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Location: United-Kingdom
Founded: 2009
Watchuktv User Reviews is the web’s leading UK Virtual Private Network (VPN) site helping customers around the world watch and download UK television! Now you can gain access to BBC iplayer, ITV on Demand, 4oD, Zatoo and watch all your favourite British TV wherever you are in the world! How do we do it? It’s a doddle! Check out our How? page and find out.

The VPN service is secure, fast and reliable. We provide high end data connections to our customers all over the globe, using secure 128bit encryption on all outgoing connections. We offer very competitive pricing, from only £4.99 per month, which means you don’t have to buy expensive satellite equipment to watch the world’s best TV. Take a look at our Order page for a full run down of our offers.

We would love you try our service before you buy! Go to our VPN Free Trial section to sign up for a free one hour trial now!

The entire support team is based in the UK to ensure we provide our global customers with the best possible service. Got a question or technical query? Send the team a mail to we promise to respond within 12 hours.

User reviews

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  • Emma

    Really good VPN service, I only bought the 4.99 VPN package and still recieved very attentive and helpful advice to overcome my technical ineptness..! Good speed etc. Thanks.

  • Nev

    Although I’m based in the UK, I do alot of travelling around Europe, Middle East and Africa and having the Unlimited UK VPN Package has helped no end. Being able to connect from hotels using their VPN service, access iplayer, etc has kept me sane. Excellent Support as well.

    Thanks Watchuktv.

  • Matt

    Use these guys in the states when on business. Fast and responsive VPN servers, great for when im travelling are recommended.

  • Steve

    Ive been tired of the TV down under and came across this site and they were real good VPN service. Free trial worked well and have had no problems.

  • John Gradwell

    I live in Brazil and need personal VPN from time to time. Especially when I am using Hotel connections.
    This is also true when I am in Europe.I have been using for more than 6 months now with very few problems.
    I was disappointed with the speed from time to time, especially in the UK morning, when I was in London recently, but this could easily have been the Hotel ISP, the hotel had over 900 guests.
    I had a couple of Support issues and had outstanding support on a regular basis. I dropped my previous VPN provider because their support was crap.
    I am now back in Brazil and the VPN service from Brazil has been good.
    The Support continues to be outstanding and I have just renewed my 6 month subscription.

    I recommend the VPN service to anybody who needs VPN, now if we can only get the prices Hotels charge for Internet Connection down!!!……Perfect World!
    Thanks guys.

  • Jon_godchild

    Quality company, great service, have used whilst working in Saudi and have had no problems cant recommend Watchuktv enough. 

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