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Location: United-States
Founded: 2010
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Whatsonthebox, what do we do
Like you we noticed that there are ever increasing restrictions being made on the privacy of internet users regardless of global location.

We determined as a result to give you your privacy back using our VPN services offered via our VPN servers in the UK, US, Canada & now the Netherlands.

Our VPN service gives internet users the ability to conceal their identity and remain anonymous while surfing online, and to be able to access previously blocked web sites from around the world, such as in the Middle East and Asia.

We offer the end user the ability to unblock VOIP applications and access any blocked sites, in addition to offering internet security, privacy and anonymity.

With our VPN technology, all your internet traffic is routed via your ISP in an encrypted format to our servers. This way your ISP cannot keep logs on your internet activity.

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  • Jennifer Nichols

    I’ve been using whatsonthebox for 5 months now mainly for BBC iPlayer as I am an ex pat living in Europe.

    The setup was very easy using Windows 7 and the speed is very good. Unlimited bandwidth and buffer free streaming make this a great VPN service with great support.

  • Jtjterry483

    I’ve also tried and they are excellent. super easy to setup. I had a question which was quickly resolved by customer service. A+++.

  • Mark

    I’m able to stream tv shows with this account, plus the quality is fantastic. I also get a secure wifi connection. Highly recommended to all.

  • Jason

    Excellent services, online streaming is super fast without buffering, Awesome.

  • Sandra

    Excellent for watching online TV show ……………

  • Robert_Worthen

    I signed up for this service earlier today and hours later I’m still waiting for them to send me some type of login information. I am now searching for reviews to see other peoples experiences with them. I am finding the universally stellar reviews somewhat less than comforting.

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