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Ideal VPN
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Ideal VPN
Location: France
Founded: 2010
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Privacy protection : when you are using your internet connection, with your web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Safari…) or any software using the worldwide network (P2P, Instant messaging, Msn, Skype) your IP address is known.

Be sure nobody can spy you : with Ideal VPN, your IP address is completly hidden and your network traffic is ciphered. Nobody can catch the incoming and outgoing datas from your computer. Our servers, hosted in European countries (Nederland, Germany), are protected in high secured data-centers.

Unlimited bandwidth and traffic / TCP & UDP ports redirection (NAT)

One of the lowest price.

No need of additionnal sofware, your system already has all you need to establish a VPN connection to our VPN servers. Less than 30 secs to configure…

When you are connected to our VPN (Virtual Private Network), your datas are routed inside a virtual tunnel, entirely crypted, between your computer and our VPN servers. Nobody can intercept or listen your traffic

Ideal VPN can replace your IP address (given from your Internet Provider) with an anonymous IP address through a ciphered VPN (PPTP protocol 128 bits). Your datas can cross the network of your internet provider, Wifi hotspot or any unsecured connection without being intercepted or filtered.

Ideal VPN does not keep any informations about datas wich pass through his network. We can ensure you the best confidentiality.

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  • heelo

    Good bandwidth, good support (email). good ping. cheaper… what else ?

  • Philippe

    Used since 4 months. Good bandwidth, rarely disconnected (no soucy using vpn lifeguard). Their vpn answered to my need. Very good support (answers quick). Among cheaper.

  • Juscek

    Excellent prestataire VPN. Un service VPN de qualité. Support 24/7 et pas cher.
    Une protection suffisamment efficace pour se prémunir du danger “big brother”
    A recommander chaudement.

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