possible. I think the Internet controllers here have become more sophisticated now, and may not use the method of completely blocking a VPN service; rather, while you can still sign on, they now throttle your speed to the point it is almost unusable. 

  • xlr5

    A summary of service (after almost 2 years of using it):
    1) First year speed was very decent ; second year when changes to Great China Firewall (GCF) were implemented OpenVPN stopped working. It took them about 3 month to come up with StealthVPN and during that time clients were not able to tunnel internet traffic. Trusting this guys that it will be fixed I did extend my subscription for next year. Well, fix was implemented but is paid additionaly (working most of the time as well).

    What was outrageous after fix was implemented was that new customers were getting fix for free for a certain period of time BUT all customers were asked to pay for all of it (read: scre**d in the a**).

    2) For simple questions customer service works good ; for more complicated it takes time.

    3) Sellected Ratings
    I asked them a question how can I post a review (as over a year customer I thought that I’ve earn that right). Seeng on their WWW so many very happy customers reviews (and none in the middle nor not happy) made me thinking how it’s possible?

    After question was asked I was asked instantly why I want to do that. During a conversation it came out that Astrill is ’selecting’ reviews that are to be shown. Well, you can judge it by yourself but for me it’s at least information manipulation…

    4) At the moment, as for China: OpenWeb is mostly working (but it’s slower than it was before and in some provinces there are problems with connecting to Astrill servers) ; OpenVPN is useless, StealthVPN is working but at about half of OpenWeb speed and is additionaly paid (even to customers that enrolled before GCF was changed….)

    5) As there is no refund if something changes and you can’t use the service anymore you’re screwed.
    Astrill does failed to provide current customers fix free of charge so they can use the service they paid for upfront in the same way they did when enrolling.

    Astrill’s answer was: StealthVPN it’s more secured and computing power is not free = you want the fix, pay again.

    I would recommend to look for an alternative VPN provider that knows how to care about loyal, multiuser client. To be true, I do that at the moment.

  • Jim Lyons

    If you value your privacy do not use Astrill’s service as they log all your usage.

  • Anonymous

    I was a paid customer. Astrill ran a 50% Black Friday discount – so I purchased TWO (2) years of service and one year of At Home plan.

    Long story short, a year later they terminate my service telling me the account expired, and furnishing a bogus invoice that has no mention of the At Home Plan (which was paid for an received) nor the second year.

    Tried for 2 MONTHs to plead the case only getting stonewalled and ignored. Documentation proving payment, documentation proving the services that were purchased differed from the bogus invoice furnished….

    One support rep (who terminated the account) throwing insults throughout the process and enjoying the termination process. Bad scene. DO NOT BUY.

  • Anonymous

    To add to the discussion on logs and privacy – this is a quote from one of their support representatives named “Torado” “We know everything sir.” as he was proceeding to terminate service. Pretty fierce and got all Orwellian. Do not trust Astrill.

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