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Website: (english)
Location: Hong Kong, Shanghai
Founded: 2009
VPNinja User Reviews

VPNinja is a fast, easy-to-use, dependable way to Surf the Entire Internet.

Simple to Setup and Easy to Use.

  • VPNinja is easy to setup and simple to use on Mac, PC, Linux, iOS and Android devices – as well as  routers. Users can also connect to the VPNinja service on any two devices at the same time.

Access Country-Specific Web Content From Anywhere

  • VPNinja users stream music from Spotify, play games via Steam, watch Netflix, Hulu, iBBC Player, and other US, UK, France, Canada, or Japan-based web-services from abroad whenever they want.

Surf The ENTIRE Internet Like a Freakin’ Ninja

  • VPNinja uses PPTP, OpenVPN, and OpenVPNinja Stealth technology for secure, undetectable surfing of the ENTIRE Internet – thwarting the efforts of Nefarious Net Overlords to sniff your traffic and/or block your Internet.

VPNinja Features

  • Support for Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android, and Routers.
  • Unlimited Bandwidth usage
  • Protocols – PPTP, OpenVPN, OpenVPNInja Stealth
  • Dual Device Support – connect any 2 devices to the VPNinja service at the same time.
  • Connect to any VPNinja server location, switch whenever you want between servers located in the US, UK, France, Canada, Japan, Luxembourg.
  • VPNinja Scrolls of Wisdom Knowledge & Support Forum
  • 7 day-a week support via Email, Skype, gChat, and Zendesk online help desk!

User reviews

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  • A Dandy Gent

    quick and dependable, couldn’t ask for more in China

  • Anonymous

    VPNinja rocks.  Use it everyday, pretty much all day.  Longest sustained connection I’ve had was on my mac mini at home (streaming Hulu from China) for over 170 hours without down time.  Love it.

  • Qwebec

    Works great.
    Great website, easy process, fast connection and setup, no hassle, cheap, they even have humans answering emails quickly. What more can I ask?

    I am in China, Hebei province, and this lets me access my work from Toronto easily.

  • Anonymous

    Got to agree with the posts below.
    Stable service with the human touch – excellent.

  • selucy

    Great Service, Great VPN. Made my time in china, a lot easier. 

  • jenwilson

    Super fast managed to access everything I tried, shared Vpn, with flatmate so we split the cost! makes it seem much more worth while.. great Customer service too!!

  • Echo

    Awesome VPN service, using it in Shanghai without any issues – really fast connection and setup, working great!

  • David Staudinger

    So far the best and most reliable VPN service I’ve used. Reasonably priced and with tons of different Servers to choose from. Easy to understand and well written guides on how to set up vpn with different operating systems/devices and the first vpn service I’ve seen that offers a bundle with a router. I’ve recommended it before and will continue recommending it as the best VPN provider I know.

  • Sara Plumier

    Great service and much improved customer service in the last 6 months – this was my only critisism in the past. I’ll continue to use the service and think it’s truly one of the best I’ve used.

  • Wanda Fransisca

    never disappointed me, fast connection, easy to set up, cheap and the most important is it’s very easy to meet up “A Ninja” for payment! :D VPNinja rocks!!

  • Jeff Liu

    if you are in China, you definitely will need Ninja help. 5 stars customers service. always recommend to friends

  • GoHomeTony

    VPNinja is a great app, the servers are fast and the team is freacking awesome and hilarious.

    It would be nice to be able to enable a VPN connection right from inside the app, rather than having to go to the VPN setting and copy pasting everything. Maybe adding an API would do just fine.

  • Juliananinja

    VPN Ninja is an awesome VPN service. The guys are extremelly fast in answering queries and solving whatever issue might appear with the connection. I’ve been using it for almost one year and I am extremely satisfied. Like any service provider, sometimes technology fails, but the guys are extremelly prompt in solving whatever might come up.

  • Simon Ghofrani

    VPN Ninja is a good VPN provider, especially here in China. They have several methods in getting around the “Great Firewall of China,” and even provide access to different countries’ websites! I’ve always wanted to watch BBC stuff, and now I can. lol

  • JJ

    Great service from the Ninja happy to use it over and over again

  • dm

    I use it in Shanghai, and works great for me. What I like best is when I have hit them up for customer service, they got right back to me. That’s the way to do it.

  • Teacher in China

    Very professional and reliable

    At first I had a bad experience with them due to a glitch in how they were receiving customer complaints; there was some problem and they weren’t receiving my messages. When I looked more carefully and found another way to contact them, they responded immediately to my concerns in a very professional manner, even though my e-mail to them didn’t really deserve one. The problem was dealt with quickly.

    Since that time, I have had very few problems with this service. At one time, it seemed that it was getting harder to get a connection, but before I could even contact them, they updated their programs with a “stealth” option that fixed everything up.

    I have used a lot of free options in my past 8 years in China, and found them all frustratingly inconsistent and slow. In comparison, VPN Ninja offers a very fast and reliable service. I’m completely happy with them and plan to use them again when my subscription runs out.

  • Simo54

    VPNinja är faktiskt jävligt bra! rätt billigt och funkar smidigt. Olika serverar där en som är för dem som gillar att ladda ner torrent!! ibland blir det lite för högtryck men annars prisvärd!!

