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IAPS Security Services
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IAPS Security Services
Location: United-States
Founded: 2007
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IAPS Security Services, L.L.C. was established in October 2007 primarily as a vpn service provider. Other services include SSHv2 security accounts, cpanel hosting services, and secured/private access email accounts. Since 2007, IAPS Security Services, L.L.C. has grown and developed into the world’s largest vpn network spanning more than 106 countries from around the globe. We have expansion plans for 2011 that will involve a private voip platform, an internal messaging network, and the addition of 10 GB/s networks.

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  • M. Grayson

    I’ve been a subscriber for a little over a year now and am more than happy with the quality of the networks. We have business contacts around the world and this is imho the most secure and far reaching network in the world and has helped immensly keeping us in touch.

  • Privado

    Excellent service here. These guys have more locations than any other service provider I’ve ever seen. Network speed is great!

  • diplomacy

    Service to South America is great. :)
    As an American we’re always concerned about being monitored by foreign isp’s when we travel and the SSTP vpn service offered by IAPS is truly a life saver that gives me back my privacy and my piece of mind.

  • Vpnprivacy

    Great service and network speed here. Reliable and honest company here. Answers questions and gives feedback very nicely.

  • schumacker

    You have to really see this SSTP VPN service to believe it. I’ve been all around the world and the SSTP VPN service offered by this company on their gigabit networks is hands down the best service I’ve ever encountered. I was an OpenVPN believer for many years before being convinced to give SSTP a try and I thank my lucky stars that I did. Once you go SSTP, you won’t even consider OpenVPN any more.

  • Expatsabroad

    I get my British expat tv service from these guys. Excellent service here.

  • VpNPimpZ

    Man, these guyz are pimpin’ !! More than 100 countries to choose from. In da vpn world I vote these guyz for president!!!!

  • GreekinUK

    I am so glad I found this company. I couldn’t find a Greece vpn service any where else. I signed up and got my service from them and I’m very happy. I thank this site for pointing me in the right direction and giving me the referral I needed to find my service.

  • Ptgamer

    i play games through their portugal vpn network. works excellent for me and nice speeds and low latency which is important in the games i play.

  • Noely

    Great service for my iPhone. I love these guys.

  • Freedman

    Like the guy said below, I vote this company for president. Simply put: widest stretching network in the world, they use non-data center ip ranges, and gigabit servers. What more could you ask for? The perfect vpn!

  • Iphones4me

    This is some kick ass iphone vpn stuff!

  • holyrolling

    Holy Christ! A Vatican City vpn!! And it works 100% awesome!!!.

  • Tknight1012

    I have been a client of IAPS for over two years now. I wish to let everyone know how very happy I am with the vpn’s and service. The VPN speeds are excellent, very reliable and private. The support available is most excellent and always prompt. I have learned a lot about the VPN world from the guys here and my questions are always answered. I highly recommend IAPS, as an honest and reliable company, one you can count on, always.

  • Domino

    Great VPN provider.
    Largest location list I’ve ever seen!!

  • Mathew_sk

    Absolutely 5 star.

  • Jocon22

    I’d recommend using IAPS … i’ve had no problems using them in Spain or around the world.

  • Sportster101

    Wow! I can stream South African Super Sports! This is amazing and fantastic!

  • Johnradcliffe

    Just amazing stuff here. They can do just about anything!

  • sheilabundy

    They offer a nice automated VPN dialer with multiple countries inside. Not this is really convenient.

  • Gpeters

    Very nice U.K. vpn, very happy 10/10

  • goingpostale

    That automated dialer service is cool. I know exactly what your talking about Sheila. Very convenient and a very simple setup. Nothing to it really.

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