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BeeVPN – VPN consumer review – 14444
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In 2013-02-02 18:23:00

I thought I'd try Bee VPN because my existing VPN often resulted in a sizable drop in connection speed here in Dubai. What a big mistake I made. Avoid Bee VPN altogether!  Whilst the VPN set-up is straightforward enough, the positives end there I'm afriad. I purchased a 12 month VPN package in order to get a better rate. I did this in good faith since they offered a 14 day money back guarantee should it not work. It did not work for me at first and so I had to contact their support who quickly advised that in order to use the VPN with an iPad I required to buy an add on package. I bought the add-on (again for 12 months) and the VPN connected although the connection speed was so slow that it was totally impracticable for even basic internet use. However as far as Bee VPN were concerned, the mere fact that a connection had been made meant that they were entirely absolved from any obligation to give a refund. I suggested that they charge me for one month at the full rate and refund me the rest of my subscription. They wouldn't budge. In summary, they sold me a 12 month VPN that did not work for me. Instead of refunding me (as they promised they would) they succeeded in getting me to part with more cash for an add on which enabled me to gain a connection which is so slow it it unusable. Then, they point blank refused to offer any refund whatsoever. Beware of Bee VPN. They really do sting you.