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Strong VPN review – 116
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In 2010-07-23 09:20:45

I am very excited to review my favorite vpn provider: Strong VPN Reliability and speed: strongvpn provides 99% Uptime, I am very happy with their service I always get a very high download and upload speed. An other strongpoint is that they offer unlimited amount of transfer. Customer support: Their support center is of very high quality, you will be served by quality and well trained technicians. They don’t outsource their help desk to other company like many other business do. Everyone that answers your support request is highly trained and skilled. Their quality tech support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, You will be able to contact them via skype, phone or live chat. Price: I have not been charged hidden fees for either of these services. Unlike low cost hosting companies their monthly price is their monthly price. They have great prices that are unbeatable in the vpn industry and you can save even more money by getting a yearly memberships. Product range: Their product range is one of the best in the industry, they have a product for anybody. They offer seven standard packages to choose from, you can also opt in for three special offers. Strongvpn accounts allow you to access to over 2431 ip’s on 83 servers in 11 countries around the world. Most of the ips are located in USA, Canada and United Kingdom. But, I must admit that even strongvpn has some weakness: 1) You cannot connect several computers simultaneously to a vpn 2) Server switches are limited to 5 a month, Switches allow you to "switch" from one VPN server to another. I fully recommend strongvpn’s service. Speeds are surprisingly fast for a very reasonable price.