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Website: (.pl)
Location: Romania
Founded: 2009
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HideIPVPN is a VPN service that makes your traffic appear to originate from a United States, United Kingdom, Germany or Canada.


05/02/2013: VPN provider HideIPVPN announced that Smart DNS is coming!
07/24/2012: 25% off on HideIPVPN offers for London 2012
07/19/2012: HideIPVPN Released a New Torrent Feature
12/06/2010: 55% HideIpVPN Christmas Discount During December 2010
11/25/2010: Black Friday – 75% Off Promotion for VPN Packages
11/11/2010: Watch The End of F1 Season – Guess The Winner and Get a Free Account
10/18/2010: HideIpVPN 2.0 is launched!
09/27/2010: Moneybookers is now available as HideIpVPN payment option

User reviews

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  • alpha

    I’ve been used this service for more than 8 months. Very reliable & fast connection! Their US servers ALWAYS give 0ver 98 % of the original speed (100 % useully) according to the results I get at Sometimes, I get over the max speed I’ve gotten with my bare connection via their VPN(Theoretically, is is possible?) The UK servers used to give only around 50 % of the original speed but recently they begin to also give almost 100%!
    Unfortunately, like most VPN providers, they don’t tell us very much about who they are, but so don’t most VPN providers!(I think they should at least provide a support forum, though). So, it is certain that this is one of the best VPN providers you can get.

  • PostmanPat

    I’m very happy I can use this service that makes me feel connected to the UK. The service is great, support excellent and has been reliable..

  • Suresh – India

    Really useful piece of intelligence. Best features are : Highest speed among all competitors, freedom of surfing web without any block points, Keep your ass safe when you surf.

    And the best point I liked : I was able to surf those sites too which were blocked by my company’s firewall or were not available in my area.

  • Jawdat – Sweden

    Great service that is really easy to set up. My only problem is that i have a 100/10mbit/s connection and the vpn connection takes me down to about 2/2mbit/s. What iv’e heard tho is that you get better speed when using it directly on the computer instead of like i am doing from the router. Except from the speed issue i’m really happy with this service and can really recommend it.

  • Antoine

    Rapide et facile d’utilisation. Bon VPN pour faire du P2P.

  • Renaud

    C’est un super VPN pour les expatriés vivants au-delà de la mer pour être capable de regarder la télé américaine à la demande :,,…

    La vitesse est également bonne. Et l’aide très efficace.

  • Kate

    I got the free account about a year ago.(It was hard to get it at that time. Lucky me!)
    I use it almost every day. I’ve never experienced failing to connect to the servers instantly. The US servers have never slowed down my original speed.
    According to their blog, they seem to fix it whenever their IPs are blocked, while most VPN providers give it up. I’ll definitely buy it from them if my favorite site block my IP, because I’m sure that they know how to fix it and I can count on them.

  • ChrisJacko

    As a British guy spending large portions of the year out of the UK and an avid believer in unencumbered use of the internet, I was delighted to stumble across “HideIP VPN” whilst searching for an affordable UK proxy server to enable me to watch British TV and follow the fast approaching Formula 1 GP season live, with English commentary.
    Anyone who has been down this route will know that it is inevitably doomed to failure, as in the unlikely event of finding a working UK based proxy which is not painfully slow due to being overloaded, the chances are that it would disappear in a very short time, leaving you to search again, reconfigure your connection etc.

    Enter HideIP VPN, This appears to be a relatively young organisation in this field, and my research leads me to believe that they are conducting their affairs in a very responsible way. By limiting their monthly quota of new account subscriptions to numbers well within the capacity of their servers and calmly following a program of increased server capacity in accordance with the increasing demand for accounts, this organisation are not going to become swamped. I am convinced that these people will be around for a very long time.
    I visited their website although I was rather sceptical until I had spent a little time reading what they had to say on what is a delightfully simple, straight forward site devoid of bells, whistles, popups or any other form of annoying advertising. One is greeted with a simple home page with basic information and well described links which are easy for anyone to follow. The top of the page shows your individual IP address and location beneath which there are three tabs to open the three basic essentials, labelled ‘Free VPN’ (US & UK) – ‘Premium’ (US – UK – Germany & Canada) and Howto, which contains clear instructions and screenshots for setting up the connection for your chosen package on your chosen Operating System.

