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Astrill – VPN consumer review – 10711
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Sasha Gracanin
In 2010-11-11 23:22:30

I am from Serbia (you do not have my country in your menu, shame on you!) and I use Astrill since they started with the beta previews. I find the service very affordable for the service they offer and am very happy with the functionality. I always wanted to check out the hula streaming service, watch the BBC player and even on YouTube there is prime content not available for mere peasants that apparently I was supposed to be. Furthermore, the privacy offered by the service is more than great for someone who likes to stray to less public domains of the internet. I would recommend this service to anyone who is interested in his or her own freedom on the net. No limitations, no spies lurking over your shoulder watching your every move. I am a subscriber, I will stay a subscriber.