  • Darren Seabrook

    It’s good. If one server is slow, can switch to another server very easily. Would be cool if you guys limited the amount of users per server and also recommended which server to connect to. For example if USA2 server slows down at 40 users and 40 users are currently using it, put a frownie ninja face next to it indicating that we shouldn’t bother connecting to this server.

  • Chao

    I’ve been using VPNninja for more than half a year now and it is hands down the most reliable and fastest VPN with an excellent support team. I have sent them a few e-mails in the past regarding a few hiccups due to China messing around with the internet and they always respond within 24 hours – and politely too!

    I strongly recommend this VPN to those in China (and elsewhere may be good too, I don’t have first hand experience with this). The price is really unbeatable and perfect for couples, friends, or someone who wants to log with 2 devices at the same time.

    Thanks VPNninja for your great services!

  • dvl

    Tried it in March 2013 on all my devices in many parts of China, been a fan since. Simple interface and setup, no technical issues so far, prompt and friendly support team.

  • HJ

    The VPN works fine! Sometimes can’t stream stuff from the UK but apart from that I’m with the service!

  • Bao Jia Tan

    awesome vpn!

  • James Wood

    Awesome VPN service. Never had a problem the whole time I’ve used it in China, and it’s great that I can use it on my iPhone and PC simultaneously. I recommend them to everyone and I’ll definitely be renewing their service once my year is up.

  • Juliananinja

    VPN Ninja is a great service provider. I am very happy with their service. Of course, like any company they have issues as well, especially in China, but they are very prompt to solve whatever might come up so users can enjoy access to internet. And for me their professionalism is the most important! I warmly recommend them to everyone that is looking to install a VPN service!

  • Nini

    Great service. Been a loyal customer for the past two years. It can also be used in combination with other VPN services (for corporate internal purposes). Reliable and responsive. Thumbs up!

  • Gary John

    I use Vpninja in China and it works great for me…no more big brother cencorship for me…BBC, Facebook and You Tube are all now easily accessible with pretty reasonable speeds.

  • oqawas

    I’ve been using VPNinja for almost a year now, I’ve recommended it to friends and expect to continue using it for some time to come. I use mostly in the middle east and I’ve found it to be reliable, always available and the support/updates from the VPNinja team to be outstanding. Happy customer here.

  • Erik Blomqvist

    I’ve been using VPNinja since February 2013. I tried it out before I went to China and did some speed tests from Sweden and got excellent results. Went to China and I’m now using it almost 24/7, since I’ve never noticed any big differences here either. And since my laptop is almost up and running all the time, I find it very convenient to be able to have a second user, namely my iPhone, running the same service, for free, when I’m outside and only have access to the 3G network.
    For this price and compared to other Swedish services, like, I couldn’t be happier.

  • Jaclyn

    I live in China, so making a VPN Connection is not easy. I found the ninjas to work quite well the first year I used them. After 3-4 months of spotty slow VPNing and not much help from them… I called it quits and switched over to the big guys. Will try VPN nInjas again though to see if they’ve improved.

  • Jian Liang Low

    So far so good! Been accessing from here in China and jumping over the Great Firewall! The support has been good, and prompt when I asked them some questions previously.. The only thing that can be better is the speed.. but I guess slow FB is better than no FB! :)

  • VoodooKing

    I’ve been using VPN ninja since my friend recommended it. Works like a charm and definitely helps in the office. For all the users connecting from China, the fastest servers are JP 1,2 and US 3,5 :)
    Keep it up sensei!

  • SIMON197042

    I’ve used Vpninja three times now, on a single month basis and quite frankly have had no problem with it. Connection questions were dealy with promptly in a friendly and professional manner. As a British Expat in the Czech Republic, it’s invaluable for connecting to BBC Iplayer

  • Stella

    This has made my life studying abroad in China a thousand times easier! Of course, I’m breaking the law using it, but it has helped me with my research papers and to keep in touch with my family via Facebook. I almost never have any problems aside from incredibly slow Chinese internet, but that’s an issue on my end and not yours. This program was recommended to me by a friend and I will definitely recommend it to others. Thanks!

  • dvl

    Tried it in March 2013, used it on all my devices in several parts of China, been a fan since. Simple to setup and use, prompt and friendly support team.

  • Henrikkfaktiskt

    VPNinja funkade mycket bättre 2011 när jag använde det första gången. Nu, även om jag får mycket bra hastigheter på olika seedtest-sajter går youtube segt oc ibland och spotify är instabilt. Eftersom det kan bero på ett stabilt internet från min network provider vet jag inte hur hög sannolikhet det är att det beror på VPNinja. De är i alla fall bra nog (och har många servrar i olika länder som man kan använda ifall man skulle ha problem med någon. Även facetime, skype och hangout är lite laggigare när man använder VPNinja. Har testat Kina-USA och Kina-Sverige med alla möjliga kombinationer av serverländer. Inget ger riktigt lika bra resultat som att inte använda VPN över huvud taget. (Deras servrar är alltså kanske lite väl belastade at times).

  • n bruce huffman

    I’m an expat living in China and been a VPNinja, OpenVPN subscriber for almost 3-years. During the past few years China has closed many OpenVPN doors on the Great Firewall of China, but the Ninja Squad has always kicked a new gate of access when other VPN providers have given up.