    These tutorials are refreshingly simple to follow, there is no software to install and no fiddly configuration to perform, and yes!!! one of the tabs is ‘FreeVPN’ although inline with their controls of quality and subscription quantities, these are strictly limited in number, which is not a problem as the paid subscriptions are very affordable.
    I was sent my username and password almost instantly and was soon up and running on both my desktop,(XP Pro – Spanish language version, as I am presently in Venezuela) and my laptop, (Vista Premium – English language version) and soon discovered that the system works perfectly. My IP address is now shown as UK and I am enjoying iPlayer, ITV player and F1 videos with absolute impunity and no speed penalties whatsoever. Life is now good.

    I highly recommend a visit to HideIpVPN where you can check prices and judge for yourselves, I would be very surprised if serious visitors to the site left without placing an order, as the quality of service is second to none whilst the subscription prices are far lower than the competition.

  • Dave

    I was looking for a cheap VPN. After a while i found HideIpVPN. The Speed is great and i like to listen with the UK Server to Spotify. If you want a cheap, fast VPN with Servers in UK, USA or DE than i recommend hideipVPN.

  • Tom

    I usually do not do this kind of thing as to write reviews or recommend things to others but HideIPVPN made such an impression on me that I had to do it as a thank you for an excellent service!
    I am using HideIPVPN since January 2010 and never, ever I have been disappointed with this service both form technical and customer service point of view. Before I trusted them I was quite afraid since usually good quality comes only with price. Not in this case. You get for your money exactly what they promise and even more. The other day I was setting up an account for a friend of mine (Sunday evening) and had some difficulties (on my side) with payment. Contacted HidieIPVPN to check about payment,account and service (expecting to get reply on Monday) to my surprise I have had an answer and full help within 5 min! Not even BIG companies (like my laptop manufacturer) are that good. Thank you guys for an superb service! And to all of you who have not decided yet… if you wish to watch hulu form wherever you are, have access to bbc or have a bit more privacy and do not want to pay for it as for gold this service is The ONE. What made me try (and stay) beside price. I have not foaund any other company of this kind helping people from countries with high censorship (and low income) with give away of free accounts. This way I have a feeling that in a way my money maybe do help someone from Chine or Iran. They are constantly improving their service. Only recently new server was added on the east coast of USA to improve speed and quality even more.
    Plus (if you’re Polish) you can easily read all necessary information in Polish – go to and click at the bottom of their site. Now for Poles who might find this review in the internet. Jesli potrzebujesz informacji o po polsku alby lepiej poznac oferte, wejdz na gdzie znajdziesz wszystkie potrzebne informacje o tej usludze.
    Again, thank you for best VPN service I had, keep up the good work guys!

  • Bill

    I can use bittorent which is blocked by my ISP.

  • Thomas

    my speed is very fast, i think it is the best vpn

  • Tim

    My speeds have increased greatly since I got a HideipVPN account. I live in the USA and love it!

  • Justin

    I use my VPN account throughout the USA in high speed hotels. Some of the hotels don’t offer VPN. I have no problems reaching support for help, very fast connection too.

  • Anna

    Do tej pory nie wiele wiedzialam o VPN i tego typu sprawach ale znalazlam swietne strony z materialami video (HULU i BBC iPlayer) i okazalo sie, ze nie moge ich ogladac :-( bo jestemw Polsce.
    Poszukalam, poszukalam i znalazlam hideipvpn polska.
    Poczytalam, porowanalam z innymi, zalazalam troche opinii w necie – zaplacilam – JESTEM ZACHWYCONA.
    Predkosc super, cana swietna, problemow z polaczeniami – ZERO.
    I wreszcie jestem na biezaco z moimi ulubionymi serialami :-) I moge ogladac je gdzie chce i kiedy chce a nie w TV z laski na ucieche.

