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VPNSwiss was founded by Swiss IT professionals in 2008. VPNSwiss is based in Zurich, Switzerland, and is subject to Swiss data protection and privacy laws.

VPNSwiss actively supports the freedom of speech and therefore article 19. of the human rights declaration by providing 100% uncensored and unfiltered access to the Internet – from anywhere in the world.

“For a truly reliable
VPN solution at the right
price, I like VPNSwiss PRO
from VPNSwiss.”


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  • Stefan

    Great VPN service – was able to stay connected non-stop for over 110h!
    Very reliable personal VPN service – never had any issues with any hotspots so far.

  • oibaf

    hi everybody, easy to handle a good fast connection – i have the pro-edition and im watching tv on hulu from switzerland. can just recommend it! >

  • coci

    Die Schweizer wieder :) wirklich easy zu bedienendes tool! ich hab mir die pro version gekauft – schau damit hulu/netflix/zattoo in HD QUALY! YES! :) und ja, nebenbei bin ich auch noch sicher im internet unterwegs, was ja heutzutage auch nicht schlecht ist

    hatte schon andere anbieter, vpnswiss hat mich wirklich überzeugt

    greets from münchen


  • Jean-Pierre

    J’ai eu la chance de pouvoir tester VPNSwiss en vol avec le wifi de Delta Airlines à 10000m lors de mon séjour aux Etats-Unis. Après avoir lu des articles sur Firesheep j’avais des soucis à utiliser des hotspots publics. Heureusement que la connection avec VPNSwiss a fonctionné sans problèmes et était fiable durant tout le vol. Un grand merci à VPNSuisse de m’avoir permis de surfer à 10000m sans soucis durant tout le vol :)

  • Mattt

    Great provider, great support. I was able to get started in minutes. What I like most is that you can have 2 concurrent sessions per account, e.g. a computer and an iphone at the same time!! Speed ist great to and the price is right, especially the first month for free :-)

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