    I also had great support from the Ninja’s with email replies to my questions within 12 hours typically. Can’t say the answer is always what I wan to hear but to be fair they have provided the services they advertise and been quick to respond. I currently use other OpenVPN suppliers and have used many other suppliers and can honestly say VPNinja provides the best OpenVPN service from China with almost no dropped links.

  • Jurgen Van Loon

    Can’t imagine my live in China without this service anymore. I am free to visit every site I want to with a more than reasonable speed for a more than reasonable price. A big recommendation, especially for Google, Facebook and Youtube lovers like myself (who have a ‘ninja-fetish’ :] ). Also comes with all the possible support and guides you need.

  • Harley Takahashi

    I use VPNinja in China and the service has always given me access to my favourites like facebook, youtube and BBC iPlayer. Compared to other VPN services I feel that VPNinja is fast. I can often watch a whole episode of Eastenders on BBC iPlayer from here in China without it buffering.

    They’ve introduced a stealth mode for the OpenVPN client software which gets around the Great Firewall of China. I would definitely recommend VPNinja if you work, live or study in China. I would say that I am very likely to renew since I have been with them for nearly two years.

  • Angela widjaja

    Since our move behind the great wall, I thought there goes my freedom in the internet. But my froend introduce me to the world of VPN
    I have tried several and feel dissapointed by their service
    Then I come across Ninja VPN, and I decided to give another shoot
    Its quite surprise to me how satisfying the Ninja is.
    Thank you very much for the great service
    Arigato Ninja- san :)

  • moos

    VPNinja was great to use for me in a country (China) where blocking website has turned to a full time job for many. Apart from the cool and fun choice of words of the VPNinja team this is a serious solution for an annoying problem. I will for sure sign up for another round of freedom on the internet through the protection of the Ninjas.

  • Anonymous

    VPNinja is an essential arrow in my GFW circumvention quiver.

  • Skeeter

    I used VPNinja for six months living in Beijing, and it was nothing less than a godsend. With the huge number of inaccessible sites due to the Great Firewall of China, VPNinja was fantastic for tunneling under the wall and accessing the entire net. I will say that at first there were a few times when I wasn’t sure if the Chinese internet was pooping out or if VPNinja was tripping out a bit, but even if there was an issue it seemed to be resolved quickly. I also had to use their customer service a couple times, and I was really impressed at how responsive they were. When I moved to the US for a few months, I continued using the account for accessing any sensitive sites as well as for torrenting with the “torrents” server. It has been an invaluable service at a great price with constant improvement of features and accessibility. My subscription ran out a month ago, so I researched several other VPNs to see if there was anything more suited to my needs, but I haven’t found anything of better quality that beats the price and level of customer support.

  • neocipher

    Just signed up with VPNinja a few weeks ago and I’m one of those very happy customers that kicking themselves in the butt for not signing up with them sooner. VPNinja has allowed me to enjoy viewing some of my favorite websites from China. I’m able to stay in touch with friends and family which is a great for anyone living in China. I would recommand VPNinja to any of my friends or family!

  • Joe McDonogh

    I am a forigner living in China and have been using VPN ninja over the past 2 months and have really enjoyed it overall!
    The setup initially was a bit of a drama, but because i didn’t read the instruction is properly, and i sent an e-mail about it and had a really fast response which was great!
    I find at times the connnection isn’t always perfect or really fast, sometimes it ill drop out, but whether that is the VPN or the general internet i couldn’t be certain as I have had the internet do the same thing without the VPN on. From my minimal experience with a few other VPNs, including free ones on friend’s computers, this one has easily been the best, and i am quite happy with it, and i wouldn’t even worry about looking around for another one because i think the price is quite good too!

  • JahSper

    It is more than one year I’ve been living in China and six months using VPNinjia. It is fast and the connection in quite stable. Tryed even others VPN programs, and I can assume VPNinjia is one of the best for connection from China. Pretty good even the new servers: hope they are going to build up even some new ones.

  • JahSper

    It is more than one year I’ve been living in China and 6 months using VPNinjia. It is fast and stable. Tryed even others VPN programs, but this one is good and cheap. One of the best. Even the new servers are pretty good: hope they’re going to build up some new ones soon.

  • Cal Joe

    Been in China for 6 months now! The best VPN out there! Converted friends to changed their old and unreliable VPN service to VPNinja!

  • Ianthe Norton

    I’ve been using VPNinja since I first found out about them, and will continue to do so for the duration of my stay in China. They provide a reliable, reasonably priced way to keep in touch with the outside world and access everything which is blocked by the GFW. Thanks for a great VPN!

  • Paul Ark

    I haven’t used other VPN services, so I don’t really have a basis for comparison when it comes to connection quality. It does drop in & out during inclement weather, but this has generally been the case with most network providers I have dealt with outside of places like HK or Japan. Friends who have used other services like Astril have told me that VPNinja’s connection quality is generally better. I have no fault or issue with the human customer service, which has always been responsive and informative.

