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Location: Belize
Founded: 2007
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Cryptocloud employs robust, opensource security technology to protect all of your internet applications from surveillance: web, email, IM, VoIP, p2p – every packet. Route around censorship and limitations like packet shaping, content filtering, traffic logging, and protocol limits – make your own ‘net neutrality’.


07.05.2011: Cryptocloud adds new servers in Europa and new methods of payment

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  • Anonymous

    I am waiting for a bit more feedback from cryptoclouds customers but it looks promising. Look before you leap has become my favourite motto.

  • Anonymous

    Been searching on the net and some very negative comments in regards to the owners of the this vpn service and the privicy of their customers, so more feedback really is needed. But i personally will be staying clear of this vpn provider.

  • Arguile

    no west coast servers, connections for portland, oregon on comcast about 4mbpsdown 8mbps up to the east coast servers

  • Forx

    A little bit to expensive but very reliable and secure. It´s also very easy to find information about questions in their “encryptica” forum. I recommend it.

  • Guest

    Just looked at them and signed up! West Coast Server is very fast and Amsterdam was as well. Read their terms of service and it was different than any of the other companies I looked at. All say they don’t log but Cryptocloud was the only one that didn’t say they would shut you off if they found you were misusing their service. How do the others know it was YOU doing something wrong if they don’t track you.

  • Anonymous

    HORRIBLE vpn provider, stay very very far away from this company. They only provide you a handful (four) servers and they are all slow as 56k dialup. I can’t even load a webpage, this company is a complete waste. The support is a joke and it’s been over a week that I’ve been waiting for a refund.

    To make matters worse, I found out that the founder was arrested 1-2 years ago for cocaine distribution and zoophillia (sex with horses and dogs). He cut a deal with the feds for turning everyone in and also gave over full access of the member database.

    DO NOT signup for this provider, your better off flushing your money down the toilet. Giving money to crypto cloud is supporting drug dealers and zoophillia.

  • jim

    i tried them and there speeds for torrents are great, and they take privacy seriously. support could be better but im happy with them

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