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VPNGates – VPN consumer review – 10788
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Phil Matthews
In 2010-11-17 17:03:03

Do not use VPNGates if you are a. In the U.A.E. b. Happy to loose you $40 subsrciption! I signed up and had constant connectivity problems, the support was eratic and delayed and they never really got it to work. Whe I asked for a refund thay had the cheek to say I only had one month of my subscription left and would only give me $10. Naturally they have now gone silent and today I get this : Dear P==== M======, Your VPN account "vpnuk8564" has already expired. You can log into your member area to renew your vpn account: Your Login Detail: username: password: if you can not visit to our main website, you can try our backup website links below: If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us. Best regards, They are very happy to take your money but dreadful at resolving problems or refunding your money when the system doesn't work. SO if they are that desperate and don't have a conscience they can keep the $40 and I will now make it a mission to tell everyone how dreadful they are