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Location: Turkey
Founded: 2010
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boxpn VPN Service provides global VPN services for online security and anonymity.

boxpn creates encrypted secure tunnel connection between your computer / mobile device and boxpn global servers with up to 2048 Bits encryption. This way, all your internet traffic goes through boxpn servers and you become secure and anonymous while using internet.

boxpn VPN Service keeps you secure and anonymouse from the prying eyes of your ISP and government.

Below is the list of boxpn Global Network locations:

USA : Los Angeles, Atlanta, St. Louis, New York – Manhattan, New York – New Jersey, Washington DC and Miami
Canada : Montreal and Toronto
UK : Hampshire and Manchester
Australia : Sydney
Germany : Frankfurt
France : Paris
Switzerland : Zurich
Italy : Milan
Spain : Madrid
Sweden : Stockholm
Turkey : Istanbul


IP Address Features: IP Shared (dynamic), IP Shared (static)

Protocols Features: L2TP/IPSec, PPTP, SSTP

Speed & Transfer Features: Unlimited Transfer, Unrestricted Speed

Server Locations Features: Canada, France, Germany, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, United-Kingdom, United-States

Platform Supported: Android, Blackberry, iPad, iPhone, Linux, Mac, Windows, Windows Phone

Language Supported: English, Turkish


Support Method: Email, Live Chat

Support Language: English

Editions & Pricing

Offer Number: 8 plans

Price (monthly): Starting at $5.99

Free Trial (days): No Free Trial

Moneyback Guarantee (days): 30 days

User reviews

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  • Mert Deniz Efe

    I extremely suggest boxpn vpn service. They provide reliable and professional online security services with a great price and value. I use boxpn Sweden network whenever I have internet access. I travel a lot and use many wifi hotspots in otels and different providers. I like to know that my internet traffic to be encrypted and secure. 

  • Kandi

    Great customer service! 

  • Michelle

    I wish I new boxpn before. I live in Norway and have been looking to find vpn provider to stream from Netflix USA in HD quality. I tried 3 other vpn providers and speed was always ok about 3mbits but not good enough for hd. Then I tried boxpn and speedtests results shows up to 10mbits and I can stream in hd now with a better price. Their support is very responsive also, thank you.

  • Onamak889

    Love the quality of service, thank you.

  • Sameer

    I am using Boxpn Service for Few months and Now I have subscribed to one year service!!! I am satisfied with there service!!! Thanks to Boxpn!!!

  • Sameer

    I am currently using Boxpn VPN… I am very satisfied with there service!! Thanks to Boxpn!!!

  • Anonymous

    Can’t be better. I created account and also got a bonus with Italy and Australia servers. Very good price and quality.

  • Junktrapper

    I have had issues with this VPN stopping on me. I am not a techie and the email support I get has not solved the problem. When it works it works great..until it stops and I have to find another server . Price is very good and I feel security and speed are very good. I just wish I could stop the cut offs…then I would give it an A+

  • Anonymous

     Hello Junktrapper,

  • R Rock43

    I started using since yesterday with my dd-wrt router. It works very good. I’m connected to their Washington DC servers. I get full 8Mbit speed on my ADSL connection from Greece. Just learned that I can use this account with 3 pc in the same location. Wow this is a great deal in price. I definetly give boxpn A+

  • Che Guevara

    Great services really

  • Anonymous

    Just created account few hours ago. Using L2TP, so far so good. Especially my upload speed increased. They say they have compression technology can boost speed of windows pcs.

  • Pablo Ruiz

    Yes. This is the one I’ll be using whenever I need one. Pricing was incredible and tech support was just awesome with an unbelievable response time, which led to my being able to connect flawlessly. I only used it for 2 months but the service was excellent, and as soon as I need a VPN service again I will undoubtedly go straight to them.

  • Mert Deniz

    I just re-subscribed for boxpn for a year. Thank you for the great service and support always.

  • Onur Y.

    Thumbs Up for @boxpn. Created boxpn account couple days ago and very happy with the service. Upgrading to yearly now.

  • Anonymous

    Hey, thank you guys. Great service for just a 5 bucks a month :)

  • Robob

    Boxpn is good on speed and stability. I suggest it for big file downloaders.

  • Nanik

    Good Price! Subscribed for a year and I’m very glad, this is a very professional one.

  • michael

    Boxpn are great!! Also their customer support are super B!

  • Melo Quirante

    created account and also got a bonus upgrade of subscription. Very good price and nice Support

  • Tejas

    Boxpn offers great speed and reliability. At just 6$/month it is the best .

  • aliendemigod

    I agree this seems to be a great service. I have used it for 1 month. I have experienced about 1-2 disconnects per day. You can have it auto reconnect but if it could fix the random disconnects this service would be absolutely perfect. Great price as well.

  • adi

    what bonus upgrade did you get. Did you take the yearly plan?

  • graham thompson

    4OD in the UK doesn’t play videos. Just get the message “An error has occurred trying to play the chosen item”. Any ideas how to fix. Channel 4 uses this format

  • Nettrick Nowan

    March 2014–Boxpn is the first VPN I tried and I am thoroughly disappointed in them. Their random disconnects left me vulnerable on more than one occasion. My ISP actually sent me four emails about some of my download activity. When I contacted Boxpn regarding that, they stopped answering my emails. I do not recommend them.

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