  • Ethan

    Been using VPNinja for about two months, it was easy to install (the online instructions are actually helpful, unlike others), and quite stable, even with my sketchy WiFi. Wouldn’t suggest any other VPN

  • Marcus Handa

    For the price it’s great, I’m using it in China and it does what I need it to do. I have been using this service for just over a month and the only hiccup is sometimes a connection will stop functioning for a little while but it’s not a problem because there are so many servers to connect to so all you need to do is reconnect with a different server. VPNinja will be my service for the foreseeable future because it does what it’s supposed to and is extremely easy to get started.

  • chicklet88

    I’ve been living in China since February and desperately needed a VPN to keep up with home. I tried a few and decided on VPNinja because it seemed to the the most reliable, and I haven’t been disappointed at all. They just added more servers and the set up was easy on my computer as well as on my iPhone.

  • MaryMx

    Last months ago, I was looking for a cheap and good vpn without any problems here in China, since I have bad experiences with previous vpn’s. One day VPNinja pompted out and I was kinda curious. So, I wrote one of Ninjas staff. It made me feel more relax, specially for deaf people like me. Now I feel like I am in my home where the websites aren’t blocked plus chatting with the family and friends. I like very much this VPN and their service, I will definitely recommend to my friends. Thank you!

  • mcgoo99

    I use VPNinja with the OpenVPN app and it’s very handy for streaming HD content to my laptop, HTPC, and multitude of Android devices!

  • Koh Wei Han

    Best VPN provider for travellers in China. If you’re ever in China, this is what you want.

  • MFL

    I previously used Hide My Ass VPN in China, and the longer I used it, the more increasingly hard it was to log on. I don’t have this problem with VPNinja (recommended by a friend) and you guys are cheaper!!

  • MFL

    I previously used Hide My Ass VPN in China, and the longer I used it, the more increasingly hard it was to log on. I don’t have this problem with VPNinja (recommended by a friend) and you guys are cheaper!!

  • Chase

    Great and reliable on both my pc and iphone. The few problems I’ve had were solved with a quick email to the support staff. Definitely a necessity to have when living overseas and wanting to stay in touch with family and friends.

  • Chase

    Great and reliable on both my pc and iphone. The few problems I’ve had were solved with a quick email to the support staff. Definitely a necessity to have when living overseas and wanting to stay in touch with family and friends.

  • James Sturm

    VPNinja is great. Service is consistent and the tech team is hilarious. Gotta love Evan, Tony and the gang.

  • James Sturm

    VPNinja is great. Service is consistent and the tech team is hilarious. Gotta love Evan, Tony and the gang.

  • Steve Frost

    Best speeds I’ve ever seen on a VPN and makes watching regionally blocked programs a breeze.

  • Steve Frost

    Best speeds I’ve ever seen on a VPN and makes watching regionally blocked programs a breeze.

  • Willy Suwandy

    I like the VPNinja; better than any other VPNs I used

  • Willy Suwandy

    I like the VPNinja; better than any other VPNs I used

  • Isrrael Flores

    Best VPN Service ever, excellent support, excellent connection and the most important the price is great.

    El mejor servicio de VPN, un soporte exelente, una conexión exelente y lo mas importante el precio esta super bien!

  • Isrrael Flores

    Best VPN Service ever, excellent support, excellent connection and the most important the price is great.

    El mejor servicio de VPN, un soporte exelente, una conexión exelente y lo mas importante el precio esta super bien!

  • Andrea Varotsis

    Great VPN – fast and top notch customer service.

  • Andrea Varotsis

    Great VPN – fast and top notch customer service.

  • Willy Suwandy

    I used VPNinja over the year and hardly have any problems with connections. In my opinion, it’s far more reliable than any other VPNs that I’ve tried before. Kuddos to them.

  • Willy Suwandy

    I used VPNinja over the year and hardly have any problems with connections. In my opinion, it’s far more reliable than any other VPNs that I’ve tried before. Kuddos to them.

  • Steven Franssen

    Over the last year I have been using VPNinja in China and have found there to be ZERO problems at any point during the whole time with the service. I will be a loyal customer so long as I am traveling overseas and sticking it to the MAN!

  • Steven Franssen

    Over the last year I have been using VPNinja in China and have found there to be ZERO problems at any point during the whole time with the service. I will be a loyal customer so long as I am traveling overseas and sticking it to the MAN!

  • Garret

    I started using VPNinja after my previous VPN stopped working in China. VPNinja is much speedier and much more reliable than the other VPNs that I’ve used. It’s cheap and supports multiple devices, so I can run it on my iPad and computer at the same time. Great value if you need to et over the great firewall.

  • Garret

    I started using VPNinja after my previous VPN stopped working in China. VPNinja is much speedier and much more reliable than the other VPNs that I’ve used. It’s cheap and supports multiple devices, so I can run it on my iPad and computer at the same time. Great value if you need to et over the great firewall.

  • mostafa fouad

    best vpn in the market 5 start

  • mostafa fouad

    very fast vpn service

  • Smatt

    I’m on my second year with VPNinja and in that time they have added lots more servers, in new countries too!

    The customer service is very fast, no extra fees for changing servers/ openVPN/ two connections.


  • Eric Yang

    The first two times I went back to China, I was the un-techy 10/12 year old of the household. But recently, getting into electronics, I went digging for a VPN before going back to China. I stumbled upon VPNinja! With their cheap prices and simple program, I had little to no trouble establishing a proxy connection in China.

