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Proxy Services
Location: United-States
Founded: 2010
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1800 User reviews offers both personal and professional privacy protection. By requiring no additional software or spyware downloads on your computer, the VPN service is very user friendly. It can be set up from your computer or smart phone (iPhone, Android, etc) in just minutes! In addition to providing virtual private network access, Proxy Services offers HTTPS web proxies, virtual credit cards, a phone proxy system to call someone anonymously by changing your Caller ID, and even a free web proxy browser tool. All of the servers are dedicated and are located in high speed data centers throughout the world. We invite you to check out one of the multiple privacy protection products today on

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  • Jason Colletay

    I recently signed up to this service for the VPN plan.  Nice download speeds, upload speeds are a little slower but still great.  I was activated same day and the support was very quick on responding.  VPN service worked as advertised — my work filters on blocking websites are now bypassed.

  • Anonymous


  • SEOFiji

    high speeds on speedtest, usa elite proxies, cant complain.  good job gang

  • Anonymous

    Based on the comment below by eliteerny I bought a AVS CC (to  be loaded with US$200.–) from them. Total US$235.–. That was 37 hours ago. I paid for the AVS CC with my credit card.

    Right after the purchase, I opened a high-priority support ticket (as per their sales page) to give them the name and and address to link to the card.

    After 1hr and 8 minutes, one of their staff responded that the information would be delivered to my email address within 12-24 hours. Not bad I thought. And I responded that it was OK.
    But I haven’t heard from them ever since.

    I asked for a status update after 29 hours had passed since my payment.
    To which I got no response.
    7 hours after that (36 hours total had passed) I gave them an ultimatum of 1 hour to deliver the card details, or else I will comment in here, report this to Start-VPN, and file an IC3 complaint.

    I still do not have the card information, they do not respond at all. Not in the support ticket. Not by email.

    You can view the anonymized support ticket here:

    Going to file an IC3 complaint right now.

    Just before going to, I checked the support ticket one last time.
    And while I was typing this message, they sent me the details for the AVS CC.
    Together with some lies, which I directly pointed out to them.
    They must have taken action because of what I wrote what I would do.

    I asked for confirmation of the address linked to the AVS CC, and again no reply.
    Updated ticket here:

  • Fyrebird8

    I just bought one of the prepaid cards, it took about 20 hours for it to be delivered but I did get it and it works perfect with Netflix.  Thanks

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