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SwissVPN is a business unit of Monzoon Networks AG, a Swiss telecommunications company which has been in operation since 2000. SwissVPN is dedicated to offer you an encrypted VPN tunnel from your computer to a Swiss computer centre in Zurich and entering the Internet from there. This way your traffic will safely tunnel all wireless and wired networks using encrypted VPN and you’ll surf the Internet from Switzerland


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  • adawda

    SwissVPN was the first VPN provider outside of the EU and close to where I live that I found, so I just went ahead and tried it. Price was fairly good too (6 CHF ≃ 4,50 €). Now after a while I’m looking for a change though. During the day I only get speeds of around 4 Mbit, during the night it goes up to 5 or 6 MBit.
    Also the Switzerland is now also on a path similar to the EU in regards to online privacy and filesharing, so I’m not so sure anymore about how good the security is.

  • Smudey

    SwissVPN is being operated based on Swiss Telecommunications and Personal Data Protection Law. Session IP’s (not visited content, websites, mail, etc.) are being logged for 6 months.

    In case of criminal offence against Swiss (!!) law authorities may
    request informations based on:

    Do not use them or anyone in Swizterland if you care about your privacy! TERRIBLE!

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