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OverPlay review – 99
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In 2010-07-11 17:10:30

I’ve used OverPlay for about a month for the sole purpose of online gaming until the IP was blocked by the game server. I’ve used it pretty much everyday, which meant that unlimited bandwidth was a huge plus. The speed was not that great; just barely playable without lag most of the times and sporadically disconnecting when there were too many users on the VPN (but this is for gaming purposes; you might not lag at all if you just want to watch streaming videos or other media content on the Internet). The best thing about this VPN provider is the ease of use of their client (software) and their customer service. The client is easy to install but more importantly easy to use. You just pick whichever server you want to connect to and click connect. Any questions that you have regarding their service is replied within a few hours. Now that is extremely RARE for a B2C VPN provider that is in the market right now. I’ve e-mailed many other VPN providers for questions about their servers or free trial accounts; most of them take over 24 hours to reply (one even took 3 days). Most of these providers are fourth rate trying to make quick money for undeserving service but OverPlay has been my only exceptional experience in my search for a VPN provider so far. Highly recommended for uses other than gaming.