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Location: United-States
Founded: 2004
PublicVPN User Reviews LLC was formed in 2004 to provide VPN solutions to individuals, business travelers, and small businesses who use Wi-Fi access points and unsecured wired connections. provides you with commercial–grade security for your Internet connection when you’re on the road. Whether you use Wi–Fi® access points, hotel room network connections, or other, non–trusted networks, makes sure that your Internet transmissions are protected from eavesdropping. provides you with data security on the road – without the hardware, software, and expensive IT department that you usually need with Virtual Private Networks. Send and receive email without worrying that the guy with the latte is reading your email and stealing your passwords. Instant Message with colleagues from client sites without anyone being able to tap in. Keep your information private, and make sure your online business stays your business.

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  • Rampe

    Very slooooow connection when usign from Asia.

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