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High Speed VPN
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High Speed VPN
Location: United-States
Founded: 2010
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With High Speed VPN you will have Unrestricted Internet Access from anywhere in the world, and, even more, enjoy complete online anonymity as your entire Internet traffic is encrypted when using our service.

We are not a VPN Accounts reseller, like most “VPN Providers” out there. We own all our VPN servers and host them in the fastest data centers in the world, in order to provide the best speed and the fastest technical support for you.

There is a limited number of active VPN Accounts set on every server so that the bandwidth is always more than enough for everybody. We are committed to provide the fastest and most reliable Personal VPN Service in the industry.

We do not use your personal information in any way, nor do we log or sell your browsing history. Our first and foremost concern is your privacy and security.

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  • Jennifer Q.

    I am using this VPN provider for a couple of months. The service is working as advertised, unblocks Facebook, YouTube, HULU etc.

    They have good speed, surfing web sites is working just fine, video streaming is OK most of the times. The only problem I had is with YouTube HD, the video does not always stream well if in High Definition format, and you sometime have to wait for the buffer to build up, kind of annoying.

    The best thing is that there is no traffic limit. I am online pretty much the whole time, and I need a provider that doesn`t slice bandwidth :) .

    Overall I am happy with them, definitely would recommend to anybody living in China.

  • Alexander Hayes

    I am visiting Thailand for 4 months and I only use the VPN to watch BBC online.

    I bought the Account (UK Plan) from HighSpeedVPN about 2 weeks ago, the company was recommended to me by a friend who is also staying here in Thailand and likes to view British tv programmes.

    Had some small problems connecting from Vista but support helped me through it, appreciated the quick replies.

    Speed is very good, had no interruptions on BBC iPlayer and even BBC HD streams well.

  • Jason

    Good service, nice download speeds and reasonable price. Works great from my new iPad.

  • Jason

    Good service, nice download speeds and reasonable price. Works great from my new iPad.

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