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VPNSeek – VPN consumer review – 13721
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In 2011-09-21 02:01:00

I travel alot in the course of my work to China, and contrary to common belief PPTP does work there! I have been able to access sites blocked by the legendary great firewall. In my home country, I use it to bypass bad ISP's traffic shaping and bandwidth throttling nonsense. And it works flawlessly! I am able to reach top speed of close to 11MB/s on the 100mbps cable service. Without VPNSeek, normal download speed using bit-torrent protocol would slows to a crawl at less than 50KB/s. The ISP even throttled bandwidth from OCH such as filsonic, wupload, rapidshare, etc. on premium accounts. With VPNSeek, I am able to download at full speed. I am very happy with VPNSeek and highly recommend it to all.