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CyberGhost VPN
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CyberGhost VPN
Website: (.de .fr .it .es)
Location: Germany
Founded: 2007
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CyberGhost VPN helps you to reboot the Internet and bring back the time, it has been a place for freedom, privacy and security. It protects and safeguards your privacy, let you surf, where others won’t want you to and keeps important data like credit card numbers safe in insecure environments, a.k.a. public hotspots and Wireless LAN. CyberGhost VPN gives you back the freedom to express your opinio…ns and feel comfortable again while surfing, sharing files, using WLAN and managing your online banking account. Remember: Intruders don,t knock.

With CyberGhost VPN it’s easy to establish anonymity on the Internet to protect yourself and stay out of trouble. Its operation is straightforward, simple and, of course, secure.

User reviews

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  • Marcel

    I’m using CyberGhost since 2009 and, yes, it’s verry cool! Works perfect for me …

  • Roldolf

    Best VPN provider as i know.
    Very fast and very good availability.
    Also there are US-Server now.

  • Stefan

    great vpn.. :)

  • fonky95

    AMAZiNG tout simplement GeNiAL !

  • Rocco

    einfach Super !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • zcemu

    it’s verry cool! great VPN service!

  • sokko

    Besser kann nicht sein ! Weiter so !!!

  • Master Yoda

    extremly fast, even when i use us servers,
    the prices are perfect considerning the speed of the servers!
    i can only recommend it to everybody.

  • freeLancer

    although i only use the free version, i cant really complain, very fast even for a free service, and the support works very quick!
    get it!

  • brucebanner

    toller service, und vor allem sehr schneller support, meine anfrage wurde nach ca. einer stunde benatwortet, habe mir jetzt auch ein premium account angeschafft, bringt einiges mit den amerikanischen ips, gerade bei oder ähnliches.

  • Jonathan

    Cyberghost loggs all of your private informations! Beware of using it for doing illegal activities…! Theyll give all the information (client ip, packets) to the police if you having any problem :(

  • MrG11

    It’s a pity that people who obviously do not know how to use a website ruin a perfect rating a of very good software, the FAQ section of CyberGhost clearly states that now data is being stored, , I really don’t understand how you would overlook this fact and start making some assumptions.
    Using CyberGhost for a while now, and happy with it.

  • henry

    Oooohhh!!!! whats the point in using a VPN that monitors all your activity you might just as well go without and let your ISP see everything. Thanks for the tip off, I am going to another VPN.

  • Jens

    Using this service since a long time. Very fast, secure and reliabily service!

    @Jonathan, henry:
    CyberGhost VPN doesn’t log anything. Due to that, there is no data which could given to any police.
    That is also mentioned in their FAQ:

  • tidyhouse

    cyber ghost is a very good vpn provider
    but now etisalat uae. is blocking this service
    so please do something about it cyber gost

  • CGUser

    Very fast, reliable, U.S Server, DE, NL and UA available.

    Speed >3000 Mbit with by connection

  • Anon1_1

    Best VPN Service in my opinion. 40+ servers, nice client, fast connection (>8MBit most times) and very nice support team

  • Steven

    Very fast VPN service. 50 servers in 5 countries.

  • Joe

    Best VPN Provider! Many Servers in many countries, every Year new features, no lags, thumbs up!

  • Josh

    Very fast VPN provider! Great speed!

  • Archi

    Ein sehr schnelles und zuverlässiges Anonymisierungsprogramm.

  • Wilde Wutz

    Bulls..t…nothing is logged and therefore nothing can be given away

  • Mark

    Best VPN service that I know. Comes with 50+ servers in four countries which makes it very easy to use u.s. streaming sites for example.

  • johannes

    bester vpn-anbieter aus deutschland. keine logs, super speed, auch bei us-servern.

  • Sed

    The Best

  • Joshua

    CyberGhost is just a great VPN service. Now they support native OpenVPN access also! No bandwidth limits in Premium!

  • Netmaniaxxl

    Cyberghost is a great VPN service and it is free!!!!!!!

  • Mitrache Adrian

    Great, cyberghost vpn rulleezzzz

  • Ole Albers

    Bin von der Geschwindigkeit ziemlich enttäuscht.
    Alle Positiven Reviews sind ja relativ alt. Vermutlich hat sich da die Qualität mächtig verschlechtert
    Habe das Premium-Paket und US-Videostreaming (z.B. DailyShow) bricht selbst auf der geringsten Bandbreite immer wieder ein. Ebenso Mediathek, wenn US-Server verwendet werden. Netflix und Co. braucht man gar nicht erst versuchen. Wenn jemand Tipps für einen SCHNELLEN VPN hat, bitte melden.

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