  • Judy Wong

    The best VPN I’ve used in China so far. It’s fast and stable, plus it supports multiple device. I now recommend it to everyone I know.

  • Jesus

    Using VPNinja in China for over 3 months and I am happy so far. The service is reliable, with acceptable speed and the support is just great.

  • komatosecowboy


  • Kuro

    Works great in China and has a lot of different servers. I found that servers located in Japan were the most stable and fastest in China. Concurrent connections were great since I can use it for my iPhone and Computer.

  • Kevin C

    there’s a saying in Chinese: “just like adding wings to tiger”, that’s how i feel when start using vpninja… :)

  • Okky Hidayat

    I’ve been living in Shanghai for almost 4years and VPNinja has made it all easier to access blocked content here. Server is fast and stable with a lot server choices, service is friendly, the vpn itself can run in multiple devices. Recommended to anyone looking for speed, service, and good price VPN, anywhere!


  • Okky Hidayat

    I’ve been living in Shanghai for almost 4years, been using Astrill before in my first year but find out that it’s getting slower and couldn’t log on most of the time until my friend recommend this VPNinja. it helps me with most of the blocked content here in China. The server is fast and stable with multiple selection, easy to configure, work in multiple devices from OS to windows,service is reliable, text or even send whatsapp to the ninja in charge, they will reply fast, just like ninja! And the price? It’s cheap comparing with what I’ve got..

    Recommended to anyone looking for fast and cheap VPN connection anywhere in the world.


  • Evan

    As previous users have said VPNinja has been nothing but reliable in China, as well as Thailand, Laos and New Zealand.. The UI and server list is updated frequently and the support is incredibly prompt, efficient and friendly.

  • dobbelsteen

    Easy to use, a lot of decent VPN-servers
    Awesome system tray icon.

  • Alberto Tarifa Gran

    I am really satisfied with VPNinja, my previous VPN used to disconnect very offten, yet VPN Ninja has never failed! but my biggest surprise came when I realized I could even use it on my ipad or iphone and was still working on my laptop at the SAME TIME and for such a good price. This is what I recommend for those who need something reliable no matter where they live, for China works perfectly.

  • Derrick

    The VPN service is good, and pretty fast when I use in China. More important is it is multi-devices, so I can use in my iPhone, iPad and Desktop. However, to make a payment, there is not too friendly and need to logon from the computer. Should streamline that part and faciliate that part in the apps for the users.

  • galaxyyao

    After my former VPN is banned by GFW in China, I tried VPNinja according to my friend’s recommendation. It’s stable and fast, so I suddenly decided to buy 1 year set after 2-week trial use. I would recommend to those who is annoyed by GFW as well.

  • galaxyyao

    After my former VPN is blocked by GFW, I turn to VPNinja according to recommendation from my friends. Its stability far exceeds my expection, and I bought 1-year set just after 2-week trial use.

  • Komsan Kiatrungrit

    Easy to use and minimal problems with connection.
    Good instruction for newbie to VPN.

  • Makarand

    This VPN Service is pretty good. Specifically for people like me in China. It gives multiple choice for servers and never lets you down. Fantastic…

  • shroob

    I get better speed when using this VPN than without it in China.

    Good customer service – prompt replies to questions.


  • nannanmeng

    The VPN experience is great. The connection is quite stable, although it takes some time to log into facebook… Overall, it really provide great service!

  • Brent Smith

    VPNinja is excellent. Reasonably priced, and very reliable service here in China. It does not affect my upload/download speeds… I am able to stream video without problems. Payment for me is easy… they accept PayPal.

  • Aaron Cross

    VPNinja offers the best value and speed I’ve experienced from a VPN provider. I switched from a competitor once I realized how fast their competitors were.

  • Aaron Cross

    VPNinja is well priced, fast, and worth EVERY penny! Much better than their competitors!

  • Anonymous

    I have absolutely nothing serious to complain about when it comes to VPNinja. $60/year is fair, the speed is reasonably good most of the time, and I only rarely have any trouble connecting to the servers. There’s obviously going to be some speed loss when connecting from a 50MBit/s connection overseas, but it’s rarely been truly problematic. In fact, I’ve already recommended them to a number of friends here in Japan who want to use Hulu, Netflix, Crunchyroll, and the like.

  • JPC

    VPNinja service is pretty good. Simple, good pricing, lots of servers, speed was fine (not awesome, not bad). One complaint I have is that during the month I tried the service is the servers I would choose weren’t always available. Kinda frustrating. Better than most VPNs though.

  • Tsu-Yu Hsia

    VPNinja is the best VPN service that I’ve ever used. Affordable, stable, and easy to use. And limitless usage is even more attractive!!

  • Hope Loudon

    I am very satisfied with VPNinja. It had been much more reliable than the service that I used for China in the fall (Express VPN), and it’s half the price. It enables me to get a lot more done with better internet speed and access to every website I want to visit. You can easily install it on multiple devices too. The only thing you should know is not to use the Japan server if you want to use Pandora. Pandora isn’t free in Japan.

  • Toast

    Best VPN service I have used in China – fast and reliable, and customer service response time is good. I recommend this to my friends in China whenever I hear them complaining about another provider.

  • Jamie Fleishman

    Overall, I’ve been happy with VPN Ninja. On the computer it works really well though occasionally I need to switch servers. On the phone, for some reason it doesn’t work at my house. But after really good support it was clear it was an issue with the router at my home. Highly recommend!

