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Astrill – VPN consumer review – 10725
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In 2010-11-12 02:34:17

Well, I'm Chinese, and I live in China, so obviously, I need VPN. Tried a few free or paid ones, but the stabilities and the speed are just terrible. And then Astrill comes! I was a beta user, and one of the first paid users, so I got the luck to get the $24.99 deal. And then, I finally began to be able to get back my dropbox, my facebook, youtube, twitter. Basically, I stayed outside the GFW all day, so when someone told me another site was blocked, It didn't matter to me anymore! The support is also good, I asked a couple of questions, and got the answer that I needed within like 48 hours tops. And further more, the download speed of iTunes music and apps increased dramatically! This was definitely a pleasant surprise! One thing though, I guess I should've purchased multiyear deal when it first come out. Because the price right now is kind of over my income level now, and all the inflation and stuff... And Chinese people is definitely not as rich as you think. The country maybe rich, but the average Johns and Janes are still trying very hard to make ends meet! But all and all, astrill is absolutely THE best VPN provider that I tried. And I will keep using it in the foreseeable future.