  • Will

    The VPN service is very easy to install and works as advertised. It is somewhat slow in China because of the low bandwidth but I am able to access anything I want on the internet.

  • Jane

    Awesome VPN Service! I went looking for a VPN solution after Comcast started traffic shaping Bittorrent packets. HideipVPN’s service allows me to use the full potential of the upload/download speeds I am paying for. Setup was extremely easy and the speeds are great. I highly recommend this VPN service.

  • Debra

    I love knowing that my wireless internet browsing is secure from snoopers and that I can travel abroad while keeping an American IP Address. The service is great and the technical support is even better. I have found I use this VPN service on a daily basis with no problems in speed or connection availability.

  • Mick

    HideipVPN works very well. It is a great means to protect privacy and most importantly, prevent traffic shaping by my ISP. I bought a VPN account based on traffic shaping, but I’ll keep it for the privacy, and freedom if any applications are ever blocked at any public WiFi spots. I am very happy with connectivity and speed. Thanks!

  • Jeffrey

    This VPN service is awesome. Its very fast and affordable and I haven’t had any issues with it. The customer service is also great they helped me go through some questions I had with the service and answered them very professionally. I recommend HideipVPN to anyone who is looking for a good reliable service.

  • Patrick

    Awesome! I definitely am not an IT professional…so I didn’t even know such a service existed. My needs are simple. I am military deployed overseas and I need to access some online language learning “Videos on Demand.” Unfortunately, streaming was restricted because I had a non-US IP address. A friend recommended but that didn’t work for me. The IP that Anonymizer generated was still not U.S. With the good help of Google search, it became clear that giving the service a shot was the right way to go. I haven’t been disappointed!

  • Amelie

    A fait un moment que j’utiise le service et j’ai pas des objections. J’ai commencé par le paquet avec des adresses IP du Royaume-Uni (pour regarder les programmes BBC).
    VPN marche si bien (le prix aussi est très concurrentiel), que j’ai décidé d’acheter aussi l’accès aux serveurs aux Etats-Unis.. je regrette pas – Hulu marche très bien!
    En raison de changements de lois francais, j’ai achété maintenant l’accès aux serveurs de Pays-Bas.
    De temps en temps, j’utilise le rèseau P2P, et mieux le faire par VPN ( permet d’utiliser de rèseau P2P et le torrent sur une partie de ses serveurs) et de ne pas avoir des problèmes.
    Je suis très satisfait de ce service et je le recommande à tout le monde!
    Les connexions sont très rapides et le prix très intéressant.
    Si vous voulez, comme moi, regarder la télévision britannique et americains et vous utilisez parfois le torrent, est un service pour vous! Vérifiez-le !

  • lil vpn

    bon vpn je le teste avec pack us et vpntunnel pour le p2p,des la fin de mon abonnement vpntunnel ,je prend le pack us/uk/nl.
    debit stable 2 mega en dessous de mon opérateur donc correct,cela fait 10jours que je teste et aucune deconnexion,hulu,abc, etc….fonctionne correctement et sans ralentissement.
    Bref je suis bleuffé par ce vpn ayant utilisé avant,vpnfacile et vptunnel,hideipvpn et de loin le meilleur et a un prix raisonnable.

  • Anna

    Por fin hay un paquete de servicios para mí.

    Finalmente, gracias a los recientes cambios en los servicios y paquetes, tengo acceso transversal a varios servidores por todas partes.
    He elegido el paquete US/UK/NL/DE y tengo que admitir que estoy muy encantada! Puedo ver todo lo que quiero, descargar lo que me gusta y no me pongo nerviosa que estoy visible en la red.
    Sus servidores garantizan una conexión rápida y estable. Si usted necesita cualquier ayuda el servicio al cliente responde casi inmediatamente.

    Realmente funciona muy bien! Gracias!

  • J Bullen

    I would like to say that it is a great service! I found it through this web site ( and part with reviews is really cool. I am based in Germany right now and thanks to those guys I can watch my favourite shows at hulu and CBS (a bit of home abroad).
    I have used other services that were comprehended here but out of 3 that I tried HideIP VPN seems to be the best value for money for me. Thanks!

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