  • forester-ninja

    I live in the city of Sanya in China 2 years. VPNINJA use for more than 1 year. Class service. Works well without fail. Alministratsiya constantly updates the program for better speed and access to all sites in the World. I recommend using VPNINJA!

  • Caroline

    I’ve been using VPNinja for about a year now with mostly stable connections. Whenever hiccups arise, customer service is always VERY fast to respond and also follow up. When there are bigger changes either with the service or external (govt) conditions in China, the VPNinja is pleasantly transparent, proactive, and fast to push out new solutions and fixes. Life saver ninjas!

  • Max

    VPNinja has been great! I like the fact there are various servers and the speeds are great. The price too is very competitive in the market. Keep up the good work VPNinja!!!

  • Fabian

    I have used this VPN in Beijing, China, and have worked excellent, even in my other IOS systems. Price much better than other VPNs companies. Very easy to set up plus give you option to select from different locations.

  • Skinnyater

    Hands down the best VPN in China. The price is affordable and the service is unmatched. WIth previous VPNs it seemed that they were down when I needed them most–preparing last minute classes and such. With VPNinja, I know I can access what I want, when I want, and at a good speed. After using the service for over a year, I sometimes forget what it’s like using the other garbage out there–that is until I end up at a friends house or a friend comes to my house. In my experience, the Japanese server is the best.

  • Entropignition

    VPNinja is the first VPN I paid for. I have been sticking to them for two years already just because I haven’t found a problem in any aspect that they wouldn’t solve during the day. Fully reliable, has great customer service and tech support… and good price too.

  • Marjan Sikandar

    No doubt a great vpn to use in china. Been using it for three months now :) and for sure a recommended one. If you are in china, vpninja is your key to access the world. Wanna bet? :p

  • Qian Qian

    Good customer service and updates constantly in response to any changes in the great fire wall. The VPN works for phone and tablet as well. Subscription price is a little high in my opinion but it is essential for China.

  • Xinwei Du

    VPN Ninja is a decent VPN provider, I’m surprised that it could bypass China’s firewall with the stealth option.

  • CronoPL

    VPNinja is the best program I have been using during my stay in Shanghai. Compared to other media it’s very fast, relatively cheap and what’s most important most reliable! If you are planning a longer stay in China and want to beat Great Firewall of China this is your number 1 pick!

  • Justine Lefebvre

    VPNinja is a great tool which makes my life easier on a daily basis. I would definitely recommend it to other users.

  • Louis Shi

    Great VPN Service, fast customer service, lots of servers to choose from, competitive pricing. Makes working and living in China much, much better!!!

  • Rosie Hyson

    VPNinja is my hero. This VPN is super easy to set up. It is fast and allows me to check my gmail, even when it is blocked at sensitive times. I also appreciate the updates about internet speed and stability in China at certain times of year. Only positive things to say.

  • Zoey Erdenebileg

    Good VPN, better than others that I’ve seen in China. Customer service is especially quick, and the product is affordable. It did go in and out a lot, but I attribute that to my spotty internet access.

  • Omar Hussain

    Honestly without VPNinja I would be really limited and bored surfing the web in China, VPNinja has saved me countless times when I needed access to blocked sites and materials. The world wide web should be open and VPNinja has done a great job, access from my PC, smartphone, wherever. I am happy with the service.

  • Mike

    It was great all around, everyone loved it

  • Owen Dong

    Very consistent VPN service in terms of reliability. Unlike other bigger names such as Astrill, VPNinja reallly provides service which works when you need it to work especially for those based out of China where many important websites are filtered. Highly recommended to give it a try for short term use.

  • Grzegorz Rogala

    I’m very satisfied with VPN Ninja. It works in China and has improved my browsing experience a lot. It is not expensive and very easy to set up and use. I can connect to servers in the UK and America in order to access region restricted content. I highly recommend VPN Ninja to anybody living in China and who wants to access blocked content.

  • gustavocolli

    I have used few VPNs in China and VPNinja is definitely the best one – not just because is cheaper but also because is fast, reliable and the staff are damn funny and helpful.

  • CK

    I would say overall VPNinja has been pretty stable in China. My company uses Google Email so it was extremely difficult attaching documents, accessing Google Drive, etc. but with VPNinja, I would say that I am satisfied 85% of the time.

  • Ignas

    By far the best VPN provider to use in China. When I had a couple of issues regarding my computer problems, VPNinja Support team replied and helped me out in less than an hour. VPN to go!

  • Anonymous

    I live in China and this is the best VPN I! Fast, reliable and always ready to fight the big “chinese firewall “!

  • Rauno Sainio

    During my first year in China I used Freegate first and then another VPN with a price similar to that of VPNinja. The continuing frustration only came to its end when I switched to VPNinja – it is by far the best that I’ve used, and all my friends in China use it, too! Recommended!

  • Tyler O’Neil

    I highly recommend this VPN, especially for users in China. My friend was using this service last year and, after seeing how fast the connection was, I made the switch. The Chinese government often changes The Great Firewall to stop VPN connections, but VPNinja always has a way around it within a day or two. And their email support is very quick and laced with cheesy humor.

