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Website: (.se .cn)
Location: Sweden
Founded: 2006
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Everything you do online can be traced and mapped by authorities, companies and others. Now you can protect your privacy with Relakks’ anonymizer VPN service. We guarantee your security and anonymity, and protect all types of Internet usage, including e-mail, surfing, file sharing and MSN.

Relakks offers Europe’s first and leading anonymising service, or “darknet”, founded on initiative by Jonas Birgersson and launched in co-operation with the Swedish [Pirate Party] on August 14th 2006.

The Relakks VPN service is delivered from the university town of Lund in southern Sweden and many thousand customers are protecting their personal information and integrity through Relakks. The culture at Relakks stems from a strong Swedish entrepreneurial tradition, and is owned by Trygghetsbolaget i Lund AB, which was founded in 2000.

User reviews

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  • Australia

    High privacy but poor reliability for sure

  • Ben

    Do not buy this piece of crap, please, I beg you. Upon registration I set an advanced password with special characters and this is making problems for me when login into the service. And cannot either change this password in my profile at their web site because their web script supposedly parse one of my special characters in the password as something else.

    Keep away, for heavens sake. I’ve also tried contacting them 5-6 times via e-mail and no answer. Not at all.

    I consider this service sololy as a scam. Do NOT buy, you will regret it.

  • mOXSquito

    Highly reccomended !

    I use Relakks since over 4 years and can only praise them !

    My experience shows that the service is reliable, provides a good speed (can even Skype through Relakks).

    I once had trouble with a payment (I messed up) but they where very responsive and helpful (responded/solved problem in less than 12 hours).

    Apple Mac friendly, no need to install additional software as they use Mac OSX built-in PPTP client !

  • Jasper

    I used this VPN-Provider for about 1 year. And there aren’t any things to complain about. I was quite content with this provider.

    The speed was really ok… download about 3.000kbit/s… and the upload speed was higher than the one of my ISP… my ISP upload speed was about 336kbit/s… so with relakks I had full upload speed.
    I didn’t experienced that the server was down quite often. During this 1 year it happend 3-4 times. And the price is more than affordable.
    I have never used the support as I have never needed it. Nonetheless I give them 5 stars. When the PPTP bug was discovered concerning IPv6 they informed all members immediately on their website.
    By and large everything was really great… and it was a reliable provider for me.

  • Russellhough

    I paid for the service through pay pal – and now I’m trying to get a refund – your right it’s a scam – I sent an email for tech support because I cant connect and the problem is on their end. Watch out – its a scam



    Relakks is crap, crap, and crap. I have used it for a couple of years now. The last 3 months, I succeed to connect, maybe 1 of 10 times.
    I have mailed them about this, but they have not replyed.

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