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Liberty VPN
Location: United-States
Founded: 2009
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Privacy is a right everyone is entitled to but in today’s world there is an increasing need to observe the activities of people. A small exapmle are Internet Service Providers that use log files to record internet activity which are then saved and archived in case they must be submitted to the authorities.

Liberty VPN provides our valued customers with a service that ensures their privacy and anonymity while online. Infringements on people’s privacy, occurs daily regardless the country they live in. Modern technology has many benefits but at the same time can be used against the right to privacy. With VPN servers located in the UK, Germany, Canada and the USA, Liberty VPN can reinstate this right to people. Through our VPN technology a new internet connection (in addition to the existing one) is created that will encrypt your traffic and will leave no traces regardless the ISP used. We are opposed to any sort of censorship and we strive to help people experience the liberty of enjoying the World Wide Web just like it was intended. Our service is 100% legal and any illegal activity on our network is strictly prohibited (including P2P sharing programs).

Rely on Liberty VPN and your privacy will be protected!

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  • Stephen

    I am an expat living in a really great place with lots of sun! but its always nice to keep in touch with what is going on back in the UK. I had a satellite and it cost a fortune, luckily now someone recommended this service to me and I never looked back. Even though this technology business is not my thing I had no trouble in setting the connection up and now i watch BBC iplayer every day well almost everyday

  • Fahad

    the quality and price of the vpn server is amazing! i got exactly what i paid for, and i have no regrets. now i can watch many things that i hadnt been able to before!

  • Daryll

    I’ve tried a couple of these VPN companies and after about 3 months of use Liberty VPN is the best, very fast and with quality stable speed. The support is very good in the rare times when I encountered a technical issue, patient and professional!

  • Alex

    Liberty VPN was recommended to me by a friend since ordering the service has been very good, no complaints at all and connects on my iPhone within five seconds. Incredibly fast, simple, and has never failed or caused any difficulties whatsoever!

  • Anthony

    Love it so far it is really helping me in China. No problems with Liberty VPN works Great!

  • Saeed

    Liberty VPN is a great solution for my needs. I wanted to use Hulu, but I reside outside of the US. With the click of a button I’m connected and can start watching instantly. Even better, it works without much limitations in viewing other websites too! Keep up the good work highly recommended!

  • Lucas

    Since I use the service of Liberty VPN most of the time to play online or access Web sites that normally block direct access from south america,the service is outstanding and the staff of the support really works for you, i recomend Liberty VPN as the most reliable up till now.

  • Luiz Hernandez

    It’s great, Really works amazing. Ha sido de gran ayuda en el trabajo y el ocio

  • Mshussain

    I really enjoyed your service while here in the Arab world. I do not have enough words to thank you for your service.

    Thanks again for such an excellent service. 

  • Angie

    Wow, I really really thank VPN for the satisfying service they are offering to me. This is really the best network provider plus the fact I have set up applications on my Iphone though this amazing VPN. I cannot even imagine that I am also making money being an affiliate. I must say, VPN is my number one choice.

  • Jason

    I was in China for two weeks trying aimlessly to figure out a way to use the internet normally until a co-worker sujested i use Liberty VPN! Two minths and its working great with no problems I stringly recommend it for anuone working or travelling to China!

  • Robert_binkier

    Thank you very much. Liberty proved to be a great company. AMAZING product. Thank you again

  • Ahmad_Kuw

    “We’re loving it. It’s just amazing. It’s good. Really good!”

  • Stavros

    I had a great time in dubai I was there for one month on business and everything was pleasant. The only real hassle about the place is the internet restrictions they have couldnt access most of the sities I usually can back home. Luckily I found this service called Liberty VPN which help solve the issue cheaply and easily! Thank you for that!

  • Peter

    Great service I use it everytime i go to China for business! Thank you Liberty VPN hope you continue providing a reliable service.     

  • Jasper

    Usually people use a VPN when travelling abroad to places like China or Dubai but I use it for the security and anonimity. I use many hotspots for work as I am a freelancer so I want to be secure at all times. The service Liberty VPN provides is absolotuley reliable never let me down. Special thanks to you guys!!!!

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