  • Christine

    VPNinja is the fastest, easiest and most stable VPN in China! I have been using it for almost a year and don’t feel the need to change at all!

  • Ryan Fish

    I have been in China for the past few months and VPNinja has been both fast and reliable. Great customer services and cheap price. Highly recommended for anyone in need of a VPN.

  • Atcharapan

    I had been trying couple of top rank vpn providers and finally came back to VPNinja. It’s not the fastest but very stable and user-friendly comparing with others. Enough for me to work on my researching and enjoy Youtube, Facebook. I never had any issues using this vpn actually so I never really contact support team for further help, works smoothly on my iPhone and Macbook. The price’s worth it.

  • Arthur Urtan

    VPNinja works well in China. The connection is usually stable and fast. Whenever a problem occurs they are very quick to fix it. They also provide great customer service. Definitely recommend it.

  • Eunice Eu

    I have been using VPN ninja for 6 months. It was recommended to me by friends who also use it. I find it easy to use. It was very easy to set up , especially for someone as computer retarded as I am. When I had problems with the money transfer, the support team called me back quickly and were very helpful in solving the issue. i like VPNninja!!

  • Gabba

    Ik ben nu een aantal maanden in China, en heb nog nooit problemen gehad met VPNinja. Het is makkelijk aanmelden en werkt snel. Voor iedereen die naar China gaat een must.

  • Happy Cow

    I have used VPNinja since around last September and it’s been very good. I use it mostly from China and have no problem connecting to any of their servers around the world. I have used both PPTP and their OpenVPN stealth options and both works. The only issue is that they don’t like you torrenting stuff, so I tend to BT only during the night when I am not connected to VPN.

  • Chek Pak Hung 植伯鸿

    Subscribed for one month side-by-side with another service which I will not name.


    1. Stealth mode is stable
    2. Speed is acceptable
    3. Email techincal support usually resolves within a day
    4. Inexpensive
    5. Offers hardware-based router for VPN connection, great for NetFlix (not tested for speed)
    To be improved:
    1. Bittorrent performance suffers (tried with Bittorent and Vuze clients)
    2. Not as many connections to countries as compared to competition
    3. No IM/online chat with Technical Suppoprt

  • yo TuT

    VPN Ninja has been a wonderful solution while traveling. The only place we’ve had issues accessing the servers was in Indonesia. Keep up the good work!

  • AndrejsR

    Great service, positive attitude, fast and quiet like ninjas. They do know how to do their job ;) In fact, they do care about each of their followers. If you have any problem, they will stop you from commiting seppuku, because you are one of them now!

  • Henry Lew

    works well here in china to read ‘forbidden’ news and shopping sites. we use it for netflix sometimes, and the speed is good too. one time we needed customer service was excellent. highly recommended

  • Brue

    I was turned on to VPNinja by a friend who also lives in China. His big selling point was the customer service. I was floored when he was right! These days online support is spotty at best with most other services, but the VPNinjas not only were EXTREMELY FAST with response time, they also provided great insight and problem solving with a sense of humor. Saved my life. This is so priceless – I can’t believe the cost is as low as it is for what you get! Arigatou gozaimasu VPNinja!!!

  • William Mock

    I was introduced to VPNinja by a coworker. We both work in China, and she recommended VPNinja for its ability to log on on multiple devices and quick speed. It’s always been fast, with some slowdowns during what I assume are high traffic times (could be my ISP though). I have to highlight the great customer service and easy set-up, something that I found much better than the other VPN services I’ve used, like StrongVPN. With consistent updates, I know I’m not being forgotten by VPNinja! I highly recommend the service

  • James

    I have been using this VPN since I moved to china and for the majority of the time it has worked great, and when I have had some problems the customer service was great so I would definitely recommend VPNinja to other people.

  • Karim Alinani

    I have tried different VPN connections but amongst those VPNNinja does a pretty good job. The double ninja feature is great for me to use the same VPN on laptop and my mobile at the same time… Support is really good and infact i am happy with the student discount i get… Highly recommended for anyone who want to use faster VPN specially in China…


    I’ve been using VPNinja since arriving in China about 5 months ago. Support has always been very responsive, even before I was actually a customer since I asked a bunch of questions before deciding on them. Speeds in China are inconsistent and the combination of a few factors, and I think the VPN itself has done a good job of holding up its end of the equation. VPNinja is also a good value in my opinion, as a certain other very popular VPN choice in China charges extra for access from multiple devices. VPNinja is an excellent solution for me as I can have my computer and my phone logged on at any given time.

  • Jrrdwllms

    VPNinja makes life so much easier living in China. I will be a customer for a long time.

  • Wen Lin Xia

    Creo que es el mejor servicio de VPN, antes nunca lo había utilizado uno pero todo el mundo me recomendó este y es muchos foros lo recomiendan así que cuando llegué a China lo primero que hice fue hacerme con este servicio. No me ha dado ningún problema y los servidores estupendos. Espero que sigan mejorando su servicio.

  • Asianbeaver

    I have been using VPNinja for almost 2 years and I have extended my account for one more year. Why? Because the VPNinja team is friendly, efficient and they always think a step ahead so their service always stay at the top compared to other VPN services I tried in the past. Last but not least, their pricing strategy is smart and competitive.

    Long live VPninja!

