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Website: (.se)
Location: Sweden
Founded: 2009
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In todays society you can’t even read the news on the net without being watched by commercial companies, authorities and associations of interest. This restriction against the personal integrity is defended by companies need for doing business and, for authorities, the hunt of criminals and terrorists. This have forced us to a society where anonymity no longer exists on the net.

We at Anonine is not okay with this. We provide a VPN service for those who, like us, feel uncomfortable having our surf habits and interests on the net monitored.

Our VPN service is not customized to only web traffic, it gives anonymity for any internet connected application and services such as e-mail, chatting and so forth. The VPN service works for almost anyone no matter of computer type or operating system, we are even able to protect your iPhone 3G.

We at Anonine holds years of experience in encryption, security on the net and a great skills in networking.

Anonine Anonymity Services is owned by Portlane AB.

User reviews

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  • Manuel – Germany

    Using Anonine offers a great value for the price to pay.The connections are very stable and I can say that I am satisfied with the service of Anonine in general. In the near future I am thinking of upgrading to a 12 month contract.

  • Jason – United-Kingdom

    Very good vpn service with very fast speed in europe. The reactivity is good and the speed loss is minimal, I can get 1.4MBs out of 1.5MBs without living in the same country as anonine.
    Also very good privacy since when registering there was just the need to provide a username and a password.

  • romuald – france

    Une très bonne équipe pour répondre à mes problèmes, quelqu’un m’a aidé pendant près d’une heure pour faire marcher mon VPN sur mon système Linux. Je les recommande car ils sont bons et pas cher. Donc, 5 étoiles !

  • Nik – Russia

    Totally satisfied with the quality,no speed difference between my main ISP and with Anonine,very stable,much better than others,reasonable cost.Worst technical support,had some problems with Linux setup,email to help,but no respond at all.

  • Joseph

    It’s a very affordable and simple service to use, with great explanations on how to configure it on almost every OS, including iDevices, and on most OSes you won’t even need to install anything, just follow the instructions.

    The fact that it’s prepaid makes it one of the best providers I’ve come across so far.

  • Hadopinfo

    Très satisfait. Un des meilleurs VPN pour moi. La vitesse est très bonne, le vpn est stable, il n’y a pas de déconnexion. Le prix est quand à lui alléchant, même pas 5€ le moi. Donc un très bon VPN, fait son boulot !

  • fanromb

    J’utilise Anonine, il fonctionne bien (je l’utilise en mode openVPN), les vitesses sont moyennes mais sinon tout va bien. Je recommande ce fournisseur VPN !

  • Antari Akram

    Well, I must say that it is a very wonderfull service they are providing! Very good speed, I barely notice any latency in my normal surfing. Also downloading files goes pretty quick too! :)

    Hats off to you guys to save my privacy on the net!

  • Tom

    I’m using Anonine since 10/2009; besides some rare outages and speed drops it is an excellent service at a good price. Recommended!

  • Tom

    I’m using Anonine since 10/2009; besides some rare outages and speed drops it is an excellent service at a good price. Recommended!

  • Justin

    As of the last few days I have experience horrendous speeds with openvpn anonine. Sent some emails a few days ago but have yet to hear back. I’m suffering this sux.

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