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Strong VPN – VPN consumer review – 10367
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In 2010-10-25 13:01:27

I placed the other some time around 22:00 CST and was verified with-in the hour. Fast-forward a few minutes and I was up and running with OpenVPN on GNU/Linux. While there are cheaper alternatives none come with the quality of support and service stability that StrongVPN does. The VPN tunnel is stable, fast, and handles the bandwidth load without issue. Aside from an increase in latency of ~30ms (which is to be expected) I cannot even tell the tunnel is active. I am using Squid to egress all HTTP/HTTPS activity across the VPN tunnel for LAN clients due to privacy invasive harvest of marketable DPI/Layer 7 traffic of search engine search terms and NXDOMAIN hijacking by my ISP. The services provided by StrongVPN are well worth the money and are necessary as ISPs continue to milk their customers as cash cows using privacy invasive technologies.