  • Yoko Wu

    Good alternative for us in china.

  • Foo Chuan De

    i think VPninja has done a great job in creating an affordable and reliable VPN server. It has given me a chance to finally use Facebook and Youtube with ease in China where the media restrictions are very strict. Keep it up!

  • Randy

    i have been using vpn ninja for almost a year now, never encounter any problem.

  • Tracey

    I used VPNinja when I was in China. It’s a good choose because they not only offer excellent service but also reasonable price!!

  • Kevin

    VPNinja is one of the best VPNs I’ve used. Not only is it affordable ($6 a month or $58), it is highly reliable and gives a reasonably large bandwidth. Additionally, the start-up guide for beginners is easy to follow.

  • Vu Anh

    Fast, save, secure, and easy to use. I like VPNinja

  • Frederic

    I’ve been using vpninja for more that a year, before I started to use it I had used some other VPNs, paid or free ones, and it turned out that vpninja is the fastest VPN with the most competitive price and service, I will keep using it while my stay in china I guess!
    Best wishes to vpninja!

  • ngoc anh

    nhanh, ẩn ip tốt lắm

  • Jbow

    I’ve been using Vpninja from China for one month now. Before, I have tried several other VPNs including Astrill and Witopia. I find Vpninja to be as good if not better than the others in terms of functionality, better in terms of usability, and best in terms of price! I love the fact that it works on two devices at once, and that there are so many options for different servers. I am completely satisfied after switching to Vpninja and highly recommend it to anyone in China.

  • Nguyen Anh

    Fast, save, secure, and easy to use. I like VPNinja

  • anh vu tuan

    đã sử dung. rất tốt và nhìn chung rẻ. tốc độ rất tốt

  • FairnssFENG

    The VPN is really good and it works well on all my devices (ipad, mobile with andrio system and laptop with windows system). I have recommended it to a lot of friends around me.

  • FairnssFENG

    I have recommend VPN to a lot of friends around me, beacuse it really works stable on all my devices (ipad, mobile and laptop). Nice.

  • FairnssFENG


  • Richard

    VPNinja is great with a few caveat’s..: Inside China it cannot be used with mobile devices. Unfortunate. However on windows computers it still works great inside of China – excellent server list, decent connection speeds, and even a dedicated server for those downloading torrents. I rate VPNinja eight out of ten. :-)

  • stephanie

    I found it to be the best VPN for China because they concentrate on China; I also liked that I could pay cash. Convenient, reasonably priced, and does what it’s supposed to – what else do you need?

  • Sulazo

    Nghe nói dùng tốt và nhanh, bảo mật nữa

  • anhpdu87

    Fast, save, secure, and easy to use. I like VPNinja

  • anhpdu87

    Great.very fast.i like it.
    thanks you so much

  • anhpdu87

    Great.very fast.I like it
    Thanks you.

  • anhpdu87

    tuyệt vời,nó rất hữu ích đối với tôi.cảm ơn

  • anhpdu87

    I found it to be the best VPN for China because they concentrate on China; I also liked that I could pay cash.

  • anhpdu87

    VPNjnja is’s very fast,save, secure, and easy to use

  • anhpdu87

    toi dang can 1 thu nhu the nay.rat nhanh,rat huu ich.thanks

  • Jo

    Great. Occasional technical problems (because I am an unsophisticated user and because I travel a lot internationally), but VPNinja is ready to help, promptly, and they always have a solution. They’ve never let me down. I’m very pleased.

  • Nancy Lam

    its amazing how advance technology is nowadays. i am not extremely tech savy, but vpninja is extremely easy to use. i can use it with both my laptop (netbook) and my galaxy tablet, at the same time. i usually connect to US server, and when i have problems, i usually just disconnect and reconnect again. when i do have problems, i think its just because of my wifi signal strength. otherwise, it works perfectly.

    although sometimes, i do get kicked off at work on my tablet. i think that also may be related to signal strength of wifi. also, my facebook does not really reload well–but again, that may be bc i need to update my facebook app on my tablet. fr 6bucks a month, you really cant go wrong. u can watchhulu and all of ur shows at home from abroad!

  • Mike


  • Xixi Xu

    Easy to set up, not very expensive and very easy to use, except internet in China can be very slow

  • anhpdu87

    rất tuyệt,rất hữu ích đối với tôi.cảm ơn
    (very good, very useful for me.
    thank you)

  • anhpdu87

    rất tuyệt,rất hữu ích đối với tôi.cảm ơn
    (very good, very useful for me.
    thank you)

  • Colleen O’Connor

    I ordered a one-year subscription (almost a year ago) and overall am very satisfied with VPNinja! At first, I had technical issues setting it up, but VPNinja customer service was very prompt in helping me out. Sometimes, I have issues connecting to the VPN, but this is rare and most likely because I live in China. I can access the VPN on my Mac computer and mobile devices, which is very convenient.

    Even though VPNinja may not be as well-known as other service providers, their quirky, “business casual” attitude, and joke-filled emails have kept me hooked. I like how the customer relationship is not taken very seriously, and because of this, I feel comfortable contacting them for help. VPNinja is worth trying out, especially for those living in China. When the Chinese government cranks up internet security, you can trust VPNinja will immediately react to make sure their users have access to all of the web!

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